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The series takes viewers on a behind the scenes ride of a lifetime as the crazy Nitro Circus crew do everything from camel racing and sheep shearing in the Australian outback, to jumping en masse out of an airplane riding bikes, trikes, snow skis and bodyboards... through to tow-surfing and jetboat racing. Along the way, the crew meets some interesting and truly inspirational people, including Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, the first wheelchair athlete to backflip his chair off the 60 foot high Gigant-A-Ramp. Plus X Games Gold medalist Cam Sinclair, who almost died performing the most dangerous trick in action sports, the double backflip, then trying it again for the first time on the Nitro tour. Get ready to be inspired, to be shocked and to laugh til it hurts.


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S01E01 Creating The Tour ... How'd We Do This? 27/03/2012 The first episode of 'Nitro Circus Live' lays the foundation for the craziness of the tour and who the characters are who lead the way. The cast and crew find themselves in Southern California, testing ramps and contraptions for the live show. After the testing goes less than spectacular, the cast heads to Australia to prepare for the first show of the tour. The insanity continues as they approach the show underprepared and over enthusiastic!
S01E02 The Tour Begins ... And Almost Ends 27/03/2012 After all the preparation the show is finally here. The first half is great but far too long and the cast is taking a beating, but will they be able to pull it together? We see what the cast gets up to after the shows with everything from racing V8 cars to playing rugby with an NRL team! As they are getting ready for the Sydney performance a crash ensues during warm ups that jeopardises the whole show.
S01E03 Crazy Fans And Fast Camels 03/04/2012 The Sydney Show goes off great in front of their biggest crowd, but it takes it toll on the cast. With bodies laying everywhere, one of the cast tries a trick the has never been landed. They pick up the pieces and head across the country to Perth to perform for the craziest fans the world and have a little fun on the way in the dunes of Western Australia. Travis also is hell bent on landing a trick he has been trying for eight years but has never figured out.
S01E04 Bilko Goes Down, Wheelz Stands Up 17/04/2012 The cast take a break from performing to head to the outback for the first ever Nitro Camel Cup. They make their way to Adelaide for the fourth stop of the tour where two of the main performers suffer tour threatening injuries before and during the show. The crowd is a little dull until the unlikeliest of heros emerges and saves the show.
S01E05 Travis Said He Would Never Do This Again! 24/04/2012 BMX legend Chad Kagy wants to try a stunt no one thought would be possible, and Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham shows the crew what true determination is as he tries the one trick that has eluded him the whole tour. Ring leader Travis Pastrana battles with the promoters because he wants to attempt the most dangerous trick in action sports he made famous four years ago
S01E06 New Zealand: Biggest Crowds, Best Boats, Worst Crashes 01/05/2012 The cast arrives in New Zealand for the first to time and quickly realise how much fun this tour is going to be.
S01E07 The Nitro Crew Learn The Haka ... And Offend 4 Million New Zealanders 08/05/2012 The Nitro Circus hits the road driving around New Zealand's North Island seeing the sights including a private beach and some good old fashioned jumping out of the planes.
S01E08 Riding The Rapids & Trashing The Course 15/05/2012 In the final episode of the first season of 'Nitro Circus Live,' we found out two things that absolutely do not mix ... the Nitro Circus cast, and a nice golf course.
S02E01 Stockholm: We Finally Made It 11/04/2013 Four riders end up in the hospital; the crew kicks off the European tour in Sweden.
S02E02 Sweden & Hamburg - Chilling Out 16/04/2013 After such a hectic start to the tour, the cast take a few days off to indulge in all things arctic. From a bar and hotel made out of ice, to racing reindeer and dog sleds, to the first annual Nitro Circus Ice Sculpting Competition the crew take some time to "Chill Out" in Sweden. The relaxation ends quickly though when the tour picks back up as they hit the hardest stretch of the tour, Germany. 3 shows in 3 nights. The looming questions are how will the cast recover from so many injuries and what will the first ever Nitro show not in English be like. Its either going to be an Epic Pass or Epic Fail.
S02E03 Berlin & Dusseldorf - The German Sprint 23/04/2013 With the first leg of the German run done, the cast head from Hamburg to Berlin to Dusseldorf in a 3 day span. Inspired by the Berlin Wall, the cast visits Mellow Park to do some graffiti of their own. We see a little of how the set gets around, the boss of the tour tries to become an athlete, and meet some of the most interesting characters on tour. After 3 crazy days of travel, 3 sold out and unbelievable shows, Travis treats the cast to a typical German meal that goes horribly wrong.
S02E04 Vienna: Red Bull Wings and Things 30/04/2013 The crew heads to Austria, broken, but not beaten.
S02E05 Just a Couple of Tourists 07/05/2013 Sightseeing in Prague; go karts; the crew has a sold-out show in Belgium.
S02E06 The Big One 14/05/2013 Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Crew head to Holland to perform in front of a large crowd; an eating competition leaves one contestant bleeding.
S02E07 London Calling 21/05/2013 A tension-filled show in London puts the future of the tour at stake; another injury occurs.
S02E08 The End of the Road 28/05/2013 The crew wraps up the European tour with two shows in England; a performer suffers a serious injury.
S03E01 Epic Fails 26/11/2013 From the thrills, spills and downright horrible decisions, Travis Pastrana and the 'Nitro Circus Live' crew countdown the top 10 epic fails.
S03E02 Epic Wins 26/11/2013 From the amazing adventures, to incredible memories, Travis Pastrana and the 'Nitro Circus Live' crew countdown the top 10 epic wins.
S03E03 Hong Kong 03/12/2013 The Nitro crew tries their hand in some of China's favorite past times like Dragon Boat Racing, Kung Fu and handling king cobras before heading over to Macau.
S03E04 Macau 03/12/2013 When the Crew members finally arrive at the island of Macau, they find themselves in the World's largest hotel and surrounded by plenty of distractions! And many of these distractions were perfect for conquering the fears of some Nitro members.......
S03E05 New Zealand 10/12/2013 The Crew head back to one of their favorite places on earth to for a few shows in the true home of adventure sports. It should have been a smooth re-visit to the epic island, but all goes awry when FMX star, Bilko, steals a production van to go down hill luging and nearly kills one of the crew. Things only get worse when they visit a backwoods homemade waterslide and one of the crew breaks his arm. But the show must go on.they tackle the adversity and then the cast get to take a surprise trip to Indonesia.
S03E06 Pastranaland 17/12/2013 Travis decides against the advice of basically everyone he knows and hosts the craziest event he could think of, in the middle of the world tour. Welcome to Pastranaland, with ramps bigger than anything ever built and a guest list as nonsensical as the event itself. From the best athletes in action sports to Vanilla Ice to members of the US Olympic team to the band Hot Tub Limo, the week is a highlight reel of world firsts, cartoonish jumps, and near death stunts.
S03E07 Moscow 07/01/2014 The Nitro Circus Live Crew travel to Russia for the first time and when they arrive at the steps of the Kremlin they are overwhelmed with events and activities that are right in their wheelhouse. From Russian Military special forces training to learning drive a motorcycle with a bear riding with you, to meeting and working with the world's most renowned Yetti Scientist. Also the cast is put to the test when they are told they have to do something the production team promised them would never happen again.
S03E08 St. Petersburg 07/01/2014 The Nitro crew heads over to St. Petersburg, Russia, where they'll trade clothing with the locals and perform in front of a sold out crowd.
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