Affiche No Place Like Home (1983)
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Arthur and Beryl Crabtree feel they have earned some peace and quiet after 24 years of bringing up their four boisterous kids. One by one their offspring pack up and leave home, and their dreams of quiet are coming true at last. But it's just a false alarm as each of the young ones' plans fall through, They all end up back home with mum and dad, and somehow the Crabtrees end up with more kids than they started out with. Arthur and Beryl realise that parenthood can be a life sentence.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de No Place Like Home (1983)

S01E01 No Place Like Home 13/12/1983 Arthur and Beryl look forward to a new and peaceful life as the last of their four children leaves home. But they don't even get to taste the first course of their first romantic dinner alone in the house: Paul loses his job, Tracy has a fight with her boyfriend, Nigel changes his mind about school, and they all end up back home again.
S01E02 One Enchanted Evening 20/12/1983 Arthur's despair mounts as his oldest daughter Lorraine leaves her husband and returns home. He frantically attempts marriage counseling as his house begins to overcrowd. Beryl, however, does not help things with her overly sympathetic approach.
S01E03 Home and Away 27/12/1983 Neighbor Trevor also suffers from ""noisy lodgers,"" but of a different breed: his wife Vera collects stray animals of all kinds. Trevor and Arthur decide to get away from it all and take a vacation, but only end up in trouble.
S01E04 Just The Job 10/01/1984 The kids decide that Beryl needs a change of lifestyle and plan an exciting new career for her. Arthur decides he has the best answers and sets her up to be a receptionist in a hair salon but, as usual, his plans are soon in a tangle.
S01E05 Alternative Accommodation 10/01/1984 Tracy has gone off with a new boyfriend, so Arthur decides to try to find new accommodations for Paul and Nigel as well. Trevor helps him find a perfect room for the boys, but the move stirs up family trouble, and it's Arthur and Trevor who end up out in the cold.
S01E06 Goodbye Father 17/01/1984 Arthur finally gets his wish as the last of his brood leaves home for good. Loraine and her husband are off to live with his mother; Tracy has moved in with a girlfriend; Paul and Nigel grab their backpacks and take off for the open road. Arthur and Beryl return home from a second honeymoon to a ""welcome home"" party...with a few added surprises.
S02E01 Grandfather Arthur 12/09/1984 Arthur must face the fact of grandfatherhood as Louise, Paul's girlfriend, is expecting a baby. Next-door neighbor Vera is expecting a happy event also, but, Arthur wonders, is there really cause for celebration?
S02E02 Arthur Unfaithful? 19/09/1984 Arthur has been keeping very odd hours, and is seen in the company of an attractive woman on several occasions. Is it business or pleasure? Could he be having an affair? Trevor and Vera have their own theories, as do all his own family, who keep him under heavy surveillance.
S02E03 Arthur Redundant? 26/09/1984 Arthur becomes depressed when he learns that he may lose his job. But when his family starts to speculate on the size of his severance pay, suddenly a whole new world of possibilities opens up. Even Vera has ideas on how to spend his money.
S02E04 The Curfew 03/10/1984 Arthur is upset at the late-night activities of his offspring and, at Trevor's suggestion, attempts to impose a curfew. Those returning home after the curfew will be locked out. As one might expect, the whole plan backfires when Arthur tries desperately to keep one step ahead of his family.
S02E05 The Mating Season 10/10/1984 Loraine leaves home, while her husband Raymond arrives...for good.
S02E06 An Empty Nest 17/10/1984 Arthur decides the best solution is to sell the house and move into a small apartment with Beryl. Son-in-law Raymond adds to Arthur's aggravation. The children become irritated with Arthur's attitude and all leave home to live elsewhere. The only problem? Beryl has left with them.
S02E07 Beryl's Mother 24/10/1984 Finally Arthur has an ally who is equally opposed to the loose morals of his family. It's Beryl's prim and proper mother, but she arrives with problems of her own. Surprisingly, Raymond comes to Arthur's rescue.
S02E08 Be It Ever So Humble... 31/10/1984 Arthur's first grandchild is due at any moment. A last-minute wedding is in the cards, and Arthur hopes the family will come together for that event. His disappointment lessens with the arrival of a grandson.
S02E09 Christmas Special 00/00/0000 Arthur Crabtree balks at having to pay the seasonal bill for his impoverished children and their friends. But when Arthur suggests that they should return to old fashioned values (and cheaper ones), and settle for a quiet Christmas without presents, it is the family's turn to resist. And the last straw comes for Arthur when he learns that the children are planning a rowdy party for all their friends.
S03E01 Marriage Guidance 08/01/1986 Daughter Lorraine and son-in-law Raymond are sent to a marriage counselor to talk over their troubles. Arthur decides to contribute his own advice, and the counselor is more confused than ever.
S03E02 Arthur Acting 15/01/1986 Tracy brings home an actress friend, Abigail, who inspires Arthur to take up acting as well—as an amateur, of course.
S03E03 Comings and Goings 22/01/1986 The amount of traffic in and out of the Crabtree house puts enormous strain on Arthur and the only bathroom in the house.
S03E04 The Summons 29/01/1986 Neighbor Vera is issued a court summons over her collection of noisy animals, and decides to defend her own case.
S03E05 The Crabtree Code 05/02/1986 Son Paul and live-in girlfriend Louise think they should get married, but their decision is not made any easier by all the unsolicited advice they get from family and friends.
S03E06 Happy Families - Part One 12/02/1986 New characters arrive at the Crabtree household: Raymond's traffic warden friend, Elsie; Nigel's girlfriend's Polish aunt Eva; and Raymond's charming ladies' man brother, George. (Part one of two)
S03E07 Happy Families - Part Two 19/02/1986 Aunt Eva does not seem to be keeping up the housework she has agreed to do in exchange for the Crabtrees' hospitality, while Raymond's and his brother's behavior alarms everyone in the household. (Part two of two)
S03E08 Dear Miss Davenport 26/02/1986 Suspicions and misunderstandings abound when Arthur gets an attractive new secretary, Miss Celia Davenport, at the office, but her stay is only temporary.
S03E09 Great Uncle Herbert 05/03/1986 The Crabtrees see the name of their great uncle Herbert in a newspaper announcement seeking beneficiaries for some money, and they begin a mad search to find him in hopes of some benefit for themselves.
S03E10 Trevor's Last Stand 12/03/1986 Beryl is away, and Arthur becomes ill, and is nursed by Vera. Meanwhile, Vera's husband Trevor goes away on business and is nearly compromised by an over-enthusiastic female colleague.
S03E11 The Video 19/03/1986 The Crabtrees think they have achieved star status when they are chosen for the subject of a video project on family life made by local students... until they see what those candid cameras have captured.
S03E12 Arthur's Move 26/03/1986 Arthur decides that buying another small house will provide peace and quiet for Beryl and him. Then he decides that letting the children live there and pay rent is an even better idea. Then the real estate agent makes the real decision for everyone.
S03E13 Silver Wedding 02/04/1986 Arthur and Beryl each arrange a surprise for the other to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary, while the children plan another surprise, all adding up to conflict and confusion.
S04E01 You'll Never Walk Alone 14/10/1986 Eldest daughter Lorraine is having a trial separation from husband Raymond, who is trying to find alternative accommodation assisted by Fellow traffic-warden Elsie. Youngest son Nigel, home for the weekend, borrows Arthur's car, but it runs out of gas and, before the garage can pick it up, it is stolen. Meanwhile, neighbor Trevor is missing his wife Vera, who is away with her sister in Wales, and seeks a drink in the greenhouse with Arthur.
S04E02 Mixed Doubles 21/10/1986 Arthur returns home from work to find that Beryl has decided to cook Trevor a wonderful steak meal, and give him the only remaining piece of Arthur's favorite apple pie. Raymond calls round to find Edward Hackett, the local estate agent, is dating Lorraine. Even though they are temporarily separated, Raymond warns Hackett to keep away. When this goes unheeded, the consequences have repercussions which affect Beryl, Arthur and Trevor.
S04E03 Sons and Lovers 28/10/1986 Arthur and Beryl are concerned about Trevor's loneliness in Vera's absence. They give a dinner-party for him and invite a widow to make up the foursome. When she cannot come, Trevor asks if he may bring a friend who works in the local florist shop, but his companion turns out to be something of an embarrassment.
S04E04 The Family Reunion 04/11/1986 Beryl is desperately missing her noisy brood, who have all left home. So Arthur decides to . cheer her up by inviting them all to a surprise dinner. On the night, when all the children have assembled, Beryl phones to say she is spending the evening with a friend. Arthur goes to get her, and returns to find an empty house and all the food gone.
S04E05 Raymond's Rotten Luck 11/11/1986 Arthur and Beryl try to keep the peace as daughter Lorraine and son-in-Iaw Raymond find new friends, romance and jealousies. Raymond is trying his luck with fellow traffic-warden Elsie, and Lorraine has met an accountant, Anthony Black. But the real problems arise when all four meet in the Crabtree house.
S04E06 The Great Escape 18/11/1986 Arthur and Beryl's plans to go away for a well-earned break are thwarted by unexpected family crises. An ailing Nigel returns suddenly to the nest; Lorraine and Raymond are again experiencing marital problems; then daughter Tracy and son Paul turn up for a romantic assignation, each thinking the house will be empty.
S04E07 Beryl Branches Out 25/11/1986 Beryl decides she wants to go out to work, and persuades Arthur to let her apply for a job in his office. But complications set in when Beryl's rival turns out to be the boss's mistress.