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Travelling in the spaceship "Space Colony", Nick, with the help of his ball-shaped robot "Ball Boy", arrive on Earth to study the behaviour and manners of human beings for his doctoral degree thesis. Under the human identity of a young man named Ken Takase, he meets Maki Hayama, a photographer at Shukan Hit newspaper, and later saves her from a building fall. Maki was taking pictures for a scoop about a building which had been mysteriously demolished. Later, she and Ken find that the evil organization "Tentacle" is behind the demolitions and other evil deeds around the world. Nick then decides to extend his stay on Earth and uses his advanced technology and superior powers to protect his Maki and the children of Earth under the alter-ego Machineman. Armed with an advanced technology weapons, he begins fighting Tentacle's cyborgs and protect humankind.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Nebula Mask Machineman

S01E01 The White Textbook Case 13/01/1984
S01E02 Rainbow-Coloured Diamond Tears 20/01/1984
S01E03 Crush The Idol 27/01/1984
S01E04 Magical Stone Baked Potato 03/02/1984
S01E05 The Stamp Thief of Three-Hundred Million Yen 10/02/1984
S01E06 Me... Mama's Children? 17/02/1984
S01E07 Hong Kong Karate Dangerous Ken 24/02/1984
S01E08 Secret Of The Baseball Boy 02/03/1984
S01E09 The Moustache-Growing Girl 09/03/1984
S01E10 Telepathy Battle 16/03/1984
S01E11 Unimaginable Part-Time Job 23/03/1984
S01E12 Children Are Disappearing 30/03/1984
S01E13 K's Look-alike 06/04/1984
S01E14 Ball Boy's Leaving Home 13/04/1984
S01E15 The Demon's Present 20/04/1984
S01E16 Maki Hates Mice 27/04/1984
S01E17 Ironman Monsu's End 04/05/1984
S01E18 It's Nopperabo! 01/05/1984
S01E19 Stray Dog Koro's Adventure 08/05/1984
S01E20 Octopus Queen 25/05/1984
S01E21 Rain Rain Fall Fall! 01/06/1984
S01E22 The Clown's Secret Commands 08/06/1984
S01E23 Interesting Funny Gun 15/06/1984
S01E24 Showdown! The Ninja Thief 22/06/1984
S01E25 Challenge Of The Mummy-Man 29/06/1984
S01E26 Scary! The Laughing Doll 06/07/1984
S01E27 Monster's Hands Swimming At Sea 13/07/1984
S01E28 I Like I Like! Maki 20/07/1984
S01E29 Find The Pirate's Treasure! 27/07/1984
S01E30 The Village Inhabited By The Red Demon 17/08/1984
S01E31 The Dangerous Gourd 24/08/1984
S01E32 Voice Of A Bird Called Conflict 31/08/1984
S01E33 The Dogs Have A Time Bomb 07/09/1984
S01E34 K and M's Winning Strategy 14/09/1984
S01E35 Today Is Goodbye 21/09/1984
S01E36 Collection Of The Fight Scenes 28/09/1984

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