Affiche Naruyouni Narusa
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Nagashima Daigo and his wife, Aya, have three grown-up sons. Upon her youngest son, Takeru's marriage, Daigo is unhappy that his sons all choose to move out with their wives. Worrying that his wife will feel lonely, going through the empty-nest syndrome, he decides to retire from his job and take his wife around the world. When he tells her his plans, he is surprised to find out that Aya has plans of her own. To her, she is finally her own woman and can now do the things that she wants. Aya, who comes from a restaurant-running family, soon tells Daigo that she intends to convert their home into a little cafe-cum-restaurant. Although he was initially unhappy with her decision, after realising that it is Aya's dream, he gives in to her wish. As they start preparing for their cafe's opening, through unusual circumstances, they come to employ their 3 new staff. Uchida Yoko is a runaway that Daigo saved from the streets. Otake Sho is Aya's family friend's grandchild who wants to rejoin society after one year of self-imposed home imprisonment. Nakatsu Eri is running away from an abusive husband. Having left the bringing up of his own 3 sons entirely up to Aya, Daigo slowly learns the meaning of "Family" with his 3 new staff.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Naruyouni Narusa

S01E01 Episode 01 12/07/2013
S01E02 Episode 02 19/07/2013
S01E03 Episode 03 26/07/2013
S01E04 Episode 04 02/08/2013
S01E05 Episode 05 09/08/2013
S01E06 Episode 06 16/08/2013
S01E07 Episode 07 23/08/2013
S01E08 Episode 08 30/08/2013
S01E09 Episode 09 06/09/2013
S01E10 Episode 10 13/09/2013
S01E11 Episode 11 20/09/2013
S02E01 Episode 01 22/04/2014
S02E04 13/05/2014