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Myth Hunters reveals true stories of quests seeking legendary objects – hordes of lost Spanish gold, the Temple of Solomon, the body of King Arthur, the relics of Joan of Arc; objects that offer their finder either unlimited power or wealth - or both. For most of us, these are the stuff of fantasy and movies as seen in Indiana Jones or The Mummy; but these are the real stories of real adventurers who thought these myths were true. These true life action adventures are exciting stories filmed in HD. The series features dramatic reconstruction, expert witness testimonies, specially shot location material and archive footage.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Myth Hunters

S01E01 Hitler et la Lance de la Destinée 02/11/2012 Hitler's quest to find the spear that pierced Jesus' side when he was crucified.
S01E02 En Quête de l'Arche de Noé 02/11/2012 The dangerous story of the quest to find Noah's Ark.
S01E03 L'Ile au Trésor 03/04/2014 Captain Kidd, the infamous pirate who buried his treasure. He takes his secret to his grave. But centuries later, Richard Knight makes an incredible discovery. This is a story of high seas and high adventure in the search to locate Kidd’s buried treasure.
S01E04 Les mines du roi Salomon 09/01/2014 According to the Bible, King Solomon possessed gifts of gold given to him by the Queen of Sheba. Legend has it, the gold came from the mysterious land of Ophir, known as King Solomon’s Mines. This is the story of one man’s search for King Solomon's Mines.
S01E05 L'énigme de la chambre d'ambre 06/02/2014 An artwork in the USSR known as the Amber Room is sought after it disappears during World War II.
S01E06 Le Honjo Masamune, héritage des shogun 13/03/2014 A look at the search for a 13th-century Japanese sword that disappeared after World War II.
S01E07 Himmler et Le saint Graal 26/12/2013 SS reichsführer Heinrich Himmler embarks on a mission to find the Holy Grail during World War II.
S01E08 A la recherche du livre de Thot 06/03/2014 The Book of Thoth, said to have been written by the Egyptian god himself, which apparently provides the wisdom behind the Tarot and is said to have inspired early Freemasons. It is also suggested its ethos was adopted by the "Flower Power" generation, and embodied in the rock and roll music of the 1960s. However, archaeologists are becoming increasingly doubtful the volume ever existed.
S01E09 La cité perdue d'El Dorado 23/01/2014 A look at British explorer Percy Fawcett's attempts to find a mythical city of gold in the Amazon before he disappeared in 1925.
S01E10 Himmler, à la recherche du mythe aryen 02/01/2014 Nazis search for an ancient manuscript written by the Roman historian Tacitus.
S01E11 L'aventurier de l'arche perdue 30/01/2014 The Ark of the Covenant is sought by amateur archaeologist Ron Wyatt.
S01E12 Les 13 crânes de cristal 20/03/2014 The hunt for crystal skulls, which are said to contain mystical powers or be cursed, is examined.
S01E13 La Sainte Croix 16/01/2014 A Christian relic called the Titulus Crucis, or Title of the Cross, a piece of wood that may have hung on Jesus' cross when he was crucified, is examined.

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