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S02E01 Psyche and Eros 00/00/0000 Psyche, the most beautiful princess in all of Greece, far outshining her two sisters, is sought by every suitor who lavish her with gifts and offer her marriage, caring not for who she truly is inside. All this attention to a mortal angers Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Out of vengeance, she sends her son Eros to fire one of his golden ""love arrows"" at Psyche to get her to fall in love with a mule. But instead Eros falls in love with Psyche, not for her beauty, but for her kind and caring nature. Determined to prove to his mother that Psyche will love him for who he really is -- and not because he's a god, Eros sees to it that Psyche is delivered to his magnificent palace, and then turning himself invisible, courts the beautiful princess. Soon Psyche falls in love with her invisible host, who will not reveal his identity. But Psych becomes lonely and convinces Eros to let her sisters visit her just once. When the jealous sisters fill Psyche's mind with the idea that her invisible love
S02E02 Ulysses and the Trojan Horse 00/00/0000 In a story of misplaced faith, Helen, the Queen of Sparta, runs off with Prince Paris of Troy. Helen's husband, King Menelaus, on discovering his wife's unfaithfulness, declares war on Paris and calls on his friend, the young King Ulysses of Ithaca, to lead the Greek army against Paris' Trojans. This is just what Paris hoped for, for his superior army, backed by the goddess Aphrodite, is sure to defeat the Greeks. Obligated to help his fellow king, Ulysses leaves his Queen and baby son behind and sets sail for Sparta with his fleet. Questioning why Helen would be untrue to her husband, Ulysses soon discovers a strange golden apple in the Queen's chambers that does not rot and which has a bite taken out of it. Now convinced that godly magic is behind the Queen's disloyalty, Ulysses sets out to prove Helen's innocence and prevent an unnecessary war. Finally, with the help of Athena, Ulysses magically disguises himself as an old man and sneaks into Troy. There he discovers Aphrodite has g
S02E03 Ulysses and Penelope 00/00/0000 After a long and perilous journey home from the Trojan wars, Ulysses returns to Ithaca only to discover his Queen, Penelope, and his son, Telemachus, have all but given him up for dead. And worse, ruthless suitors, vying for Ulysses' throne, are pressuring Penelope to choose a new husband and King. Fearing for his family's safety if he is discovered, Ulysses disguises himself as a vagabond and witnesses first hand just how much his people have lost faith in him since he has been gone for so long. But Ulysses soon suffers a blow to his own faith when he witnesses Penelope weaving a wedding veil and thinks she is going to marry Antonius, the most ruthless of the suitors. Despondent over her apparent betrayal, beggar Ulysses tries to raise a small army of men to drive out Antonius, only to find his son among the recruits. Ulysses' faith suffers yet another blow when his band of rebels are surprised by Antonius' soldiers and Ulysses concludes that his son is the traitor. But before the you
S02E04 Hercules and the Golden Apples 00/00/0000 Having never forgiven Hercules for challenging the gods, a vengeful Hera hires Nessus, the centaur, to wound Daneira, Hercules one true love, with a poison arrow. When Hercules tries to draw out the poison, he becomes infected to. Knowing that Daneira will soon die, Hercules pleads to the gods for help and is answered by Hera, who tells him that only a golden apple from her Garden of Hesperides can cure Daneira. Hercules agrees to go on the treacherous journey, despite the fact that the poison in his system is slowly draining his strength. Hera is sure Hercules will fail to make his journey and she will have her long sought revenge. Despite his fading strength, Hercules journeys across the sea, is captured by Pygmy warriors, and defeats the terrible giant Antaeus who had been tormenting the little warriors for so long. To show their gratitude, the Pygmies help Hercules find the Garden of Hesperides where Hercules must face his biggest challenge of all – the giant, Atlas, who holds up t
S02E05 Cadmus and Europa 00/00/0000 Cadmus, the youngest son of King Agenor, lacked the confidence and leadership qualities that marked a future king. One day he is assigned to watch over his adventure-seeking sister, Europa, to make sure she doesn't run off to the local carnival. But Europa, having dreamt that a white bull would take her off to unknown lands, sneaks away to find her destiny, urging her brother to find his too. At the carnival, Europa finds her White Bull, the beast that no mortal man has ever ridden. Amazingly, the White Bull lets Europa on his back. But what no one knows is that the White Bull belongs to Zeus. Determined to show this impetuous mortal what it really means to ride his creation, Zeus hurls down a thunderbolt which strikes the bull causing it to ride Europa right off a cliff and into the sea. With the help and advice of the goddess, Athena, Cadmus gains the courage to travel across a dangerous sea and a vast desert in a desperate search to find his sister. Learning of this courageous boy,
S02E06 Jason and Medea 00/00/0000 In their search for the Golden Fleece, Jason and the Argonauts draw closer to the island of Colchis where King Aeetes jealously guards the golden treasure. At her father's command, Aeetes beautiful daughter, Medea, a powerful sorceress, unleashes a magical storm upon our heroes' ship and nearly destroys them. Angered that the confidant Jason survived, Medea devises a plan to destroy the source of his confidence. Using her magic, she kills Chiron, the Centaur, and Jason's wise and kindly teacher. When Atalanta's hawks bring back Chiron's broken sword, Jason realizes his mentor is dead and his confidence is shattered. Soon the spirit of Chiron visits Jason in a vision, giving him advice, which leads Jason to think that the key to his success lies within Chiron's sword. As they set out on their dangerous quest across the island, Medea, pretending to be an ally, offers Jason a magic potion to protect him. But Jason turns down the magic and instead welds the broken sword together. Soon they
S02E07 Damon and Pythias 00/00/0000 Damon and Pythias were two fast friends, always faithful to each other. As young boys, they anger the lonely and friendless Prince Dionus who under the influence of his court adviser, has been brought up to believe that no one can be trusted and that true friendship does not exist. When one day, a stray spear thrown by Pythias nearly kills the Prince, Pythias is blamed and sentenced to death for his deed. Pythias begs for a chance to say good-bye to his parents, but Prince Dionus is sure he will just run off, and so Damon offers to be executed in Pythias' place if his faithful friend does not return in time. Meanwhile, we discover the ""Three Fates"", old hags who meddle in the destinies of mortals, have been following these affairs and are determined to make Pythias' journey back nearly impossible. While Pythias must battle the magical beasts unleashed upon them by the Fates, Damon remains certain that his friend will return to him, no matter how hard Prince Dionus tries to convince him
S02E08 Castor and Pollux 00/00/0000 Castor and Pollux were twins and great wrestlers who traveled from town to town accepting challenges from local fighters. When they fought together as a team they were invincible. And when they won they gave their purse to the poor peasants, leaving little for themselves. But all that changes when the evil King Pelias, looking for a way to destroy Jason and the Argonauts, discovers the gods have bestowed immortality on Pollux. Pelias offers Pollux a fortune in gold to capture this ""pirate"" Jason, but Pollux refuses to the chagrin of Castor who envies his brother's immortality and is tired of always being poor. Playing into his frustration, King Pelias' oracle creates a magic dream cloud which enters Castor's sleep, convincing him that it is his destiny to capture Jason and get the reward of gold. Castor ‘dream travels' to the island of Bebrycos where the Argonauts are stranded, but before he can get Jason, Amycus, a towering Cyclops with a huge brass helmet, captures the Argonauts. Amy
S02E09 The Hounds of Actaeon 00/00/0000 Actaeon is a proud and handsome young man, trained to be a master hunter by the kindly centaur Chiron. Actaeon becomes arrogant with age, forgetting Chiron's teachings of respect for the forest and the creatures which whom he hunts. This in turn leads to the needless slaughter of the woodlands' inhabitants.... much to the chagrin of the forest goddess, Artemis. The last straw is finally broken when Actaeon selfishly decides to hunt Artemis' prized possession... her brilliant white stag. As a result, Artemis transforms Actaeon into the white stag-- a condition which will remain permanent unless Actaeon finds love within his heart for those more helpless than himself!
S02E10 Phaeton: The Chariot of Fire 00/00/0000 Phaeton is the half-mortal son of the god, Helios, who rode his golden chariot through the heavens, pulling the sun across the sky in its daily orbit. Phaeton watches enviously as the other young boys ride their father's chariots in the local chariot race. He wishes he could win the heart of the lovely Delona, the girl who supposedly belongs to Lexicus, the champion of the chariot racers. After he is embarrassed by Lexicus in front of Delona for not having a chariot of his own, Phaeton asks his godly father if he can borrow the sun-chariot for a race. But Helios refuses, advising his son not to try to seek approval from others, and warning him of the dangers of riding the sun chariot before he is ready. Meanwhile, Dionysus, god of wine and revelry, having bet on the mortal's chariot race, loses his prized orchards to Zeus. Determined to get them back, Dionysus tries to convince Phaeton to ""borrow"" his father's sun-chariot so he can bet on him in a race. When Phaeton refuses, Dionysus u
S02E11 Androcles and the Lion 00/00/0000 Androcles was a Greek slave who spent his days caring for the very lions that his fellow slaves were thrown to please the sadistic whims of a tyrannical Emperor. Androcles' friend Lycopheus dreams of escaping to freedom, but Androcles is too frightened to try -- until one day when Androcles (with the advice of the god Hermes) decides to enter the cage of a sickly lion to try to help the poor creature. When the lion escapes, the chaos that follows allows Androcles and Lycopheus to escape. As they are pursued by soldiers into the forest, Lycopheus is bitten by a snake, and Androcles finds himself alone, facing the gaping jaws of the very lion that escaped. But instead of attacking Androcles, the beast collapses in his arms. Androcles discovers a huge thorn in its paw and removes it freeing the lion from his suffering. Soon after, Androcles is re-united with Lycopheus who is near death from the snakebite. To save his friend, Androcles must overcome his fears and learn to survive in the da
S02E12 KIng Midas: The Golden Touch 00/00/0000 King Midas was a wealthy Grecian merchant and a popular king with a loving wife and a young daughter, until the day that his beloved wife died while tending to the poor peasants on a winter night. Blaming her death on her foolish charity, Midas looked upon the poor with disdain, and dedicated his life to the one thing he could love that would not perish -- his fortune! But a local outlaw threatens to undo Midas' fortune, and when he steals his golden sword, Midas becomes obsessed with capturing this rogue who gives his gold away to the poor. Wanting more than anything to protect his fortune, Midas wishes for unlimited wealth and is visited in a dream by Dionysus, god of revelry, who answers the King's wish by giving Midas the ""golden touch"". Overtaken by greed, Midas turns all around him into gold, even the very creatures in the garden that his wife had so lovingly tended to. But his dream of wealth soon becomes his worst nightmare, when he captures the masked outlaw and turns him into
S02E13 Hercules and the Titans: The Last Battle 00/00/0000 The Titans were thirty-foot tall giants that ruled the world when it was young. The Gods of Olympus defeated these terrible monsters and sent them deep into the bowels of the underworld. Over the next thousand years, the gods bickered among themselves and lost sight of what made them truly powerful. Then one day, in their pride, they refuse to let Hephaestus, god of the forge, have his rightful place among the gods of Olympus because he is a course and simple god and not beautiful like the rest. In his volcano forge, Hephaestus longs for vengeance against the gods that have shunned him. He soon gets his chance when Alcyoneus, King of the Titans overhears Hephaestus' cry for revenge and offers him to be King of Olympus if he uses his magic hammer to free the Titans. Hephaestus obliges and soon the towering giants are free again to attack Mount Olympus. The only way to stop them says the prophecy of Prometheus is with the help of a mortal man. At the same time, Hercules, having finished