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Father-and-son team Jerry and Jeremiah Pasternak deal in commodities ... other people's junk. They scour dusty antique fairs, old storage barns and curiosity shops for cool vintage pieces, the more rugged and rustic the better, that they refurbish and resell at their Antique and Unique store in Rockport, Maine. Jerry and Jeremiah often butt heads over how to run their business -- Jerry's old-school approach versus Jeremiah's tech-savvy ways -- but they can always agree on the thrill of finding great pieces and flipping them for a profit. Helping out is assistant Nadeen, whom Jeremiah brought aboard as part of his plan to grow Antique and Unique.


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S01E01 BIG CHANGES IN STORE 12/09/2011 For years their business model has been buy in Florida all winter, taking advantage of a saturated market of vintage and antique goods and then selling all summer in Maine to the well heeled tourists looking for just the kind of mid century modern gems and man cave curiosities they specialize in. But Jeremiah is convinced there are buyers in Florida and he sets out to prove that he can sell at least $5,000 worth of merchandise in two days. Can Nadeen help him prove his point? And can she prove herself in the process?
S01E02 ON THE ROAD AGAIN 19/09/2011 Complicating their preparations is Jeremiah's impromptu mission to validate the pedigree of a 1958 hand made car. Was it actually the inspiration for the convertible in the 1960s batman comic strip or are the similarities coincidental? Nadeen is caught in the middle, helping Jeremiah research the car, while prepping for the journey north under Jerry's watchful eye. After finally solving the bat mobile mystery, the trio head to Maine making a poignant stop in Rhode Island and proving that sometimes furniture is not just furniture. The truck doesn't stay empty for long however. A visit to a fellow dealer's barn yields some amazing finds: a vintage coke sign, a 1930's outboard motor, and a Victorian tub.
S01E03 BUY BIG OR GO HOME 26/09/2011 Although there's a storefront window, the warehouse is appointment only and the first customer to come through the door is Bill. He's looking for deals on merchandise he can sell out of his new shop, 2 hours away in Portland. Jerry's goal is to clear the space this summer, but after unloading some great vintage finds, they hit the road. Seems as soon as there's cash in hand, the Pasternak's mission is to spend it. But who could resist the widest domestic sedan ever made or a 20ft long stained glass lobster?
S01E04 BOSTON OR BUST 03/10/2011 There's two dozen free vintage drafting tables available in Boston. Without telling Jerry where they're going, they hit road. The tables are in an art school and the only cost attached to them is the muscle required to move them out. Nadeen and Jeremiah manage to fit most of them into the back of the pick up. But will it be as easy to sell them on the way back to Rockport? If not they'll face Jerry's wrath.
S01E05 BRIMFIELD ANTIQUE FAIR - NADEEN GETS SCHOOLED 10/10/2011 Jerry, Jeremiah and Nadeen pitch a tent at the annual Brimfield Antique Fair - the largest outdoor antique show in the country. Affectionately known as the Olympics of antiquing, over 6000 dealers spread their wares over 23 fields. The competition for buying and selling is fierce. But Jerry's goal for Antique & Unique is to simply break even. They want to sell enough merchandise to cover all the great new stuff they want to buy - things they can turn around fast for a good profit. For an apprentice like Nadeen, Brimfield offers the perfect learning experience but when Jeremiah questions her dedication tempers flare.
S01E06 It Pays to Wait 21/10/2011 Jerry is talked into a road trip by Nadeen and Jeremiah so they can visit dealer friends.