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Every day the girls face life, death and lunacy on the wards of St. Margaret's; every night they let off steam, with a dangerous appetite for uncomplicated sex and unruly misbehaviour.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de No Angels

S01E01 Episode 1 02/03/2004 Anji may be set on an arranged marriage, and sex-kitten Beth has yet to meet the rich consultant of her dreams, but that doesn't stop them hunting down any other man they fancy in the meantime. Sharp-tongued and funny single mum Lia is a great nurse but a lousy mother, and lovely Kate, the acting sister on the male-dominated Medical Assessment Unit, would cope better with the sexual politics if she remembered that doctors are the enemy, instead of falling for them... In this episode, Kate's out-of-character one night stand with handsome doctor Jamie has terrible consequences on the ward, while minxy Beth teaches young Callum that doctor doesn't always know best.
S01E02 Episode 2 09/03/2004 Anji is worried that her numerous sexual encounters, most recently with an eccentric psychiatrist, could jeopardise her (future) arranged marriage. Lia clashes with irresponsible nurse Carl, who seems more interested in kissing doctors' arses than wiping those of patients... Elsewhere, McManus and Grizzly beg Kate to return, and a water feature that is donated to the ward resembles a water fountain a little too much...
S01E03 Episode 3 16/03/2004 Work and motherhood clash for Lia when her daughter Emma's father announces that he plans to move away and take Emma with him. Lia finds it easier to play supernurse than supermum... Back at St Margaret's, Anji solves a medical mystery and Beth plays a mischievous game with an ambulance chaser. Kate returns to the ward following her anger management course, and the girls are highly amused to discover that Beth fakes her orgasms... to the tune of Celine Dion.
S01E04 Episode 4 23/03/2004 Beth finally finds herself a wealthy man, complete with good job, platinum credit card and sports car. He doesn't even bore her to tears, but a troublesome patient stops her in her tracks. Callum and Anji bridge the doctor-nurse divide, striking up an improbable friendship. And, sick of playing mum in the house, Kate ignores the housework and goes on a shopping spree...
S01E05 Episode 5 30/03/2004 Anji tries to help the new registrar Jane, but finds her less than grateful. The girls plan their revenge... Kate is seeing Ray, a morgue attendant with a deeply morbid sense of humour. Beth is set to become a media darling after making an inadvertent diagnosis, and Callum makes a revelation...
S01E06 Episode 6 06/04/2004 Beth discovers that her boyfriend Paul is the new boss at the hospital, but isn't so happy when he gives her and the doctors an unexpected shake-up. Callum is floundering among his testosterone-fuelled colleagues and makes a deadly mistake. Meanwhile, Kate is horrified when Beth makes a play for Jamie, and goes to extreme measures in an effort to dump Ray. And in a bid to become Leeds' answer to Carrie Bradshaw, Anji decides to write an article about her sex life. Her attempt at a threesome is a terrible let-down, but she can still use her imagination...
S01E07 Episode 7 13/04/2004 Kate's hard partying gets her into trouble as she attempts to lose her good girl image, but unconventional Dutch doctor Willem is not the answer. Beth becomes a little overzealous when given responsibility for discharging patients; coked-up Jamie's big mouth gets the hospital in trouble with a drugs rep; and, after an explosive fight with Kate, Beth plans her new life with Paul, in spite of a misunderstanding...
S01E08 Episode 8 20/04/2004 Anji is shocked when her fiancé Ajesh won't have sex with her. She suspects he's gay, and he has a confession to make... Beth is no help, so Anji turns to Callum for support. Kate is confused about her relationship with Jamie. When she remembers his one night stand with Beth, her paranoia is overwhelming. And all the girls find themselves questioning their 'live-for-the-moment' lifestyle when they attend a meeting about nurses' finances...
S01E09 Episode 9 27/04/2004 After four years without sex, Lia agrees to date a patient's son and lets her ice-maiden exterior slip - but is it her? Jamie is shocked to learn that Kate went to boarding school, while Paul makes a shocking confession to Beth - but is she too hooked on him to care? Lia's concerned by her daughter's relationship with a 13-year-old 'gangsta', and Anji gets into trouble for mocking the latest patient care directive...
S01E10 Episode 10 04/05/2004 The girls are horrified to hear that endlessly irritating Clare is up for the new ward sister job, but a training day provides them with an opportunity to fight back... The hospital bosses force Paul to choose between his wife and Beth, and unexpected complications ensue when Anji coaches Callum for a date...
S02E01 Episode 1 15/03/2005 Beth is up to her usual tricks once again, as she has set her sights on 'Trust-Fund Joe', the son of a particularly wealthy patient, who she thinks will be her ticket to a holiday in the sun. However, this romance is short lived when Sean, a friend from Beth's past, reappears asking her to steal drugs for him. Unfortunately for Beth, Jamie spots her stealing the diazepam and threatens to report her. It's up to Lia to save her bacon with a spot of blackmail. Anji is completely in love with Callum, even though he's still going out with Daisy. He confesses to Anji he is in love with both girls, which doesn't impress Anji one bit. By the time Callum realises that it's Anji he wants it's too late; he walks in on her shagging Dr. Vincent in the linen cupboard. Nightmare Ward Sister Clare is annoying everyone by sucking up to the doctors, so Kate draws the short straw and is nominated to tell her how the nurses are feeling. Unfortunately, Clare breaks down when she hears Kate's criticisms and once Kate shows some sympathy she unwillingly becomes Clare's new best friend.
S02E02 Episode 2 22/03/2005 It's Easter and for Lia the pressures of work are mounting up. When the nurses are encouraged to pen a story for the ward's creative writing initiative, Lia lets rip. She writes a moving yet harrowing description of her depression after giving birth to daughter Emma, which impresses the course leader so much she enters it into a competition. Lia decides to resign from the job she hates so much to pursue her writing but Emma is furious at the news; she knows Lia's going to go off and leave her again and ends up reading her mother's story. She is devastated. Meanwhile, Beth has a patient who has crucified himself and constantly refers to her as Mary. She soon realises that he's in ecstasy each time she tends to his nail wounds and is horrified to learn he is not thinking of the Virgin mother but fantasising about her as Mary Magdalene.
S02E03 Episode 3 29/03/2005 Anji has decided it's time she stopped sleeping around and looked for Mr Right. As part of her plan, she persuades the girls to go speed-dating with her. The night comes up trumps when Anji meets Alex and Beth meets Nigel. However, four days after, Anji is yet to hear from Alex and finds comfort in the arms of the hospital porters. Beth, on the other hand, is the one doing the dumping when she discovers that Nigel has a daughter. Meanwhile, there's an outbreak of MRSA and Dr McManus is on the rampage. As usual, he blames the nurses and Kate is appointed infection control nurse. Lia decides it's time to end the enmity between doctors and nurses by helping Jamie out of a fix, but when neither of them can bring themselves to trust the other, it all begins to fall apart.
S02E04 Episode 4 05/04/2005 Kate breaks the nurses' golden taboo and starts dating a patient, Robert. As Robert becomes increasingly ill, Kate finds she's compromising herself both as a nurse and a girlfriend and comes to the conclusion that she doesn't much like sick people. Beth is increasingly irked by Jamie's unctuous social climbing in his attempt to become registrar, and determines to bring him down a peg or two. Lia has to look after her daughter Emma's school rabbit as a symbol of her responsibilities as a parent, while Anji volunteers to help a PHD psychology student who becomes convinced she's on the verge of a mental breakdown.
S02E05 Episode 5 12/04/2005 The Trust are looking for 'the face of Yorkshire' nurses to star in posters and documentary-style adverts for their new recruitment campaign. Although Beth's cynical, the other girls are excited and think Kate would be perfect for the job. However, Beth is not quite so cynical when she finds out that she is 'the face'. Student nurse, Simone, confides to Beth that she's got a crush on a doctor. Beth jokingly tells Simone if she wants him to notice her she should be really forward with him so that's exactly what she does... Jamie's obvious glee at having scored with a 16-year-old is too much for Beth and she decks him in front of the ad campaign's cameras. Jamie's furious at being hit by yet another nurse and as the girls and the doctors try to pull them apart the whole ward descends into chaos.
S02E06 Episode 6 19/04/2005 Jamie's quest to become registrar has lead him to desperate measures. It's the annual hospital ball and, to impress the powers that be, Jamie asks Lia if she'll pretend to be his fiancée. At the ball, senior consultant Mr Asquith is clearly very impressed with Jamie's choice of bride. However, when Lia takes a fag break at the bar, she pulls Marcus, a medical sales rep. As they share a post-coital fag, Marcus asks if he can see her again but Lia is not to sure... Kate finds herself rushed in to A&E and is horrified to find herself a patient in her own ward, and Anji and the girls are
S02E07 Episode 7 26/04/2005 Anji's cousin Sujata has called up in a crisis. She's had a huge row with her parents and needs somewhere to stay. Meanwhile, Kate's been accepted onto a Medical Nurse Practitioner course, which will give her advanced skills on the ward. When Jamie asks Lia to accompany him to another function as his fiancée, Lia's daughter, Emma, is quick to organise Marcus as her babysitter. Elsewhere, Beth has a dinner date with new registrar Dr Tim, but she's convinced he's a nutter when he starts behaving very strangely.
S02E08 Episode 8 03/05/2005 Jamie has finally been made registrar and Kate gets tipsy on the celebratory cheap champagne. At the water cooler, she meets Dr Templar, makes a fool of herself and ends up agreeing to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. A new agency nurse, Justyn, has already got on Beth's nerves because she thinks he's trying to pull her. After biting his head off, Beth eventually agrees to go for a drink with him, when the girls break the news that he's actually gay. Meanwhile, Callum is convinced that a dishevelled looking man is stalking Anji and persuades her to tell him he mustn't come to the ward anymore. And Lia realises she's not in love with Marcus, even though he is quite clearly besotted with her.
S03E01 Episode 1 28/02/2006 Kate has started a new Nurse Practitioner course and is full of fresh ideas for the ward. So when a suspected case of anthrax walks through the door she takes charge and puts her staff in quarantine. Beth is still convinced nurse Justyn tricked her about his sexuality just to get her into bed. So in true Beth fashion she plans revenge and plays a trick of her own. Anji turns up to work an hour and a half late after a champagne breakfast, a patient susses that she has been drinking and Kate has no choice but to take disciplinary action against her friend. Then, to the surprise and horror of her three friends, Anji quits her job.
S03E02 Episode 2 28/02/2006 After quitting her job at the hospital, Anji has taken the plunge and decided to go travelling around India. Beth is anxious about what life will be like without her: she secretly worries that Anji is the only reason that Lia and Kate are friends with her. And then she catches the two of them having an impromptu drink in the pub without her... Back on the ward, Dr Callum is jealous of nurse Justyn's popularity with the patients. When he discovers this is down to Justyn's 'professional campness', he persuades Justyn to teach him the basics.
S03E03 Episode 3 07/03/2006 A new addition to the ward, registrar and ex-army doctor Peter Compton, gets a welcome he won't forget when all the guests at a wedding reception turn up at MAU with a nasty case of food poisoning. Dr McManus's reputation as a basket case and his increasingly strange behaviour worry Peter. Kate defends McManus and sets about trying to work out what's the cause of his erratic outbursts. In an attempt to build bridges with Peter, Kate finds herself on an unconventional Friday night "business meeting", but is his interest in her on more than just a professional level? Lia is dismayed to discover that Jamie has been offered a job in Australia. Can he muster the courage to accept the job? Will she agree to go with him? Could she bear to leave her daughter behind? Callum volunteers to take part in overnight clinical trials for a mystery drug. When Beth finds out how much money he is making, she and Justyn decide to join him. But they can't understand why they are suffering adverse symptoms while Callum is smugly acting as normal...
S03E04 Episode 4 14/03/2006 With her 30th birthday fast approaching, Kate worries that her age is starting to show in the most unusual of places. She is happy about her budding relationship with new registrar Dr Peter Compton, despite the ridicule she gets from Beth and Lia when they realise she and Peter haven't had sex yet. The nurses at St Margaret's are feeling increasingly under threat from violent patents. Unimpressed with the new, prepubescent security guards, Peter uses his army training to give self-defence lessons to the rest of the staff. Kate's mother, Valerie, surprises Kate with a special birthday visit. Unfortunately, Valerie is more interested in joining Lia and Beth on a boozy night out than spending quality time with her daughter. But Lia and Beth have a surprise - or two - in store for Kate.
S03E05 Episode 5 28/03/2006 Anji is home, is pregnant and has picked up a newfound spirituality on her travels so seems entirely unconcerned about the practicalities of having a baby on her own. Reality bites when she applies for her old job as an HCA. After trying to offer the baby to her sister, Anji comes up with a plan to find her best 'conquest' and tell him he's the dad. Meanwhile, single parent Lia is asked by her daughter Emma to go to a craft evening with her. When the group leader points out that Lia and Emma have 'communication issues' Lia decides to take action. Beth takes offence when Steph, the insecure girlfriend of a good-looking male patient, Patrick, has a go at her for flirting. Beth decides to teach her a lesson and while tending to Patrick's wound, deliberately glues herself to him. Stuck together for 24 hours, Beth uses the opportunity to wreak more havoc for jealous Steph. She tells Patrick there is nothing a woman likes more than total honesty, even when it comes to secret male fantasies. Little did she know that in this instance, honesty really is the best policy.
S03E06 Episode 6 04/04/2006 Anji is planning a camping trip with Rob - a plumber at the hospital - until Judith warns her of the dangers of going camping while pregnant. So Rob is left looking for a camping buddy and, much to everyone's surprise and amusement, Beth is cajoled into taking up the challenge. Kate is thrown into a frenzy of confusion when Peter makes a comment that she thinks could be his version of a marriage proposal, but is then humiliated when he tells her his passing comment was not a proposal at all. A series of further cryptic messages leads Kate to realise that Peter is asking her to go to a Garden Centre at 8pm. Suddenly fearing he is about to dump her, she turns up - only to find a candle-lit dinner laid on to the sound of a string quartet...
S03E07 Episode 7 04/04/2006 She's only just got engaged, but Kate is already driving her three friends mad with talk of dresses and flowers. Her fiancé Peter, however, doesn't think there's any need for such fuss. Lia meets a younger man and starts to party like she's 18 again, until she has to give a lesson in sex education at her daughter Emma's school and discovers she knows more about teenagers than she first thought. Meanwhile, Beth agrees to give hospital plumber Rob a second chance and goes on a date with him. And Anji is caught in an awkward situation when both Callum and Beth offer to be her birthing partner.
S03E08 Episode 8 11/04/2006 As her wedding to Peter approaches, Kate takes him to visit what could be their dream home in the country, but he doesn't seem overly impressed. Anji proudly shows off her new baby, but still hasn't made up with Callum, who is avoiding her in the hospital. Beth and Rob are getting on brilliantly and already seem like they've been a couple for ages. Meanwhile, unhappy Lia sees everyone else around her moving on. Emma can tell her mum hasn't been happy since Jamie left and tries to convince her that a trip to Australia may be just the tonic
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