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With her winning mix of passion, enthusiasm and greed, Nigella Lawson is in the kitchen cooking food for modern living that you can and will want to make all the time, whatever the situation. There are easy, everyday, fast and fabulous recipes to beat the clock and celebrate the end of the working day; then more leisurely recipes to unwind with over relaxing weekends. As well as creating dazzling dishes for greedy days, Nigella offers up inspiring and inventive ways to make leftovers delicious. Nigella Kitchen is about cooking at home with simple, accessible ingredients, making every day special and special days easy. It's about what to eat right now and answers the kitchen questions everyone wants answered. Real food for real people for real life; when it comes to home cooking, Nigella is the real thing.


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S01E01 You Know It Makes Sense 30/09/2010 Nigella cooks sumptuous roast seafood for famished friends after work; a steaming bowl of pasta with salami for ravenous kids; her soothing 'mother's praised chicken'; a decadent chocolate peanut butter cheesecake for the hungry hoards; and a restorative Thai chicken noodle soup.
S01E02 Hurry Up, I'm Hungry! 07/10/2010 Faced with that familiar cry of 'Hurry up, I'm hungry!', Nigella has an armoury of short cut recipes to ensure there is no waiting around. Super-fast roast lamb with rosemary and port, rapid roastini and show-stopping, instant orange and blackberry trifle are perfect for a fast, fabulous after-work dinner with friends. For the teenage hordes demanding dinner at the double, there is crustless pizza - an effortless crowd-pleaser, guaranteed to keep everyone happy. For lunch in a flash there is Nigella's favourite - fail-safe, succulent Japanese prawns, cooked up and devoured in mere moments. You can even party against the clock with Nigella's no-stress, make-it-yourself chicken fajitas feast, washed down with luscious largaritas. Cooking, eating and entertaining in a time crunch will never be a problem again.
S01E03 Inspiration Everywhere 14/10/2010 Nigella Lawson conjures up more dazzling dishes from the heart of the home, finding inspiration anywhere and everywhere with delicious results. Recipes include the fabulously kitsch grasshopper pie, spatchcocked poussins with baby leaf salad and sourdough croutons, spaghetti with Marmite, and almost instant Korean calamari, a delectable dinner dreamt up while indulging in another favourite pastime – shopping.
S01E04 Rags to Riches 21/10/2010 Truly heavenly meals don’t have to start life with painfully expensive ingredients. Nigella’s got a whole host of sublime recipes up her sleeve that hail from far more modest beginnings. Like South Indian vegetable curry – made from the wilting contents of a Monday morning fridge raid, decadent chocolate chip bread pudding from stale bread, and beer-braised pork knuckles with caraway, garlic, apples and potatoes.
S01E05 Suppertime and the Cooking Is Easy 28/10/2010 Whether you’re cooking for family, friends or just yourself, suppertime needs to be easy. If you’re home alone and deserving a treat, simple spaghetti is the answer. If you have people coming over and are pressed for time – Spanish chicken with chorizo and potatoes is the work of moments, the leftovers turned into dreamy breakfast quesadillas. There’s also no-fuss fruit tart, and lemony salmon with cherry tomato couscous.
S01E06 Don't Knock It Till You've Tried It 04/11/2010 Whether you're cooking for family, friends or just yourself, suppertime needs to be easy. No time to bake is no problem with Nigella's Irish oaten roll: fast and easy to make, they are instant comfort and instant gratification. Salty and sweet may not sound like a match made in heaven, but Nigella's Sweet And Salty Crunch Nut Bars are totally irresistible. Plus take a leap of faith with her inky Black Squink Risotto, as dramatically spectacular with its black rice and sauteed squid topping as it is simple to make. There's also an unusual slow-cooked melt in the mouth Asian Braised Shin of Beef topped with a crisp hot and sour shredded salad.
S01E07 Kitchen Comforts 11/11/2010 Nigella Lawson focuses on comfort food as she demonstrates more quick and easy meals, featuring sauteed scallops with Thai scented pea puree and pasta alla Genovese made with spaghetti, potatoes and basil pesto. She also cooks a Sunday lunch of meat loaf with hard-boiled eggs and baked potatoes with a blue cheese dressing, before preparing a strawberry and almond crumble with cream
S01E08 Kitchen Tourist 18/11/2010 Nigella cooks Asian, Italian and Spanish dishes including chicken teriyaki and churros.
S01E09 Can't Live Without 25/11/2010 Nigella shares the secrets of food and flavours she just can't live without. Lemon plays the starring role in a deliciously moist lemon polenta cake, the perfect teatime treat or dinner party dessert. Fresh pink garlic takes centre stage in a simple take on a French classic, chicken with 40 cloves of garlic - in true Nigella style it's one hundred per cent one-pot wonder. There's chocolate, of course, in moist gooey brownies that are effortless, easy and use everyday ingredients. If you ever need cakes in a hurry these brownies are the answer. Chili is Nigella's final food hero - perfect in a fiery chorizo and chick pea stew you can rustle up from the pantry in no time at all.
S01E10 Easy Does It 02/12/2010 Nigella uses every trick in the book to make food that's delicious and as effortless as possible. Nigella shows a speedy take on a French classic, tarragon chicken with steamed green beans, that's the work of moments and makes a perfect after work supper. She's taking the easy street to baking with an almost instant cream tea - 20 minute buttermilk scones served with clotted cream and golden syrup. Plus finally she's whipping up a fusion fiesta with Mexican lasagne and a cool green avocado salsa and no churn pina colada ice cream for dessert that makes light work of cooking dinner for a crowd. .
S01E11 I Did It My Way 09/12/2010 Nigella is putting her very own stamp on some seriously fabulous and favourite recipes. First up, a luscious Italian dessert, tiramisu made even more incredible with hazelnut liqueur. Then it's her home-style version of Jamaica's classic jerk chicken with coconutty rice and peas. And she is shaking up an all-time favourite salad, turning the left-over jerk chicken into a quick chick Caesar. Then toad in the hole gets a face-lift for a cosy and cocooning Sunday night supper. This is the food Nigella loves, and she did it her way.
S01E12 Devilishly Good 16/12/2010 It's time for some seriously delicious eating and in Nigella's kitchen every mouthful is devilishly good. First up is her fabulous, fiery, red jumbo chilli sauce with tortilla chips, washed down with a cool and classic Americano cocktail. If it's ease you need, she's got the answer - it's greed-gratifying roast duck and potatoes with a simple salad. For a leisurely breakfast, cinnamon plums and French toast are worth waking up for. And straight from her chocolate hall of fame, gleaming frosted devils food cake - forget the name, this is heavenly.
S01E13 Safety in Numbers 22/12/2010 It is Christmas and Nigella is having a fabulous easy drinks party. On the menu there are meltingly tender turkey meatballs in tomato sauce and a must-have party recipe, wholegrain mustard and ginger cocktail sausages served in a scooped-out loaf. For something a little different, there is gorgeous grilled halloumi in radicchio leaves with a zingy beetroot and lime sauce. Then as festive a dessert as you could imagine, squares of black beer gingerbread with snow-white icing sugar. And for a final flourish, a simple, seasonal cocktail, Filthy Fizz. There is more, she has got the lowdown on store-bought nibbles and she is sharing the secret to her party countdown plans. This is the season to be merry and Nigella has it all wrapped up.

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