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Lee Seol est une jeune étudiante en archéologie pleine de vie. Adoptée à l'âge de 5 ans, elle découvre grâce à son maître de conférence, dont elle est secrètement amoureuse, qu'elle est la princesse héritière de Corée -- une princesse, une vraie ! D'ailleurs, ce nouveau statut ne manque pas de rendre sa soeur, Oh Yoon Joo, folle de jalousie. Park Hae Young, le petit fils d'un grand homme d'affaires est chargé de lui apprendre tous les devoirs d'une princesse. Et si, en public, il est doux comme un agneau, en privé il se révèle être un véritable tyran. Cependant, Hae Young est très intrigué par cette princesse au grand coeur qui cherche plus à préserver les trésors archéologiques qu'apprendre à danser...


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S01E01 Episode One 05/01/2011 Seol is just an ordinary girl trying to make ends meet, working odd jobs, crushing on her teacher and occasionally running into the hot-but-infuriating Hae Young, a local company man. Then it's revealed that Seol is actually a long-lost descendent of the emperor! What's a newly discovered princess to do?
S01E02 Episode Two 06/01/2011 Seol isn't ready for the truth about her family, but that's fair, because Hae Young isn't prepared to accept her as his aunt. Little do they realize that their frustrating days together are just beginning! Meanwhile, Jung Woo has issues with his ex and Yoon Joo is unrepentant for her sins.
S01E03 Episode Three 12/01/2011 Hae Young takes drastic measures to protect Seol's identity, but she still refuses to believe that she's a princess, even as Chairman Park throws his full weight behind the plan to restore Korea's monarchy. A trip to the graveyard brings back tragic memories for everyone. Jung Woo grows territorial about his relationship with Seol.
S01E04 Episode Four 13/01/2011 Seol has been banned from leaving the country, meaning she can't run away from her destiny, not even with Hae Young's help. The only thing left is to accept her new role and try to become a proper princess. If only Hae Young wasn't so arrogant about coaching her... and if only her mother didn't egg them on, believing them to be engaged...
S01E05 Episode Five 19/01/2011 Her new home is like something out of a fairytale, but between tripping in her heels and fainting in courtyards, Seol isn't quite ready to be a princess. Hae Young isn't happy either, not with reporters dogging him and men in suits repossessing his belongings. Could they possibly find solace in each other?
S01E06 Episode Six 20/01/2011
S01E07 Episode Seven 26/01/2011
S01E08 Episode Eight 27/01/2011
S01E09 Episode Nine 02/02/2011
S01E10 Episode Ten 03/02/2011
S01E11 Episode Eleven 09/02/2011
S01E12 Episode Twelve 10/02/2011
S01E13 Episode Thirteen 16/02/2011
S01E14 Episode Fourteen 17/02/2011
S01E15 Episode Fifteen 23/02/2011
S01E16 Episode Sixteen 24/02/2011

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