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Dan Snow and Sian Williams explore Britain's fascinating past, live each week from some of their greatest historical sites.


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S01E01 Dover Castle 10/08/2011 Dover Castle is the setting for the opening programme. King Henry II's magnificent castle will take centre stage as well as the huge array of secret tunnels cut into the White Cliffs underneath it. These tunnels were where the Dunkirk rescue mission was masterminded from and they housed a fully functioning hospital, barracks and secret telecommunications hub.
S01E02 HMS Warrior 17/08/2011 Live from the majestic HMS Warrior in Portsmouth, Dan Snow and Sian Williams continue their series celebrating the best in British history. They experience what life was really like on board a nineteenth century warship, whilst Masterchef's Gregg Wallace investigates the ingenious recipes that were cooked up during rationing in the Second World War. Plus, Joe Crowley makes a remarkable discovery in a two thousand year old Roman grave.
S01E03 Shakespeare Dig Stratford 24/08/2011 Dan Snow and Sian Williams continue to bring history to life - live to the nation's living rooms. This week, the team are in Stratford-upon-Avon at an archaeological dig at Shakespeare's home. This is an impressive dig excavating the foundations of the New Place, a grand townhouse that Shakespeare bought and lived in for the last six years of his life. Dan and Sian get their hands dirty as they bury a time capsule, intended as a gift for the archaeologists of the future. In a lively mix of film reports, a team of reporters and the nation's favourite celebrities reveal some of the country's most mysterious, surprising and compelling stories. Tonight, Ruby Wax explores the history of psychiatry and learns whether the first Victorian asylums were the hotbeds of sadism and cruelty that gothic tradition suggests.
S01E04 Beaulieu 31/08/2011 Dan Snow and Sian Williams visit the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu.
S01E05 Erddig House 07/09/2011 Dan Snow and Sian Williams are at Erddig House in North Wales.

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