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Their horrifying crimes left an indelible stain on European history, but there are still many questions around about the Nazi party. Learn some surprising facts about this infamous political party’s hidden past in Nazi Secrets, Mondays at 9pm from 2 July. From SS terror-chief Heinrich Himmler’s secret obsession with witches, to the schizophrenic cousin Hitler gassed to death, this series reveals the sensational secrets that could revolutionise your understanding of Hitler’s regime. This is the story told by those closest to the Fuhrer and his henchmen, who have finally dared to speak on camera.


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S01E01 Himmler's SS Cult 09/07/2012 Find out how SS chief Heinrich Himmler battled sexual insecurity, had an obsession with witches and hid an illegitimate son.
S01E02 Hitler's Damned Women 09/07/2012 Hitler's relationship with Eva Braun is well known, but she was far from his only admirer. Meet the other tragic women who fell for the Führer.
S01E03 Hitler's Desert Fox 16/07/2012 Field Marshall Erwin Rommel was one of Hitler's closest allies, but later turned on his leader. Was he forced to commit suicide as a result?
S01E04 Albert Speer Unmasked 00/00/0000 The shocking story of how Albert Speer managed to depict himself as 'The Good Nazi' after the war, profiting hugely as a result.
S01E05 Hitler's Millions 23/07/2012 Revealing how Hitler's image as a man of the people shrouded a life of pampered luxury, funded by tax fraud and shady financial backers.
S01E06 Hitler's Family Secrets 00/00/0000 Explore the hidden rumours of madness, incest and suicide in Hitler’s family – all a long way from the Aryan ideal.
S01E07 Hitler's G.I. Death Camp 00/00/0000 Survivors recall the haunting story of a Nazi concentration camp where American GI’s became victims of the Nazi’s final solution, working and dying as slave labourers.
S01E08 Hitler's Secret Attack on America 00/00/0000 The tactics, heroes and villains of Operation Drumbeat, the German U-boats’ surprise attack on targets along America’s eastern coast in 1941.
S01E09 Hitler's Madness 07/04/2014 Was Hitler's personal physician, Theodor Morell, actually a double agent assigned to kill his boss or was he simply a quack? And did his dubious medical treatments contribute to the mad dictator's extreme behavior? Join us as we investigate recently discovered medical records that reveal evidence about Hitler's drug abuse, mental illness and the controversial doctor he entrusted with his life. Interviews with medical experts and historians shed light on the Fuhrer's health and what bearing it had on his military and political decisions.
S01E10 Deadly Missions 21/04/2014 Not all of war's battles take place on the front lines. Many are fought in the shadows, carried out by special force operatives. Witness four infamous secret missions, executed by both sides during the Second World War. We investigate the haphazard rescue of Mussolini, revisit a notorious Nazi's assassination, and recount an audacious kidnapping with a surprise ending.
S00E01 Hitler's Bunkers 00/00/0000

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