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Ever-cheerful Nanny helps the Everett family with her subtly magical abilities, such as seemingly reading minds, seeing the future or making fortunate coincidences happen.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Nanny and the Professor

S01E01 Nanny Will Do 00/00/0000 A mysterious British nanny with psychic powers arrives at the Everett home to take care of the widwed professor's three children.
S01E02 The Wiblet Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out 00/00/0000 Everyone pooh-poohs the imaginary beastie that's giving Prudence nightmares. But Nanny, true pixie that she is, maps inventive strategems to trap the thing.
S01E03 The New Butch 00/00/0000 Prudence wants to learn to read, and Butch is feeling rejected. Nanny's solution: a typewriter that leaves messages for Prudence--and a scheme with a message for Dad.
S01E04 The Scientific Approach 00/00/0000 Everett invites a lady psychologist home to dinner, unmindful of how she might react to his children's--and Nanny's--flights of fancy.
S01E05 The Astronomers 00/00/0000 With his dad's beat-up old telescope, some amazing beginner's luck and Nanny's mysterious touch, Butch makes an astronomical discovery that creates a hubbub in the scientific world.
S01E06 Spring, Sweet Spring 00/00/0000 It's positively weird. A series of mishaps stops the Everetts as they go their separate ways on a Saturday. Nanny, it seems, was thinking of a family picnic....
S01E07 Nanny on Wheels 00/00/0000 The professor stands bemused and amazed at Nanny's solution to the second car problem: a 1930 Model A that will require a miracle to be run--even by Nanny.
S01E08 Strictly for the Birds 00/00/0000 A grumpy zoologist has Nanny arrested for spiriting three ducklings out of a public park. Neither the grump nor the presiding judge is prepared for Nanny's defense ploy.
S01E09 The Tyrannosaurus Tibia 00/00/0000 Waldo finds a dinosaur bone and buries it in Nanny's garden.
S01E10 I Think That I Shall Never See a Tree 00/00/0000 The city's street widening project requires that the tree containing the children's tree house be cut down.
S01E11 The Games Families Play 00/00/0000 The family is upset when the professor admits that his potential new job will require moving to a new house.
S01E12 An Element of Risk 00/00/0000 The professor is afraid of seeing an old girlfriend, and Prudence is afraid of blowing up a balloon.
S01E13 The Philosopher's Stone 00/00/0000 Nanny says that the stone she gives Hal will grant him three wishes.
S01E14 A Fowl Episode 00/00/0000 The entire neighborhood is waking up to the noise of Prudence's pet rooster.
S01E15 Nanny and the Smoke-Filled Room 00/00/0000 When Butch decides to run for homeroom president, Nanny decides to give him a little help.
S02E08 The Masculine-Feminine Mystique 00/00/0000 The Professor's new assistant is a bit of a feminist.
S02E09 The India Queen 00/00/0000 Hal and Butch work on a raft.
S02E10 The Visitor 00/00/0000 Butch's pen-pal, a runaway orphan from Canada, shows up at the Everett home.
S02E11 My Son, the Sitter 00/00/0000 Hal believes he is old enough to watch his siblings and is put to the test.
S02E12 From Butch, With Love 00/00/0000 Butch tries to earn enough money to buy an old record player.
S02E13 The Humanization of Herbert T. Peabody 00/00/0000 Nanny and the kids help out an old puppeteer.
S02E14 A Diller, a Dollar 00/00/0000 Prudence and her new teacher both start their first day of school.
S02E15 Separate Rooms 00/00/0000 Butch and Hal have a fight and demand to have separate bedrooms
S02E16 The Human Fly 00/00/0000 Nanny's Uncle Alfred comes to visit her. Of course every one knows actor John Mills (Uncle Alfred) is series star Miss Juliet Mills daddy.
S02E17 The Man Who Came to Pasta 00/00/0000 An Italian director is invited to dinner at the Everett house, but can't leave as his supper makes him ill.
S02E18 The Art of Relationships 00/00/0000 Nanny takes some night school courses and falls for that school Professor (Bert Convy)
S02E19 The Balloon Ladies 00/00/0000 Two of Nanny's aunts (Ida Lupino & Marjorie Bennett) arrive for a visit by BALLOON
S02E20 The Prodigy 00/00/0000 A 12 year-old genius comes for a visit causing jealousy in Hal
S02E21 How Many Candles? 00/00/0000 This episode begins with the children coming home from school to find Nanny in bed with the ""dreaded lergys"". The children are preparing to attend Francine's costume party. When Butch goes into Nanny's trunk to get out some make-up he sees a passport with Nanny's photo giving he date of birth as April 18, 1864, making her 106 years old. Since the 18th is the following day the children prepare to throw her party. The professor keeps trying to get Nanny to reveal her real age. She mentions how she is the image of her great-aunt who lived to a very advanced age. Just as the Professor thinks he has solved the passport riddle Nanny mentions her great-aunt's was a Libra (October).
S02E22 The Unknown Factor 00/00/0000 Butch enters a fishing contest in hopes that he can buy Nanny a present.
S02E23 Kid Stuff 00/00/0000 To raise money to restore a park fountain, Nanny and the children put on a show.
S02E24 The Communication Gap 00/00/0000 The Professor gets a love note from one of his students
S03E01 Oh, What a Tangled Web 00/00/0000 Hal falls madly for Bunny, a swinging chick who comes on to him during a Sadie Hawkins dance. ""You look just like Robert Redford!"" exclaims Bunny. Hal is smitten by Bunny's feminine wiles. After Bunny imparts that she is fifteen years old, thirteen year old Hal tries to impress her by claiming to be sixteen. Complications ensue the next day, when the assertive Bunny calls Hal and asks him to pick her up for the movies. Flustered Hal blurts out that he will be right over, in spite of the fact that he is too young to drive. Nanny decides to bail out Hal, and she gives him a ride to pick up Bunny. Bunny is confused, and perhaps suspicious as to why Hal isn't driving, but Nanny explains she is driving because that ""she loves to drive - even in Los Angeles."" While at the movies, Francine, Hal's thirteen year old next door neighbor sits down in front of Bunny and Hal. Francine, who has a crush on Hal, expresses surprise to see Hal with a high school girl. Bunny reacts icily to Francine
S03E02 The Flower Children 00/00/0000 Prudence tries to get her seeds to grow faster while the Professor upsets his new girl friend when he doesn't try to save a dying tree.
S03E03 Sunday's Hero 00/00/0000 The Professor tries to get out of playing football with his friends.
S03E04 South Sea Island Sweetheart 00/00/0000 Nanny's Uncle Horace (Ray Bolger) visits from the South Seas to perform a rain dance in order to cure a drought.
S03E05 Aunt Henrietta's Premonition 00/00/0000 Nanny's pychic aunt (Elsa Lanchester) predicts Nanny will be menaced by a man with a mustache.
S03E06 Cholmondeley Featherstonehaugh 00/00/0000 Nanny's fiance arrives to claim her hand in marriage. The marriage had been arranged by their families on the day Nanny was born. They ask the Professor if he will give the bride away. The children and the Professor are upset by the thought of losing Nanny. She tries on her great-great-grandmother's wedding dress. Along with the dress is a note written by her mother which makes it clear the decesion to marry ""Chumley"" must be her's and her's alone. Nanny decides she's not rady to leave the Everett household.
S03E07 Aunt Henrietta and the Jinx 00/00/0000 Butch, thinking he is a jinx, is given a good luck charm from Nanny's Aunt Henrietta (Elsa Lanchester)
S03E08 Nanny and Her Witch's Brew 00/00/0000 Nanny is accused of being a witch. (30 years later actress Juliet Mills will portray on witch on the daytime drama Passions)
S03E09 The Conversion of Brother Ben 00/00/0000 The Professors RICH brother (Robert Sterling) donates two million dollars to his brothers college.
S03E10 Aunt Henrietta and the Poltergeist 00/00/0000 Aunt Henrietta (Elsa Lanchester) believes there is a ghost in the house because the furniture is disarranged every night.
S03E11 Professor Pygmalion Plays Golf 00/00/0000 Hal enters a golf tournement using strange clubs given to him by Nanny
S03E12 The Great Debate 00/00/0000 Nanny and Hal help the Professor keep a basketball player from failing math.
S03E13 One For the Road 00/00/0000 Hal tries to visit his uncle, but doesn't quite make it.
S03E14 Good-bye, Arabella, Hello 00/00/0000 Nanny trades in her old car ""Arabella"" for a new one
S03E15 Whatever Happened to Felicity? 00/00/0000 Prudence, being ignored by her brothers, becomes attached to Nanny's old doll.