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Net Cafe (Originally titled "The Internet Cafe", the title was changed after the first season) was a widely distributed talk-show and educational program, aired from 1996 to 2002. It was produced for PBS (KTEH), but broadcast across the US and in over 100 other countries. Its topics ran the gamut of Internet content from computer hackers and sex-on-the-net, to computer gaming and on-line university courses. The Internet Cafe was an early example of a program that sought to do more than sensationalistically exploit the popularity of the new medium that was the World Wide Web. Although produced on the cheap for a local PBS station, it ended up being broadcast around the country and internationally.


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S255E01 Online Job Hunting 17/03/2000 Job hunting resources on the Internet are abundant. We'll take you to one with an electronic water cooler so you can see what people inside think about the company you're applying to as well as get tips from
S255E02 Cyber Politics 15/10/1996 A look at how politicians, government, and political activists are using the Internet. A visit to mainstream websites for the major political parties, and a look at the political underground on the Net, plus interviews with top political webmasters. Shot on location at the Cybersmith Cafe in Palo Alto, California.
S255E03 Chat Rooms 09/10/1998 One of the most popular activities is chatting. Of course, some chat rooms are better than others. A look at the different online options for chat, the psychology of online chat, chat safety rules, and chat netiquette.
S255E04 Conspiracy Theories 22/10/1999 Did aliens land in Roswell? Were there others involved in JFK's assassination? Are organs being taken from prisoners in China and sold to rich patients needing transplants? We'll explore the World Wide Web to find out who thinks there are conspiracies taking place.
S255E05 Cyber Kids 14/12/1999 Today there is so much great stuff online for kids! Now, more than ever, there is enough to engage them online without them having to explore the wider and less regulated world of sites designed for adults. Net Cafe takes a look at sites directed at the younger generation of Web surfers.
S255E06 Xtreme Web 21/12/1999 From super-fast connections, sites that get their input from super-remote places, the wearable Web, to a site that offers tons of interactive data about natural disasters, we take a look at sites and services that take the Web to a new extreme.
S255E07 Humor Online 28/12/1999 The internet quickly became a platform for spreading jokes and humorous content of all sorts. This program from 1998 looks at some of the early humor sites on the web. Among them,,,,,,, and
S255E08 New Age Websites 16/07/1999 The internet has become home to many new age organizations and movements. This program looks at several examples including,, the Berkeley Psychic Institute, the Covenant of the Goddess,, and SETI@home. Shot on location at the Club I cybercafe in San Francisco. Hosts are Jane Wither, Andrew deVries, and Stewart Cheifet.
S255E09 Personal Investing Online 10/03/1999 People are turning to the Net to manage there money. Is it safe and reliable? We take a look at managing your investments online.
S255E10 TV Shows Online 00/00/0000 The Internet is challenging television for people's attention. But it's also providing a new platform for the TV business. Sites covered include, a fan site for Xena: Warrior Princess;; a site for sci-fi fans at;; and a site exclusively devoted to Star Trek fans who are obsessed with the number "47".
S255E11 Rave Scene 24/12/1996

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