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Newlyweds follows the always interesting, and sometimes funny, newly married Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Don't miss the parties, the performing, the love, and of course, the 'Jessica Moments' as Nick and Jess put their celebrity marriage on display in Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. THEME SONG: "This I Swear" by Nick Lachey


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S01E01 Newlyweds Clean House 19/08/2003 Nick moves his stuff from his condo to their house. Jessica has trouble learning to clean up after herself. Nick & Jessica discuss getting a maid.
S01E02 Newlyweds and Dancers 26/08/2003 Jessica goes to a dancer audition with Nick and is unamused to see him dancing around with half-naked girls. Jessica goes shopping and spends $746.00 on 4 items,which makes Nick a little uneasy. Nick & Jessica preform for the USO Troops.
S01E03 Newlyweds Go Camping 02/09/2003 Nick & Jessica go camping with Nick's brother Drew,his wife Lea,and their German Shepherd Dog named Luka. The girls freak out about the possibility of bears being around.
S01E04 Newlyweds Go Golfing 09/09/2003 Jessica is upset when Nick goes to the Playboy Mansion; Nick takes Jessica golfing for the first time.
S01E05 The New Newlyweds 16/09/2003 Jessica records a new song; Nick's 82 yr old grandmother gets married.
S01E06 Newlyweds on Vacation 23/09/2003 It's the 4th of July and Jessica sings live on the NBC Fourth Of July Fireworks Spectacular; Nick, Jessica, Drew, & Lea take a vacation to the Bahamas.
S01E07 Newlyweds Decorate 30/09/2003 Jessica goes out of town to promote her new book, ""Jessica Simpson I Do: Achieving Your Dream Wedding""; Nick decides to start decorating the house while Jessica is out of town.
S01E08 Newlyweds and Videos 07/10/2003 Nick and Jessica both shoot new music videos. Jessica's turns out great, Nick's not so great.
S01E09 Newlyweds Birthday 14/10/2003 Nick battles bees; Drew and Lea throw a huge Alice In Wonderland Theme Party for Jessica's 23rd birthday.
S01E10 Newlyweds Cook Dinner 21/10/2003 Jessica cooks dinner for Nick. Nick takes Jessica on a romantic getaway to San Diego.
S02E01 The Anniversary 21/01/2004 After Jessica's dad books her to sing, Nick and Jessica are forced to celebrate their first anniversary in Atlantic City; after the trip is interrupted by Oktoberfest they head off for a romantic night in New York.
S02E02 Nick's 30th B-Day 28/01/2004 Jessica takes a trip to New York for an interview at radio station Z100 and to Dallas to perform at her old high school. Jessica plans a surprise filled party for Nick's 30th birthday.
S02E03 The Newlyweds Shop 04/02/2004 Jessica goes shopping, among the many things she buys is $1400 sheets. Nick buys two arcade games and rents a fork lift to get them in the house. The house becomes a haven for crows. Nick and Jessica relax at the house and watch a DVD.
S02E04 The French Language 11/02/2004 Nick & Jessica do a sketch for VH1 Big in 2003; Jessica has problems memorizing the complex dialogue. Nick is in the Detroit American Thanksgiving Parade. Nick & Jessica spend Thanksgiving with family at the Simpson House in Waco, TX.
S02E05 The Duet 18/02/2004 Nick & Jessica have a hectic December with 18 different shows to perform; Nick & Jessica make plans to record a duet.
S02E06 A Newlyweds Christmas 25/02/2004 Nick & Jessica spend the Christmas holidays with family in Cincinnati and Dallas.
S02E07 Jessica's 'Dessert' 03/03/2004 Jessica promotes her new perfume line called ""Dessert;"" rumors of Jessica being pregnant circulate.
S02E08 Puppy Maddness 10/03/2004 Jessica has to sing the National Anthem at the Sugar Bowl but her hairdresser cannot make it; Nick and Jessica discuss what kind of dog to get.
S02E09 The Newlyweds Vacation 17/03/2004 Nick, Jessica, Drew, and Lea go skiing; Nick has problems skiing.
S02E10 Valentine's Day 24/03/2004 Jessica plans an elaborate Valentine's Day for her and Nick.
S02E11 CaCee Moves In 16/06/2004 Jessica's best friend and personal assistant moves in; Nick and Jessica perform at the Houston Livestock Show.
S02E12 Mismatched Threesome 23/06/2004 Nick gets frustrated with Jessica and her friend; the couple goes out for a romantic dinner.
S02E13 Being Famous Ain't Easy 30/06/2004 Nick & Jessica must deal with aggressive paparazzi and fans; Nick & Jessica rent a house in Palm Springs with her family for Easter.
S02E14 Eye Surgery 07/07/2004 Nick & Drew go deep-sea fishing; Jessica performs at a USO show in Dallas, TX; Jessica & CaCee get Lasik eye surgery.
S02E15 Newlyweds Baby 14/07/2004 Nick & Jessica visit friends in Arizona and take turns babysitting their friends newborn baby; Nick contemplates becoming a Big Brother.
S02E16 The Kentucky Derby 21/07/2004 Nick and Jessica attend the Kentucky Derby.
S02E17 Nick and Joe 28/07/2004 When Jessica has a closed set photo shoot, Nick and her dad, Joe, bond by going ATVing, golfing, and deep sea fishing.
S02E18 The Traveling Newlyweds 04/08/2004 Nick & Drew are in Fiji to take part in the Kelly Slater Surf Invitational; Jessica is in New Orleans to shoot the video for her song 'Angel.'
S02E19 Nick's Lawn 11/08/2004 While Jessica is on tour Nick decides to grass in the open lot next to the house.
S02E20 The Newlyweds 18/08/2004 Jessica experiences problems while preparing for her tour; Nick participates in batting practice with the Cincinnati Reds; Nick and Jessica return to the site of their wedding.
S03E00 00/00/0000
S03E01 Newlyweds Two Year Anniversary 26/01/2005 Nick & Jessica celebrate their two-year wedding anniversary in Napa Valley.
S03E02 Jess Gets a Root Canal 02/02/2005 Jessica has a toothache and has to get a root canal on her cavity-infected tooth. Meanwhile, Nick goes shopping for Halloween supplies.
S03E03 Celebrity Issues 30/06/2004
S03E04 Eye Surgery 07/07/2004
S03E05 Newlyweds Baby 14/07/2004
S03E06 The Kentucky Derby 21/07/2004
S03E07 Nick and Joe 28/07/2004
S03E08 The Traveling Newlyweds 04/08/2004
S03E09 Nick's Lawn 11/08/2004
S03E10 The Newlyweds 18/08/2004
S00E01 Happy Birthday Jessica, Love Nick 17/11/2004 Happy Birthday Jessica, Love Nick is a journey into the most monumental stunt Nick has ever pulled in the name of love. Watch Jessica's tears of loneliness turn into tears of surprise and love.
S00E02 Interviews 00/00/0000
S00E03 Behind the Scenes - Nick and Jessica 00/00/0000
S00E04 The Good, The Bad and The Mess-Ups 00/00/0000