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Determined patients refuse to give up although their physicians are baffled by the symptoms, and eventually they find amazing information about the disorders


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Mystery Diagnosis

S01E01 Survivors 00/00/0000
S01E02 Like Mother, Like Son 00/00/0000
S01E03 Not A Normal Newborn 00/00/0000
S01E04 Issac's Nightmare 00/00/0000
S01E05 Why Is Emily Screaming? 00/00/0000
S01E06 Blood & Fire 00/00/0000
S01E07 Desperate for a Cure 00/00/0000
S02E01 Blood Brothers 05/12/2005
S02E02 A Puff of Smoke 09/01/2006
S02E03 An Unquenchable Thirst 16/01/2006
S02E04 Lethal Diet 23/01/2006
S02E05 Falling Through the Cracks 06/03/2006
S02E06 Eaten Alive 27/03/2006
S02E07 The Man Who Never Sweats 03/04/2006
S02E08 Fatal Secret 10/04/2006
S02E09 The Stabbing Sensation 05/06/2006
S02E10 The Man With Rocks in his Chest 12/06/2006
S02E11 Implant for Tourettes 19/06/2006
S03E01 Sleeping Beauty 09/04/2007
S03E02 The Man Who Turned Orange 16/04/2007
S03E03 Deadly Sore Throat 23/04/2007
S03E04 The Man With Rocks in His Chest 14/05/2007
S03E05 The 13 Year Stomach Ache 14/05/2007
S03E06 The Bearded Lady 30/07/2007
S03E07 The Boy Who Couldn't Breathe 20/08/2007
S03E08 Frenetic Genetics 27/08/2007
S03E09 The Baby Who Changed Colors 27/08/2007
S03E10 Not a Normal Newborn 03/09/2007
S04E01 The Girl Who Couldn't Eat 01/01/2007
S04E02 Bizarre Visions 15/10/2007
S04E03 The Woman Who Craved Pickles 22/10/2007
S04E04 Donor Disaster 03/12/2007
S04E05 The Purple Puzzle 10/12/2007
S04E06 A Case of Paralysis 17/12/2007
S04E08 The Purple Puzzle 10/12/2007
S04E09 The Girl Nobody Believed 10/03/2008
S04E10 The Woman Who Couldn't Cry 07/04/2008
S04E11 The Woman With A Knife in Her Head 14/04/2008
S04E12 Parents Pressing for Answers 21/04/2008
S04E13 The Girl Who Gagged 28/04/2008
S05E01 The Girl Who Couldn't Be Touched 00/00/0000
S05E02 The Girl Who Gagged 00/00/0000
S05E03 The Woman Who Kept Falling Down 00/00/0000
S05E04 A Deadly Cough 00/00/0000
S05E05 The Girl Nobody Believed 00/00/0000
S05E06 The Headache That Wouldn't Go Away 00/00/0000
S05E07 Terrifying Tremors 00/00/0000
S05E08 The Woman Who Couldn't Cry 00/00/0000
S05E09 The Woman with a Knife in Her Head 00/00/0000
S06E01 The Woman with the Giant Lump 00/00/0000
S06E02 The Woman Who Couldn't Stop Rocking 01/12/2008 A woman suffers dizziness following a family vacation; a patient is examined concerning severe stomach pain and swollen hands and arms.
S06E03 The Baby Who Wouldn't Stop Crying 02/03/2009 A baby is examined after the whites of her eyes turn blue and her forehead bulges; a teen swimmer seeks help concerning deep pains in her hands.
S06E04 The Girl Who Couldn't Wake Up 00/00/0000
S06E05 The Girl Who Couldn't Move 00/00/0000
S06E06 The Boy Who Kept Swelling 00/00/0000
S06E07 The Boy Who Stopped Walking 00/00/0000
S06E08 The Boy Who Bit Himself 00/00/0000
S07E01 The Boy Who Could Break 30/03/2009
S07E02 The Black and Blue Baby 00/00/0000
S07E03 The Baby Who Couldn't Stop Eating 00/00/0000
S07E04 The Girl Who Fell Apart 00/00/0000
S07E05 The Girl with Holes in Her Jaw 00/00/0000
S07E06 The Girl Who Fell to Pieces 00/00/0000
S07E07 The Breasts That Changed Color 00/00/0000
S07E08 The Woman Who Saw Pink 00/00/0000
S07E09 The Woman Who Went Crazy 00/00/0000
S07E10 The Woman Who Couldn't Stop Burping 00/00/0000
S08E01 The Boy Who Never Cried 16/11/2009
S08E02 The Girl with Half a Face 24/11/2009
S08E03 The Girl Who Stopped Growing 30/11/2009
S08E04 The Boy with the Strange Stare 07/12/2009
S08E05 The Girl Who's Skin Came Off 29/03/2010
S08E06 The Woman Whose Legs Turned Black 08/03/2010
S08E07 The Man Who Tripled in Size 15/03/2010
S08E08 The Girl Who Was Covered in Bumps 05/04/2010 Holly experiences horrifying pain that coincides with her menstrual cycle, will this threaten her chances for having children? Then Tina is struggling to keep up in school. Life gets worse when disfiguring growths start to form all over her body.
S08E09 The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Eating 22/03/2010
S08E10 The Baby Who Smelled Like Pancakes 12/04/2010
S09E01 The Woman Whose Flesh Was Eaten Alive 07/06/2010
S09E02 The Boy Who Only Hopped 14/06/2010
S09E03 The Man with Hundreds of Lumps 21/06/2010
S09E04 The Baby Who Bruised Easily 09/08/2010
S09E05 The Girl with No Bowel 16/08/2010
S09E06 The Man Covered in Boils 23/08/2010
S09E07 The Toddler That Went Through Puberty 30/08/2010
S09E08 The Toddler Who Stopped Walking 06/09/2010
S09E09 My Child Bites Himself 12/09/2010
S09E10 My Child Keeps Screaming 12/09/2010
S09E11 My Child Doesn't Cry 13/09/2010
S09E12 My Child Can't Stop Eating 13/09/2010
S09E13 The Woman with Unusual DNA 20/09/2010
S09E14 The Boy with the 150 Pound Leg 04/10/2010
S10E01 Fight to the Last Breath 05/01/2011
S10E02 Trapped Inside Their Bodies 12/01/2011
S10E03 Dangerous Growths 19/01/2011
S10E04 When the Body Shuts Down 26/01/2011
S10E05 A Family's Desperate Search 02/02/2011
S10E06 Time is Running Out 01/06/2011
S10E07 Too Young to be Sick 08/06/2011
S10E08 A Search for Answers 15/06/2011
S10E09 Stolen Senses 22/06/2011
S10E10 Simple Symptoms Turn Threatening 29/06/2011
S00E01 Grasping for Straws 00/00/0000