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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de My Pet Monster

S01E01 Goobye Cuffs, Goodbye Monster 12/09/1987 Max purchases Monster and brings him home, only to discover that once his shackles are removed, he comes to life! Unfortunately for Monster, Beastur has escaped from Monsterland and is determined to find Monster and bring him back with him.
S01E02 The Wolfmen Are Coming! 19/09/1987 After a late night monster movie marathon, Monster and the gang are convinced that such creatures exist. Their fears escalate as they believe that those creatures are out to get them!
S01E03 Boogie Board Blues 26/09/1987 On winter vacation, Monster and Max encounter a refreshing new sport. Soon after viewing it, Monster gets the urge to test it out for himself.
S01E04 Rock-a-bye Babysitters / Monster Cookie Mix-Up! 02/10/1987 Monster Cookie Mix-Up!: Monster discovers the cookies that Jill has baked for a charity drive and proceeds to devour them. The gang attempts to make a new batch which may be more diastrous than it looks.
S01E05 The Masked Muncher! 17/10/1987 Many food items in Max's house are turning up missing or half-eaten. Monster is the prime suspect but it may turn out to be one that nobody else expects.
S01E06 Runaway Monster 24/10/1987 It is Monster's birthday and apparently his close friends haven't remembered his special day. Feeling lonely and forgotten, Monster decides to run away.
S01E07 Finders Keepers / My Poet Monster 31/10/1987 Finders Keepers: Monster stumbles onto a stash of stolen jewels and decides to keep them for himself. Soon after he takes them, the thieves, police, Max and Chuckie all set off in search of him.
S01E08 Escape from Monsterland! 07/11/1987 Max, Monster and the rest of the gang are trapped in Monsterland and must find a way to escape the dangerous and frightening place.
S01E09 Little Bigfoot 14/11/1987 Max, Monster and the gang join Mr. Hinkle on a camping trip, pursuing the legend and mystery of Bigfoot.
S01E10 Monster Makes the Grade! 21/11/1987 School elections are coming up, and Monster is intrigued by this process. Monster decides to pose undercover as an exchange student in order to liven up the political process.
S01E11 Monster Movie Mayhem! / Superhero for Hire! 05/12/1987 Monster Movie Mayhem!: A videotape of Monster is accidentally switched with that of a show dog, and Max and the gang journey in search of it before it's viewed and Monster's secret existence is revealed.
S01E12 Gorill'a My Dreams 12/12/1987 While enjoying a trip to the zoo, Monster and the gang encounter a lonely gorilla. Through Beastur's meddling, more than just a few hearts may end up broken.
S01E13 Rex Stalker -- Monster Hunter! 19/12/1987 Rex Stalker appears in search of Monster. Beastur makes one last attempt to drag him back into Monsterland but chaos soon ensues.