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NASCAR in Primetime is the first time that NASCAR has given any news organization uncensored access to its inner workings. ABC News spent six months following drivers, fans and officials, documenting everything that happened on and off the racetrack. The cameras saw people and places that NASCAR has never before allowed to be filmed for TV. For the first time, viewers will get an inside look at the real world of NASCAR.


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S01E01 Generations 15/08/2007 Chronicling the popular stock-car racing circuit from the viewpoints of drivers and fans. Veteran Mark Martin, journeyman Johnny Sauter and ex-Formula 1 star Juan Pablo Montoya are followed during a race day in Atlanta, where they reflect on life in their unique profession.
S01E02 Go Or Go Home 22/08/2007 Chronicling race weekend in Bristol, Tenn. Johnny Sauter fumes over his in-race penalty; Mark Martin sits out his first race in years and watches a rookie driver take over his ride; Juan Pablo Montoya learns some Bristol lessons.
S01E03 The Big One 29/08/2007 An all-access look at drivers Juan Pablo Montoya, Jeff Burton and Johnny Sauter at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama.
S01E04 The Longest Day 05/09/2007 An all-access look at drivers Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart and Johnny Sauter at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte.
S01E05 Living The Dream 12/09/2007 Where does the dream of being a stock car driver begin? And what does it take to get the top? It's a steep ascent to the upper echelons of NASCAR, and few manage to make the climb. Only 43 drivers qualify each week to race in the elite NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series. Some drivers struggle to make the cut, while only a talented few seem to find the right combination of consistent speed, lightning fast pit spots, great team communication and luck in avoiding wrecks. Many never even come close. What differentiates those who succeed in NASCAR from those who don't? The finale of "NASCAR in Primetime" delves deep into the lives of drivers at different levels of racing to find the answer.