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Seventeen-year-old Nanaka Kirisato is a high school student serious about her studies and goals in life. She frequently criticizes her best friend, Nenji Nagihara, for being a childish delinquent who spends his time fighting other boys. Then one day, after a heated argument with Nenji, she falls off a flight of stairs and suffers a brain injury, resulting in her mind reverting to that of a six-year-old. With this in mind, Nanaka's father and Nenji must keep her injury a secret as she struggles to live a normal life and grow up all over again.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Nanaka 6/17

S01E01 Nanaka Kirisato, 6 Years Old! 08/01/2003
S01E02 Pianist Nanaka 15/01/2003
S01E03 Big Sister Nanaka 22/01/2003
S01E04 3 People With a Good Relationship 29/01/2003
S01E05 Nanaka's Triple Date 12/02/2003
S01E06 School Excursion Nanaka 12/02/2003
S01E07 Continuing Trip Nanaka 19/02/2003
S01E08 Nurse Nanaka 26/02/2003
S01E09 Nanaka the Distraction 05/03/2003
S01E10 Cultural Festival Nanaka 12/03/2003
S01E11 From Nanaka to Nanaka 19/03/2003
S01E12 Domikaru Nanaka 26/03/2003
S01E13 Nanaka Kirisato, Age 17 00/00/0000

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