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For 365 days, experienced hiker Lars Monsen travels alone through the Cap of the North, the wilderness of Northern Scandinavia. We follow the daily events of Monsen's adventure, his interaction with the local people and wildlife, and the changing of the seasons.


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S01E01 Canoeing in Anarjohka 09/12/2007 Lars starts his year in the Cap of the North with a canoe trip through Oevre Anarjohka National Park, meeting up with a Sami hunting party.
S01E02 Hiking in Pasvikdalen 16/12/2007 Together with his dog Foss, Lars hikes through Pasvikdalen, in the southeastern part of Finnmark, Norway.
S01E03 Lappland 23/12/2007 It's december and the sun doesn't rise over the horizon. Lars is on a fourty day long cross country trip through Lappland, Sweden. He spends his 17th Christmas eve in a tent. His girlfriend Nina Skramstad and her 10 dogs, come to visit, bringing with her Christmas in a backpack.
S01E04 Lars in Finnmarksloepet 20/12/2007 Lars participates in Finnmarksloepet, the northernmost dog sled race in the world; 12 stretches totaling 1063 kilometers.
S01E05 Moving Reindeer to Soeroeya 06/01/2008 The winter is nearly over. Antti and Sara Kristine Lantto has invited Lars to the anual moving of their reindeer stock.
S01E06 Drama in the Mountains 13/01/2008 Lars Monsen has spent a year north of the Polar Circle, in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Spring is approaching. Lars is accompanied by his pal Tor Olsen and his girlfriend Nina Skramstad. Together they embark on a trip that takes a dramatic turn.
S01E07 Goldrush in Lemmenjohki 12/01/2008 Lemmenjoki National Park is Scandinavia's answer to Alaska. Every year hundreds of people try ther luck here, gold digging for gold. Lars gives it a go. He also goes fishing.
S01E08 Canoeing on the Enare Lake 27/01/2008 Summer has arrived. Lars and his Alaskan Husky, Foss, is canoeing on the third largest lake in Finland, Enare.

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