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Newsnight is the BBC's flagship news programme and runs on BBC2 five nights a week. Its format, with a limited number of items covered in each show, allows an in-depth analytical approach to news stories, with a particular emphasis on political and economic affairs. The show largely eschews the "human-interest" stories favoured by many news programmes.


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S255E01 Tony Blair and Jeremy Paxman: Iraq 00/00/0000
S255E02 05/01/2017 00/00/0000
S255E03 06/01/2017 00/00/0000
S255E04 09/01/2017 00/00/0000
S255E05 10/01/2017 00/00/0000
S255E06 11/01/2017 00/00/0000
S255E07 12/01/2017 00/00/0000
S255E08 13/01/2017 00/00/0000
S255E09 16/01/2017 00/00/0000
S255E10 17/01/2017 00/00/0000
S255E11 18/01/2017 00/00/0000
S255E12 19/01/2017 00/00/0000
S255E13 The Inauguration 00/00/0000
S255E14 23/01/2017 00/00/0000
S255E15 24/01/2017 00/00/0000
S255E16 25/01/2017 00/00/0000
S255E17 26/01/2017 00/00/0000
S255E18 27/01/2017 00/00/0000
S255E19 30/01/2017 00/00/0000
S255E20 31/01/2017 00/00/0000
S255E21 01/02/2017 00/00/0000
S255E22 02/02/2017 00/00/0000
S255E23 03/02/2017 00/00/0000
S255E24 06/02/2017 00/00/0000
S255E25 The Home Front: The Battle to House Britain 00/00/0000
S255E26 08/02/2017 00/00/0000
S255E27 09/02/2017 00/00/0000
S255E28 10/02/2017 00/00/0000
S255E29 13/02/2017 00/00/0000
S255E30 14/02/2017 00/00/0000
S255E31 15/02/2017 00/00/0000
S255E32 16/02/2017 00/00/0000
S255E33 17/02/2017 00/00/0000
S255E34 20/02/2017 00/00/0000
S255E35 21/02/2017 00/00/0000
S255E36 Stoke By-Election Special 00/00/0000
S255E37 23/02/2017 00/00/0000
S255E38 24/02/2017 00/00/0000
S255E39 27/02/2017 00/00/0000
S255E40 28/02/2017 00/00/0000
S255E41 01/03/2017 00/00/0000
S255E42 02/03/2017 00/00/0000
S255E43 03/03/2017 00/00/0000
S255E44 06/03/2017 00/00/0000
S255E45 07/03/2017 00/00/0000
S255E46 08/03/2017 00/00/0000
S255E47 09/03/2017 00/00/0000
S255E48 10/03/2017 10/03/2017 With Emily Maitlis. An investigation into Burmese human rights violations. Plus the woman who sought out and forgave her rapist and is Pope Francis facing a Vatican mutiny?
S255E49 13/03/2017 13/03/2017 In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Emily Maitlis. The Article 50 bill is to become law tonight. What will Scotland do now? Who is David Davis? Paul Auster's new book.
S255E50 14/03/2017 14/03/2017 Will we end up splitting with Europe AND splitting the United Kingdom? Election expenses. Dutch elections. French elections. Wagner comes to the Royal Opera House.
S255E51 15/03/2017 15/03/2017 Topics include the Dutch election results, privacy at work and old folks getting hitched. Plus Viewsnight and a look at NI contributions as the chancellor hits reverse. With Evan Davis.
S255E52 16/03/2017 16/03/2017 In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Evan Davis.
S255E53 17/03/2017 17/03/2017 In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with James O'Brien.
S255E54 20/03/2017 20/03/2017 In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Evan Davis.
S255E55 21/03/2017 21/03/2017 In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Kirsty Wark.
S255E56 22/03/2017 22/03/2017 In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Evan Davis.
S255E57 23/03/2017 23/03/2017 In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Evan Davis.
S255E58 24/03/2017 24/03/2017 In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Emily Maitlis.
S255E59 24/03/2016 24/03/2016
S255E60 29/03/2016 29/03/2016
S255E61 30/03/2016 30/03/2016
S255E62 31/03/2016 31/03/2016
S255E63 01/04/2016 01/04/2016
S255E64 04/04/2016 04/04/2016 The Panama Papers. Glasgow lawyer targeted by Muslim extremists. Ex-pat Brits on Brexit. Ex-NZ pm Helen Clarke. Jennifer Knoll on 'The Luckiest Girl Alive'. With Kirsty Wark.
S255E65 05/04/2016 05/04/2016 With Kirsty Wark. Should the UK impose direct rule on overseas tax havens? The latest on the steel crisis. And why Justin Bieber is accused of offending African cultural heritage.
S255E66 06/04/2016 06/04/2016 With Evan Davis. The Dutch say no in their Europe referendum vote, will it affect the UK debate? Plus the latest on the Tata steel crisis and buying guns on Facebook.
S255E67 07/04/2016 07/04/2016 Newsnight speaks to Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson about David Cameron and questions the man who is buying Tata. Plus treatment for paedophiles and satire in politics.
S255E68 08/04/2016 08/04/2016 In-depth analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Evan Davis. What do the public think of the prime minister's tax affairs? Plus Conrad Black on Donald Trump.
S255E69 EU Special: Who Rules the UK? 00/00/0000
S255E70 12/04/2016 00/00/0000
S255E71 13/04/2016 00/00/0000
S255E72 14/04/2016 00/00/0000
S255E73 15/04/2016 00/00/0000
S255E74 EU Special: The Economy 00/00/0000
S255E75 19/04/2016 00/00/0000
S255E76 20/04/2016 00/00/0000
S255E77 21/04/2016 00/00/0000
S255E78 22/04/2016 00/00/0000
S255E79 EU Special: UK Safer In or Out? 00/00/0000
S255E80 26/04/2016 00/00/0000
S255E81 27/04/2016 00/00/0000
S255E82 28/04/2016 00/00/0000
S255E83 29/04/2016 00/00/0000
S255E84 03/05/2016 00/00/0000
S255E85 04/05/2016 00/00/0000
S255E86 05/05/2016 00/00/0000
S255E87 06/05/2016 00/00/0000
S255E88 09/05/2016 09/05/2016 The latest on the EU referendum campaign, and the views of Tracey Emin. The programme hears from Yanis Varoufakis and also looks at Labour's performance in the local elections. Presented by Evan Davis.
S255E89 EU Special: What Would Brexit Mean For Immigration? 10/05/2016 What impact will the result of the EU referendum vote - whether to remain or leave - have on EU migration? Newsnight comes from the town of Boston in Lincolnshire, which has one of the highest levels of EU immigration in the country. Evan Davis is joined by a live audience, politicians on both sides of the argument, a panel of experts, and a group of undecided voters. This is the fourth in a series of Newsnight specials looking at the big questions behind the EU referendum. Watch them all at
S255E90 11/05/2016 00/00/0000
S255E91 12/05/2016 00/00/0000
S255E92 13/05/2016 00/00/0000
S255E93 EU Special: Does the EU Work For Us? 00/00/0000
S255E94 17/05/2016 00/00/0000
S255E95 18/05/2016 00/00/0000
S255E96 19/05/2016 00/00/0000
S255E97 20/05/2016 00/00/0000
S255E98 EU Special: What Would Out Look Like? 00/00/0000
S255E99 24/05/2016 00/00/0000
S255E100 25/05/2016 00/00/0000
S255E101 26/05/2016 00/00/0000
S255E102 27/05/2016 00/00/0000
S255E103 31/05/2016 00/00/0000
S255E104 01/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E105 02/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E106 03/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E107 06/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E108 07/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E109 08/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E110 09/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E111 Inside the 21st Floor of Grenfell Tower 27/09/2017 What was life in Grenfell Tower? In a special report for Newsnight, Katie Razzall pieces together the story of the 21st floor - and the stories of those who lived and died that tragic night.
S255E112 11/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E113 14/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E114 15/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E115 16/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E116 17/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E117 20/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E118 21/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E119 22/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E120 24/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E121 Life After Brexit: A Newsnight Special 00/00/0000
S255E122 27/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E123 28/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E124 29/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E125 30/06/2016 00/00/0000
S255E126 01/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E127 04/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E128 05/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E129 06/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E130 07/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E131 08/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E132 11/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E133 12/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E134 13/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E135 14/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E136 15/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E137 18/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E138 19/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E139 20/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E140 21/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E141 22/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E142 Brexit Britain: One Month In - Newsnight Special 00/00/0000
S255E143 25/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E144 26/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E145 27/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E146 28/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E147 29/07/2016 00/00/0000
S255E148 01/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E149 02/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E150 What Was the Legacy of the London 2012 Olympics? 00/00/0000
S255E151 04/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E152 The Battle for Syria 00/00/0000
S255E153 08/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E154 09/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E155 10/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E156 11/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E157 12/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E158 15/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E159 16/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E160 17/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E161 18/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E162 19/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E163 22/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E164 23/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E165 24/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E166 25/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E167 26/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E168 30/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E169 31/08/2016 00/00/0000
S255E170 01/09/2016 00/00/0000
S255E171 02/09/2016 00/00/0000
S255E172 05/09/2016 00/00/0000
S255E173 06/09/2016 00/00/0000
S255E174 07/09/2016 00/00/0000
S255E175 08/09/2016 00/00/0000
S255E176 09/09/2016 00/00/0000
S255E177 12/09/2016 00/00/0000
S255E178 13/09/2016 00/00/0000
S255E179 16/09/2016 16/09/2016 In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with James O'Brien.
S255E180 19/09/2016 00/00/0000
S255E181 US Election Result Special - The Trump Revolution 11/09/2016 Emily Maitlis and guests dissect the results of the US presidential election in a special programme from Washington, DC
S255E182 26/09/2011 00/00/0000 Tonight Paul Mason will have the latest on the eurozone rescue plan, which is reported to be taking shape in Washington, analysis of what it means, the timetable and the likelihood that it will work. And we will be joined by a fantastic cast of financial experts giving us their analysis. At the Labour party conference in Liverpool Iain Watson will focus on how the party can become economically credible again. We aren't speaking to Ed Balls as said earlier, but we will be talking to shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander. Plus David Grossman will be asking what the Labour party is for these days, and Jeremy Paxman will be taking up that theme with Lord Prescott.
S255E183 27/09/2011 00/00/0000 Kirsty will be joined by a live studio audience at the Labour Conference in Liverpool tonight, where their leader Ed Miliband delivered a speech earlier in which he slammed big bankers, consensus politics, energy companies and benefit cheats. He said for decades our economy and society had been based on the wrong values. David Grossman will give us his analysis of Ed Miliband's performance later. And in light of John Prescott's comments on last night's programme that Ed Miliband should get rid of anyone who is "not pulling their weight", we'll consider if its time for a shadow cabinet reshuffle, and who might go.
S255E184 28/09/2011 00/00/0000 On tonight's Newsnight Paul Mason will be asking whether Europe and the world banking system is on the edge of catastrophe. He'll look at fears that the so-called rescue plan for the eurozone is already in trouble and will consider what would happen if the euro ultimately broke up. We'll be joined by the European Commission, Johanna Kyrklund from Shroders, economist and former DG of the CBI Sir Richard Lambert, and Peter Oborne from the Daily Telegraph to debate if the euro project is worth saving. We have a film about social breakdown amid austerity in Greece, and we'll hear from our correspondent Peter Marshall in Berlin - where Chancellor Angela Merkel faces a vote tomorrow that threatens to weaken her politically and undermine her ability to manage the debt crisis. Plus we'll have an interview with Labour leader Ed Miliband.
S255E185 29/09/2011 00/00/0000 A large majority in Germany's parliament has approved new powers for the EU's main bailout fund, despite opposition from some members of the ruling coalition. Peter Marshall is in Berlin getting under the skin of what the Germans really think about Europe and the euro, and we will be discussing the latest events in the studio. We look at the wider implications of footballer Rio Ferdinand losing a High Court privacy action over a "kiss and tell" newspaper story. We have a live interview with actor Mark Rylance about the stunning success of the play Jerusalem as it returns to London from an award-winning run on Broadway - and what it tells us about being English. Plus, as Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah overturns a court ruling sentencing a woman to 10 lashes for breaking a ban on female drivers we ask whether he can win the battle against the hardliners in his kingdom.
S255E186 30/09/2011 00/00/0000 In our final edition of the week, Andrew Verity will be asking what if anything is wrong with the predatory capitalism that Ed Miliband called for a clampdown on at the Labour Party's conference earlier this week. Tim Whewell will have more on the news that US-born suspected al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki, whose death was said to have been personally ordered by US President Barack Obama, has been killed in Yemen. And as Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito's appeal against their convictions for the 2007 murder of Perugia student Meredith Kercher draws to a close we ask what the obsession with Knox is and has it got anything to do with Berlusconi's Italy.
S255E187 03/10/2011 00/00/0000 Tonight's programme will come from the Tory party conference in Manchester, where Jeremy Paxman will be joined by an audience of conference attendees. Jeremy will be speaking to MPs Philip Hammond, David Davis and Don Foster. Also we'll be getting the journalist's view of the conference from Fraser Nelson and Kevin Maguire. The main topic for discussion will be the economy and Chancellor George Osborne's big speech today and David Grossman will be giving his analysis of what the chancellor said. Plus Iain Watson will be looking at the European economic crisis amid the news that Greece is likely to miss targets to cut its budget deficit. And as the government announces that it is going to invest £50m to commercialise graphene - a carbon allotrope invented at Manchester University - we ask what is it and why is it important?
S255E188 04/10/2011 00/00/0000 Jeremy is in Manchester tonight with all the action and analysis from the third day of the Conservative Party conference. There has been a bit of a catflap over human rights, is it the Tories' claws four moment? (Sorry....) We'll have the annual conference season interview with the Mayor of London (you can re-watch the interviews from 2009, and 2010 here). This year Jeremy asks Boris if he'd consider standing for Parliament while serving as Mayor, and is offered a hand from Boris should he ever decide to give up his day job presenting Newsnight and run for leader of the Conservative party. And Jeremy will be joined by an audience of 70 Conservative women to discuss the reasons for the government's worsening polling with woman, and to work out what more the Conservatives could do to appeal to women.
S255E189 05/10/2011 00/00/0000 David Cameron re-wrote his conference speech at the last minute to omit a call on households to pay off their credit cards. Tonight Newsnight picks through the detail of what stayed in and asks whether his appeal for a can-do optimism at an anxious time for the economy is likely to be heeded. Paul Mason reports on talk of a concerted move to beef up balance sheets of struggling European banks, what is needed and what is likely to happen. We have a strong Lyse Doucet film from inside Syria about the current nature of the anti-government protests. Plus Jeremy talks to musician Brian Eno about art and music in an age of turbulence./
S255E190 06/10/2011 00/00/0000 The Bank of England has said it will inject a further £75bn into the economy through quantitative easing (QE), the first time it has added to its QE programme since 2009. Tonight Paul Mason will take us through the details of what is happening, why it is happening now and how the Bank hope it to aid the fragile economic recovery. With the BBC announcing that it is planning to cut 2,000 jobs and radically change programming in order to cut 20% from its budget over the next five years, Stephen Smith will report on the wider cultural impact of a shrinking Auntie. We look at the impact of the work done by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who has died at the age of 56 from pancreatic cancer. And we have a report from Mark Easton on mixed race Britain including some exclusive new stats which show that the numbers of people in Britain who are mixed-race is actually much higher than previously thought.
S255E191 07/10/2011 00/00/0000 Moody's has downgraded the credit rating of 12 UK financial firms including Lloyds TSB, RBS, Nationwide and Santander UK amid concerns that the government is now less likely to support some firms if they get into trouble. Moody's also downgraded nine Portuguese banks, blaming financial weakness. Tonight Andrew Verity reports on the significance of this news and whether the belief that the days of UK government bank bail outs are over is correct. We will also be getting further analysis by studio by guests. And Stephen Smith has a fresh Citizen Smith report. He's had an exclusive look the first wave of community organisers who are meant to build David Cameron's big society and we talk to Civil Society Minister Nick Hurd.
S255E192 10/10/2011 00/00/0000 Defence Secretary Liam Fox has told MPs that he met his friend Adam Werritty 22 times at the Ministry of Defence and 18 times on foreign trips. Mr Fox also said that Mr Werritty, who has no government role or national security clearance, had not been involved in defence procurement issues. Tonight, we'll examine whether the Defence Secretary is guilty of impropriety or simply made some minor errors of judgement. Following the violence which killed twenty-four people at a rally of Coptic Christians in Cairo at the weekend, Tim Whewell will ask if attacks against Christians in Egypt are becoming worse in post-revolutionary Egypt, and if so why. You can watch one of Tim's previous reports on this from Cairo here. And Rory Cellan Jones has a fascinating film about whether the education system in England and Wales is failing to produce enough polymaths and top flight computer programmers who could one day emulate the likes of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. Watch a preview clip here. We'll also be joined by the Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, Ed Vaizey.
S255E193 11/10/2011 00/00/0000 David Cameron says he wants his to be "the greenest government ever", but last week Chancellor George Osborne sparked anger among environmentalists when he told the Conservative Party conference the UK would cut emissions no faster than others in Europe, and environmental measures would not be taken at the expense of British business. And MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee have warned today that the government's "schizophrenic attitude" to climate change is undermining investor confidence in low-carbon industries. Tonight Susan Watts examines whether the green agenda is being watered down and we will debate the issues in the studio. US "supercop" Bill Bratton, who has gained a reputation for introducing bold measures to reduce crime in New York, Boston and Los Angeles, is in London to take part in a government conference on how to tackle riots and disorder and has given us an interview. We report on the jailing of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko for seven years, whom a judge ruled had criminally exceeded her powers when she signed a gas deal with Russia in 2009. Mrs Tymoshenko said the charges were politically motivated. And the EU said it was disappointed with the verdict, and that Kiev's handling of the case risked deep implications for its hopes of EU integration. Plus, Stephen Smith has been to talk to former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher about the Manchester riots, the coalition and the passing of Cool Britannia.
S255E194 12/10/2011 00/00/0000 UK unemployment has risen to a 17-year high of 2.57 million, according to official figures. Tonight Joe Lynam will give us his take on those figures, the Eurozone crisis and Barroso's plan. Jeremy will be joined by former Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt and editor-in-chief at The Economist, John Micklethwait. Jonny Dymond will be asking members of the Mormon Church how they think they are viewed by the rest of the United States, and asseses the likelihood that one of their faithful could be elected the next president. And ahead of the start of Lord Justice Leveson's inquiry on phone hacking, Steve Coogan will join us live in the studio. That and more at 2230 on BBC Two.
S255E195 13/10/2011 00/00/0000 The independent watchdog for health and social care says a fifth of NHS hospitals are breaking the law, when it comes to properly feeding and treating elderly patients. The Care Quality Commission visited 100 hospitals, and found cause for concern at more than half of them. Tonight we examine what was said and how much of this a reflection of how the elderly are treated in Britain more generally. Peter Marshall has a report looking into who are the backers who raised funds to pay for Adam Werritty to act as Defence Secretary Liam Fox's adviser, and David Grossman will have the latest developments on the story. We have a live interview with former Barnsley MP Eric Illsley who was jailed for expenses fraud. Susan Watts reports on the new obesity strategy for England in which the government has tried to stress the importance of personal responsibility. And we have a report on how garments labelled "designed in Scotland" and sold by UK high street chain Edinburgh Woollen Mill are actually being made by North Korean labour in Mongolian factories.
S255E196 14/10/2011 00/00/0000 The news that Liam Fox has resigned as defence secretary has changed our plans for the programme. We will no longer be running a piece on how proposed changes to planning regulations might affect urban areas and speaking to Lord Rogers about this issue. Instead the whole programme is devoted to Dr Fox's resignation, the events that led up to it, the questions that remain and where this leaves the government. We will have analysis from our Defence editor Mark Urban and reporters David Grossman and Richard Watson. And we will be joined on the programme by guests including shadow defence secretary Jim Murphy, former head of the British Army General Sir Mike Jackson, and journalists Fraser Nelson and Miranda Green.
S255E201 23/10/2014 23/10/2014 In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Evan Davis. A report from Ebola-stricken Liberia, analysis of the NHS Five-Year Plan, Russell Brand on his revolution, and migrant students denied loans.
S255E224 25/11/2015 25/11/2015 Analysis of the autumn statement, an interview with new Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, and Newsnight's guide to Chairman Mao. With Evan Davis.
S255E225 26/11/2014 26/11/2014 General Richards on Britain's defence future, plans for new Scottish powers, domestic violence sentencing and an interview with Noam Chomsky. Presented by Evan Davis.
S255E235 23/10/2013 23/10/2013 In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Jeremy Paxman. What future for Grangemouth? Why won't the police apologise for plebgate? Russell Brand talks about his revolution, and how children have ditched the great outdoors.
S00E01 Obama's First Year: Reality Bites 00/00/0000 Gavin Esler presents a Newsnight special looking back at the drama and battles of Barack Obama's first year in office. Can the new president live up to his promise to bring change to America and to the world?
S00E02 Paxman meets Hitchens: A Newsnight Special 00/00/0000 In a wide-ranging special interview, Jeremy Paxman talks to Christopher Hitchens about his cancer diagnosis, his life, his politics and his writing.
S00E03 Revolution 2011 00/00/0000 As the world watches the extraordinary outbreak of unrest and protest in the Middle East and North Africa, Newsnight broadcasts a special live programme asking what it means for the region, the West and the world. The team of reporters look at common strands and differences in the protests, who the protesters are, what forms of government are likely to emerge as a result and to what extent Western relations with those governments will have to be recalibrated. Plus a discussion of recent events and what lies ahead with government players, activists and thinkers alike. Presented by Gavin Estler
S00E04 On the Frontline: Life with the Green Howards 00/00/0000 Britain's war in Afghanistan has cost more than 300 soldiers' lives and billions of pounds, and left thousands wounded. The effects on those who serve are profound, just as they are for the loved ones who wait at home. This programme follows A Company, 2nd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment for a year - before, during, and after their tour in Sangin, probably the most dangerous place in Afghanistan. The result is a searing and intimate portrait of a British community at war in Afghanistan and on the home front.
S00E05 Death of Osama Bin Laden 00/00/0000 A Newsnight special with response to the death of Osama Bin Laden, broadcast on the BBC News Channel
S00E06 Verdict on 7/7 00/00/0000 We start at 7.30pm with Jeremy presenting a special programme on the verdict of the 7/7 London bombings inquest. Richard Watson will be presenting the main findings of the inquiry for us, which has formally ruled that the 52 people who died in the suicide attacks were unlawfully killed. All throughout this week we've been hearing accounts from survivors and relatives of each of the attacks that took place that day in the capital and tonight we have the final film in that remarkable series, plus we'll be joined in the studio by some of the people who contributed to those films to discuss if the inquiry is going to provide some closure for them.
S00E07 Choosing to Die: Newsnight Debate 00/00/0000 Following the BBC Two documentary at 9pm tonight entitled Terry Pratchett: Choosing To Die, Newsnight have an interview with Mr Pratchett and Jeremy Paxman chairs a debate about the controversial issues surrounding assisted dying. Our guests in the studio will be David Aaronovitch, Dr Erika Preisig, Debbie Purdy, Dinah Rose QC, Liz Carr and The Rt Revd Michael Langrish Bishop of Exeter. Aired 2011-06-13
S00E08 Iraq: 10 Years On 00/00/0000 Kirsty Wark presents a special programme with a studio audience, looking at how Iraq and the world changed following the war ten years ago.
S00E09 The Great European Disaster Movie: Newsnight Debate 01/03/2015 Robert Peston presents a discussion in which a panel of guests debate the issues raised by Annalisa Piras and Bill Emmott's authored Storyville documentary on the problems facing the European Union.
S00E10 Brexit Britain, One Month In 23/07/2016
S00E11 Trump's America: A Newsnight Special 11/11/2016 With reporting from across the United States, Newsnight explores the ramifications of the election of Donald Trump as president. Presented by Emily Maitlis.