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Humanity is under attack by demonic creatures called Oni. Unable to fight back by any other means, the scientist Dr. Saotome creates a series of giant robots that harness the mysterious power of Getter Rays, giving them the strength necessary to fight the Oni. The strongest of these is Getter Robo, and Saotome must enlist three very different men to pilot it - martial artist Ryoma Nagare, criminal leader Hayato Jin, and monk Benkei Musashibou. Together, the Getter Team fights to end the Oni menace forever.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de New Getter Robo

S01E01 Ryoma Joins 09/04/2004 Dr. Saotome recruits the first Getter pilot a young martial artist by the name of Ryoma Nagare.
S01E02 Hayato is Coming 09/04/2004 Dr. Saotome and Ryoma atempt to recruit the second Getter pilot Hayato Jin the leader of a criminal gang.
S01E03 Benkei Musashibou 14/05/2004 The Oni attack monastery leaving oly one survivor a monk named Benkei Musashibou. Dr. Saotome belives Benkei to be the third Getter pilot.
S01E04 Three Animals Go! 14/05/2004 Ryoma, Hayato and Benkei clash over Ryoma's attatude and reckless behaviour.
S01E05 Oni Fire 11/06/2004 Ryoma tired of waiting to be attacked decides to follow an escaping Oni to find where they are coming from, meanwhile an archaeological dig turns up the skulls of dead Oni.
S01E06 The Mansion Where the Oni Dwell 11/06/2004 The Getter and it's three pilots are seperated and sent to an altered past where the humans and Oni are at war.
S01E07 The Ying-Yang Master 09/07/2004 Still in the past Hayato and Benkei are reunited with the Getter. Ryoma attacks the Oni mansion.
S01E08 Collision 09/07/2004 The Getter and the human army storm the Oni City, Ryoma goes after Seimei.
S01E09 Hell's Upheaval 13/08/2004 After returning home the Getter is upgraded and Ryoma gets a glimpse of a terrible future.
S01E10 Lone Wolf 13/08/2004 After his vision of the future Ryoma leaves as Seimei returns to once again battle the Getter.
S01E11 Thus the Divine Wind Blows 10/09/2004 Benkei attempts to destroy the Getter leading to a fight with Ryoma. Hayato learns more about the getter rays.
S01E12 Heaven and Earth 10/09/2004 "Gods" arrive on earth to battle the Getter, the prototype Getters begin to act alone without pilots.
S01E13 There Goes Ryoma 10/09/2004 The three pilots begin to fuse to the Getter as they battle with the "Gods".

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