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Hosts Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young continue the hijinks and laughs previously seen on BB Live Show and NSFW Show on their own production, Night Attack.


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S01E01 Surprise 04/03/2014 Compliment Bomb and 12-Sided Drudge
S01E02 Dat Jesus Picture 11/03/2014 Veronica Belmont's Hand Fell Off, The Diamond Club Party, Patreon History Lesson, Pr0blem Zolverz, How Brian and Justin Met Alex Jones
S01E03 It's In Your Constitution 18/03/2014 LA Earthquake Video, Bri Bri and Jurbs Talk About Reddit, Creepy British Man, Patreon History, Get Set Go, Blazer Tag: Preferred Lazer Tag Arena of Brian Brushwood and Alex Jones, In Heaven There Is No Beer
S01E04 2014 Movie Draft 25/03/2014 2014 Summer Movie Draft
S01E05 Jiggle Dem Bits 01/04/2014 UGH, Veronica FINALLY decided to show up, How Veronica Broke Her Wrist, MC Allergy's Debut, Scam Stuff Double Your Price Sale
S01E06 I Think You Have the Wrong Number 08/04/2014 MC Allergy Videos, Problem Solvers, #FoodAllergy, Hip-Hop Henry Kissinger Radio, New Belt Rules
S01E07 I'm A Doctor Bro 15/04/2014 Ol' Hopalong Brushwood, "I'm a doctor bro!", Alex Jones: Video Game Reviewer, Kevin Rose: Parasite, Startup Spelling Bee with Brian vs. Bonnie
S01E08 Haunted Toaster 22/04/2014 Turquoise Jeep Freestyle Challenge, Scheduling Update, Should Brian Move to LA?, Ruinum is DEAD, Knock Off Choose Your Own Adventure, Trial By JuRY (And Casey and Brian)
S01E09 Group Therapy 25/04/2014 Double Toasted, Shootin' the Shit, Why Are Daddy and Daddy Fighting?, Hip Hop Speech Mixtapes
S01E10 Don Juan de la Trash 06/05/2014 Anthony Caruso III, So About Last Episode..., Jury's Mexican Yoga Retreat, Jason Howell, He's Our Man!, FSL Tonight Kickstarter, Family Story Time
S01E11 Man on Man Trans Am 13/05/2014 Immediate Picnic, What the Hell is Brian Talking About?, Ze Frank, Problem Solvers, Personal Recommendation, Spurious Correlations, Live Movie Draft Minute, Diamond Club Subreddit
S01E12 Norton Spells A Klooff 20/05/2014 Interviews Are Banned, Strange News, Startup Spelling Bee Round 1, Apologizes For..., Night Attack Stickers
S01E13 BILLY BILLS 27/05/2014 Colleen Makes Our Dreams Come True, Apparently PICNIC! is a Thing, Bill Murray Crashes Bachelor Party, Gives Awesome Speech, Don't Get Brody'd, Who Just Sent Justin Hand-Drawn Jennifer Aniston Porn?, he Comedy Education of Brian's 10-Year-Old
S01E14 Brown Hate 03/06/2014 Diamond Club Reddit, The Elephant in the Room, Brian is Going on Vacation, SNAP IT UP!
S01E15 Join the Conversation 13/06/2014 Night Attack Neon Signs, Hawaiians Have a GREAT Publicist, Storm Watch: Austin, Brian Taught Patrick Rothfuss and Paul and Storm to Eat Fire, Sports!, Instant Covers, Frat Party Friday!, GetSetGo Patreon
S01E16 Vowel Movement 17/06/2014 Anal Wetness, There's Some Cool Shit That They Can't Talk About, Woah Married Shannon! Bambalam!, Brian Fucked Up in His Latest Stage Show, Callers, Startup Spelling Bee Round 2, Controversial Sponsor Reads, Everyone Has Problems, Bullshitting With Ali
S01E17 Gushing Warmth 24/06/2014 What's Old is New Again, Justin Got Straight Col' Busted, t2t2's Audio-Visual Hallucination, Secrets or BS, [X] Cancelled… Oh Wait… Nvm
S01E18 Unity Swag? 29/06/2014 Ed Water, Vacation Plans, Troll-bama, MikeTV is Becoming a Texan, Diamond Club Go Game, Unity Beer Ceremony, MikeTV's Instant Covers
S01E19 Live From Nerdtacular 2014! 04/07/2014 Brian Moved to LA, A Self-Made Commercial Pilot Turned YouTuber Threw His Baby, Homeless Dudes, RIGHT?, The Merritt Sessions, The Fucking Frogpants All-Stars Game, Don't Get Brody'd
S01E20 Cocaine Beard 13/07/2014 Brian Is Officially On Vacation, Startup Spelling Bee Round 3, OhDoctah Returns!, Diamond Club Reddit
S01E21 The Watchening 20/07/2014 Chit Chat, I Said WHAT?!, Takin' Calls
S01E22 Actually Really Good 24/07/2014 Justin and Brett's Tour of Central Florida, Mission Pic, Startup Spelling Bee Round 4
S01E23 Code Yellow, Over 03/08/2014 Power Outage, Vacation Update, Ask An Asshole, Alright Seriously, Lets Talk About Peeing On People, Guardians of the Galaxy
S01E24 Goatse Doodle 10/08/2014 Preshow Tech Madness, #FT9K, #FT9K Part 2: Turquoise Jeep Rises, Blitz Quiz
S01E25 Bonnie Count 16/08/2014 Jizz-Time with Jurbs and Bri, Mission: Pic, Dragon Con 2014 Shirts, SpaceX Tour, New Character Corner
S01E26 Almost Everything is Awesome 24/08/2014 Feral Cat Wonderland, Alright Fuck It, Let's Get Into It, Name that Autocomplete, Mr. Wizard's a Dick, FUCK! #FT9K is Down!
S01E27 Live From Dragon Con 2014 30/08/2014 Turquoise Jeep, Pandora Stories, DOWN IN FRONT!, McAllergy, Don't Get Brody'd, DragonCon Cosplay Thunderdome, Brian Was A Pouty Whiny Person Last week, Veronica's Ice Bucket Challenge
S01E28 Take 2 07/09/2014 Live From Jurymore Studios, Why Does Anybody Ever Take Brian Seriously?, Uber for..., Ev Lloyd's Kid, Taylor Karras Got A Sunburn, Previously on Night Attack, Dragon Con Wrap Up and More Vacation Talk, Must-See Tuesdays, Krunchy Calls In, Brian and Jason Vs. Juvenile Diabetes
S01E29 Bobama Scancypants 16/09/2014 Chit Chat, The Tech Guise, Music Video Breakdown, BoBama Reviews Movie Sequels, Repairing Jackie Hern's Family
S01E30 I Love You George, Amen 24/09/2014 The New iPhones, Brian Fucked Up Bonnie's iPhone, Andrew Mayne's Book Has Been Released, League of Untrustworthy Gentlemen, Startup Spelling Bee, Mr. and Mrs. Hern's Adulterous Love Letters, Shut Up And Like It!
S01E31 Throw Down for What 30/09/2014 TWiT Stuff, Power Hour App, Power Hour Interview, Ali's Got the Hookup
S01E32 We Comin' for You Twitta 08/10/2014 Let's Get Serious, The Statement to End All Statements, MikeTV Covers the Internet, MikeTV's Patreon, Brian's Encounter with the Law, Jackie Hern's Parents' Love Letters: Part 3, James Thurgood is Looking For A City
S01E33 Blank Shots Fired 14/10/2014 Night Attack 3 Recording is Underway, Compliment Bomb, Brian Is Getting A Vasectomy, The Purge: NSFW
S01E34 We Make Cake the Old Fashioned Way 21/10/2014 This week, Brian and Justin unveil their plans for Night Attack 3: Too Old to Talk, JuRy went to an Outkast Concert and Andrew Zarian stops by to play Secrets or BS.
S01E35 Let it Go 28/10/2014 Hey, Brian's getting a vasectomy! Comedy gold! Anthony Carboni's here! Hooray! Marvel unveiled their movie plans for the next 5 years! Awesome, I can't wait to see those movies! Also OMG Chad got fired from TWiT, Brian really wants to talk shit about TWiT but doesn't, then he drops a bomb in the aftershow and immediately cuts the stream.
S01E36 Alley Soup 04/11/2014 Sarah Lane is back to solve your problems! During this drama-free episode of Night Attack, Brian and Justin discuss politics, marriage, and balls.
S01E37 Pick Your Poison 11/11/2014 Brian's home is invaded by a sparrow, they play the world's meanest pub quiz and they put into motion their next crowd-sourced, non-sense ebook.
S01E38 Clench-A-Butt 18/11/2014 R. L. Stine joins the show to take a look at the similarities between his writings and Taylor Swift lyrics, Brian and Justin play an Chatrealm-created Choose Your Own Adventure, Brian is offered an AIDS cat and progress is made on the Diamond Club self-help book.
S01E39 Pig Bladders' Eve 25/11/2014 We learn the history of Thanksgiving, choose a Night Attack 3 album cover, make progress on the self-help book and Brian and Justin read an awesome Abe Lincoln movie script.
S01E40 Rub Yolk on My Face and Cry About My Dad 02/12/2014 The Night Attack 3 album has been finalized, we give you tips on how to get your food prepared the way you want it, Brian and Justin get really filthy during the Mailroute Ad and the Chatrealm gets started in earnest on the self-help book.

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