Affiche Net Deception
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The winner of the game almost loses his soul! What can put him back on the path to self-discovery? Tong Ka-Ming (Jack Wu) is a police cadet who got expelled for hacking into the school system to change his friend's grade. In order to join the police force again, Chong Chin-Pang (Eddie Kwan) made an offer to Ka-Ming, to be an undercover cop. His duty was to get close to Yiu Sing-Tin (Wong He) and find his criminal activities. Ka-Ming has no choice but to accept. Chin Pang's superior had told him to close this case, but he refused because he has some personal differences with Sing-Tin, who stole his girlfriend Erica Hong Sin-Yee (Tiffany Lam). Yiu Sing-Tin is a successful game developer who opened an Internet cafe to hide his criminal identity which leads Ka-Ming a chance to join his team with his exceptional computer skills. Sing-Tin gives a lot of trust to Ka-Ming, however Ka-Ming makes one wrong move and Sing-Tin finds out his undercover identity...


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