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The stakes couldn’t be higher in this entertaining new observational documentary series about two young entrepreneurs who literally sold the farm and traded their lives as ranchers to become new owners of a fly-in fishing camp in Northern Saskatchewan. Just married new parents and out of their element, Jennifer and Darren have more than their pride on the line… they’re risking everything they have taking over Nordic Lodge and trying to make it succeed.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Nordic Lodge

S01E01 Lure of the North 25/02/2015 Darren and Jennifer scramble to get Nordic Lodge ready for the first guests of the season but cold weather threatens to ruin the grand opening.
S01E02 Cabin Fervor 25/02/2015 Darren is overwhelmed by the stress of building a new cabin in time to welcome a large party of guests while a freak snowstorm blows across the lake.
S01E03 Help Wanted 04/03/2015 Jennifer struggles to find staff while Darren joins a fishing contest. Jennifer struggles to find staff to work at the lodge while Darren decides to take off for a fishing contest with a neighboring rival resort.
S01E04 Bear Bait 11/03/2015 Darren and Jennifer deal with a rogue bear that’s wandered into camp. A rogue bear wanders into camp in the night and while Darren manages to drive it off with a shotgun blast, the wounded animal returns the next day and squares off with Jennifer.
S01E05 Angling For a New Angle 18/03/2015 Jennifer and Darren try new ways to market Nordic Lodge. It’s the height of the season but cabins are empty and bills are piling up. Darren and Jennifer desperately try to figure out how to market Nordic Lodge to get more guests.
S01E06 Big Fish Derby 25/03/2015 Darren enters an annual fishing derby. Darren enters an annual fish derby hoping he’ll bring home the first prize: a brand new truck. But as Darren competes all hell breaks loose at the lodge and Jennifer is on her own.
S01E07 Trading Places 01/04/2015 Darren and Jennifer quibble over where their new cabin will go. Darren and Jennifer decide to build a new cabin on the site where their mobile home is parked but removing the mobile home proves to be a bigger challenge than anyone anticipated.
S01E08 First Moose Last Guest 08/04/2015 Jennifer goes moose hunting leaving Darren to close up for the season. Jennifer goes moose hunting leaving Darren to close up for the season, which is complicated when bad weather forces a float plane to make an emergency landing at the lodge.

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