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It's a new beginning for FOAMY! Relax! Germaine will still be jiggly. The only thing that will change will be the addition of a few characters from other Neurotically Yours cartoons, but only for the sake of consolidation, as the site is run by only one man and he felt it was better to focus his efforts on only one web-series. If it doesn't work out, he'll pick back up with the fat, blue haired Germaine.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Neurotically Yours Foamy the Squirrel Reboot

S01E01 The Move 01/09/2011 Germaine takes up residence in a new town, where Foamy is instantly bored.
S01E02 Plank & Owl 13/09/2011 Foamy rants about the fun filled Darwinian past time that should be sweeping the nation... out to sea.
S01E03 Something To Do 27/09/2011 Foamy has problems adjusting to the "simple life".
S01E04 Bullies 11/10/2011 Neo-Neanderthal ticking you off? Foamy has a solution for all your bully-based problems.
S01E05 Power That Be 04/11/2011 Foamy & Germaine deal with a Nor'Easter power outage.
S01E06 Prescriptions Filled 15/11/2011 Germaine & Pilz-E wait for meds.
S01E07 People & Animals 09/11/2011 One is more important than the other...
S01E08 The Neighbors 27/12/2011 Germaine & Foamy meet the folks next-door.
S01E09 Left Behind 10/01/2012 Germaine forgot one important thing when she moved... it's the return of Begley!!
S01E10 Foamy Fan Mail 24/01/2012 A new series brings new mail... and Foamy has to read it.
S01E11 Teachers & Bullies 07/02/2012 Recent events require a revisit to the topic... because it's not just the bullies that cause problems, it's the inert authority figures that stand by and let it happen.
S01E12 Mythical Squirrels 21/02/2012 Roswell thinks he's uncovered the secret past of Foamy!
S01E13 Work Related 28/02/2012 Germaine gets a job at a place Foamy despises.
S01E14 Customers 06/03/2012 Germaine deals with an unsavory customer while Foamy plans the store's downfall...
S01E15 Self Important Parents 20/03/2012 Germaine deals with an unsavory customer while Foamy plans the store's downfall...
S01E16 Job Search 01/04/2012 Germaine searches for a new job after quitting her old one.
S01E17 Bus Ride 10/04/2012 Foamy has a problem with the commute to Germaine's new job.
S01E18 Medicinal Mochachino 24/04/2012 Pilz-e requests a uniquely blended beverage.
S01E19 Gay Marriage 08/05/2012 It doesn't matter if you're for it or against it, Foamy puts the issue to rest with blinding logic.
S01E20 Hint Hotline 22/05/2012 Germaine seeks help with a video game via a hint hotline.
S01E21 Video Games 05/06/2012 Tired of people complaining that video games are a waste of time? Foamy enlightens the world on the value of this over-looked art form. It's a ready-made rant for your own defense of the media! Use it!
S01E22 World's Biggest Boobs 19/06/2012 Giant Boobs: Super awesome? Or Man-made atrocity?
S01E23 N.Y.C. Squirrel Songs 02/07/2012 In an ironic twist, Foamy, now has to raise money in order to move back to NYC.
S01E24 Holy Relics 17/07/2012 Foamy revives his cult and hatches a brilliant scheme to get his image out in the world. This toon is kind of a re-cap of Foamy's Cult plan, since the reboot, I had to work it back in somehow, so there ya go.
S02E01 Ink Stink 07/08/2012 A rant about the vicious financial cycle of the ink cartridge.
S02E02 Black CT 24/07/2012 The Hatta' questions the urban authenticity of Germaine's new 'hood'.
S02E03 Ninja Gig 21/08/2012 Foamy is unhappy with the out come of a local ninja gig.
S02E04 Auto-Correct 04/09/2012 Auto Correct makes Germaine look like a chump!
S02E05 Life Is a Game 18/09/2012 Germaine likes her game life better than her real one.
S02E06 The Ghost of Bigfoot 02/10/2012 Partfine comes up with a "brilliant" approach to finding proof that Bigfoot exists.
S02E07 You're Too Negative 01/11/2012 Stop sticking your fingers in your ears and accept the power of negative thinking.
S02E08 Twitter Talking Robots 13/11/2012 Mammed Udi has a slight problem with a desktop robot. Useful device, or mind-breaking entity of evil?
S02E09 Gallery Opening 27/11/2012 Germaine invites Foamy to a gallery opening.
S02E10 Racist Coffee 26/12/2012 Hatta' wants coffee. Hold the white.
S02E11 Violent Video Games 06/01/2013 A rant about the recent attack on "violent video games". Blame the parent, not the product.
S02E12 Devious Septum 14/01/2013 Pilz-E has a nose problem. (Germaine reads a bizarre interactive book).
S02E13 Vehicular Rape 25/01/2013 Driving can be hazardous to your butt! (No, No one gets raped by a car, but some drivers make you think you were.)
S02E14 Douche-Step 11/02/2013 With the exception of the few who can do it right, dub-step has become a mess of inaudible crap. (And no, I'm not bashing the genre, just the posers flooding it.) At this point in my life I consider every form of music to be valid. I just don't like the people who exploit a genre because it's trendy. So that's what the rant is basically about. So don't get bent out of shape by thinking I'm bashing dub-step.
S02E15 Body Modification 25/02/2013 Pilz-E discovers he can speak Chinese while Germaine loses modeling hours because she's "Not The Right Size".
S02E16 Coffeehouse Cleavage 25/03/2013 Germaine gets a second job Foamy does not approve of.
S02E17 Celebrity Perfumes 08/04/2013 A rant about the the over abundant marketing of celebrity perfume.
S02E18 Squirrel Advice 18/04/2013 Foamy creates an easy to use kiosk for his squirrelly wisdom.
S02E19 Fat Global Warming 29/04/2013 Are you fat? Then, according to recent studies, you're causing global warming... Wait, what!?
S02E20 Dworgies 23/05/2013 A hypothetical conversation about dwarf sex breaks Foamy.
S02E21 Art Is Smart 03/06/2013 Ever wanted to see Germaine naked? Now you can! (Sort of).
S02E22 Phones: A Rant 30/06/2013 From ads to daily usage, certain phone behavior is just annoying.
S02E23 Programming Conflict 14/07/2013 Foamy & Germaine want to watch two very different things.
S02E24 Point of Sales System 27/07/2013 A rant about over inflated job titles.
S02E25 The Worst 11/08/2013 Germaine is the worst... and immune to butt slaps apparently.
S02E26 Food Allergies 24/08/2013 Why is everyone allergic to everything? A rant about genetically modified foods
S00E01 A Reason for Reboots 01/09/2011 It's a new beginning for FOAMY! And here's a few reasons why. (Also some insight as to what's going to happen with the series)
S00E02 The Lamest Halloween 18/10/2011 A boring town makes for a boring holiday. It's a FOAMY HALLOWEEN!
S00E03 Humbugger Holiday 12/12/2011 This season, let's not forget about those who don't care about it...
S00E04 N.Y.C. Squirrel Songs (with Lyrics) 00/00/0000
S00E05 Hurricane Sandy Special 00/00/0000
S00E06 Ninja X-mas 00/00/0000
S00E07 An Art-House Halloween 00/00/0000
S00E08 2012 Mayan Apocalypse Special 00/00/0000
S00E09 Goth Chick Appreciation Day 00/00/0000
S00E10 Sexy Costumes 00/00/0000
S00E11 Voodoo Balloon 00/00/0000
S00E12 Foamy Plays...Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (Tomb Raider) 00/00/0000
S00E13 Kickstarter 2013 Foamy DVD Funding Special 00/00/0000

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