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An aerial journey from the deep south of the South Island to the northern tip of the North Island. We discover the landscapes and meet New Zealanders who talk about their work, interests and culture.


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S01E01 The Far South 15/10/2012 In the far south of New Zealand, we discover the southern city of Dunedin, Southland and the world heritage listed Fiordland National Park. From there we fly to the alpine resort of Queenstown and explore the surrounding region.
S01E02 Central South Island 16/10/2012 We travel to the Southern Alps in the Central South Island and discover from above how the dramatic high alpine landscape was carved by glaciers. We learn about the 1860's gold rush era and discover how the region is producing great Pinot Noir for the international market.
S01E03 The West Coast and Northern South Island 17/10/2012 The Wild West coast boasts a pristine environment of rain forest, glaciers and fast flowing rivers. Like Fiordland in Episode 1 the West Coast has also been awarded World Heritage Park status. We crossover to the East coast and see the whales feeding before flying to the city of Christchurch and onto the Northern region of the South Island.
S01E04 Southern North Island and Volcanic Plateau 18/10/2012 We cross from the South to the North Island, flying over Cook Strait and the capital city - Wellington - to the centre of the North Island. The Volcanic Plateau is located on the fault line defining the Pacific "rim of fire" and we view from above active volcanoes, bubbling mud pools and boiling geysers.
S01E05 Northland 19/10/2012 As our aerial journey continues towards the Far North we pass Auckland, New Zealand's largest city and see the harbour being enjoyed by thousands of boat owners. The region of Northland is home to many Maori and is where New Zealand's founding document; the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. We meet a craftsman who constructs stringed instruments from Kauri timber and learn about Maori creation mythology.