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The show focuses on the life of Norm Henderson, a former NHL hockey player who is banned for life from hockey due to gambling and tax evasion. In order to avoid jail time for these crimes, Norm must perform five years of community service as a full-time social worker.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Norm

S01E01 Norm and the Prototype 00/00/0000 Norm Henderson is an ex-hockey player who was banned from hockey for life for gambling and tax evasion. Now he must do 5 years of community service as a social worker or go to prison. His client today is a prostitute who works at a massage parlor. He tries to get her into a group home but she refuses to go so he forces into one. She files a report stating that he paid her 50 bucks to lie to his boss about having gotten a new job but it gets intercepted by Laurie and his boss doesn't find out about it. Also Norm gets a dog.
S01E02 Norm Dates a Client 00/00/0000 Norm meets a woman in a bar while trying to help a pathologically shy guy. He starts dating her but finds out she's one of Laurie's clients. Dating a client can get you fired so she stops her sessions. Laurie warns Norm that this is still a bad idea but he doesn't listen until it's too late. Danny has to help a client who has a phobia about water.
S01E03 Norm Dates Danny's Dad 00/00/0000 Danny's dad comes to town and takes a liking to Norm. Norm fears he might be hitting on him. Danny feels neglected by his father.
S01E04 While You Weren't Sleeping 00/00/0000 Laurie gets a new boyfriend but can't seem to fall asleep with him so she gets Norm to put her to sleep. Larry gets a girlfriend but finds out that she works for a toupee company she's just using him because he got a new toupee. Norm likes a girl who's in love with his fiery temper he used to have during his hockey years.
S01E05 My Name is Norm 00/00/0000 Norm goes drinking with a client and wakes up in rehab. He finds out that if he's an alcoholic he has less work to do so he fakes being an alcoholic. When he's asked to give a speech he exposes his lie.
S01E06 The New Boss 00/00/0000 Mr. Curtis leaves when he tries to kill Norm. Laurie thinks she's the new boss but the job is appointed to someone else. Norm loves Mr. Denby, the new boss, because he doesn't want Norm to do anything. Laurie on the other hand hates him. That is until he gives the job of co-supervisor. She hates the job when she learns she has to fire a co-worker, so she quits. Norm and Danny try to get her job back by getting Mr. Denby fired for racial slurs. Mr. Denby however never said anything wrong but Norm tells him that he's a Gypsy(which is a lie) and was offended when Mr. Denby said that he had gotten gypped. The trick worked and Laurie got her job back.
S01E07 Denby's Kid 00/00/0000 Norm tells Mr. Denby's son that he should follow his dreams but Mr. Denby wants his son to go to military school. Norm thinks that if he Jason prepares a meal for his father (Mr. Denby) he'll see that his son a real talent. After eating the meal Jason tells Norm that the secret ingredient is marijuana. Norm and Mr. Denby are stoned and Norm has to face his probation officer.
S01E08 Drive, Norm Said 00/00/0000 Norm goes drinking and accidentally sleeps with a really annoying and rude woman everyone at the office hates. Danny has a client who's extremely hairy. Laurie needs to get her driver's license to drive a van for ""Meals For the Homeless"".
S01E09 Norm, Crusading Social Worker 00/00/0000 Norm, embarrassed about being the new "Agony of Defeat" on ABC's Wide World of Sports, asks to be reinstated into hockey so he can play in a charity game and regain his somewhat good name. They choose against it so he takes on a high profile case in hopes that they'll change their minds.
S01E10 Norm's Coach 00/00/0000 Norm's old coach comes back to train him so he can play in the charity hockey game. His coach is not as Norm remembers him, he is now really overweiht Norm also finds out that his coach is the one who ratted him out to the IRS. So he fires him and hires Danny.
S02E01 Norm vs. Love 00/00/0000 Norm asks Laurie to help him get a date with a new probation officer. He also gets Taylor Clayton a job as a receptionist at the office.
S02E02 Norm Pimps Wiener Dog 00/00/0000 Norm tries to impress Shelly by getting her little brother a Hank Aaron rookie card. To get the money for the card he has to breed Wiener Dog.
S02E03 Artie Comes to Town 00/00/0000 Norm's half brother comes to town and he helps Laurie get toys for orphans.
S02E04 Norm vs. Death 00/00/0000 Danny copes with the loss of his father. Laurie helps Norm get over his fear of death.
S02E05 Norm and Shelly in Love 00/00/0000 Norm starts gambling again, which ruins his chances with Shelly, or so he thinks.
S02E06 Laurie Runs For Office 00/00/0000 Laurie runs for public office and Norm tries to help her destroy the opposition.
S02E07 Norm and Shelly 00/00/0000 Norm accidentally tells Shelly he loves her. Laurie's campaign video is inappropriately shown right after the news of Councilman Krantz's death.
S02E08 Gambling Man 00/00/0000 While trying to help a guy quit gambling Norm starts gambling again and lands himself, Laurie and Danny in jail.
S02E09 Norm vs. Norm 00/00/0000 Norm, Laurie and Danny get bailed out of jail but there isn't money to get Artie out so Norm has to gamble to get him out. Taylor fears she might get fired.
S02E10 Norm vs. Denby 00/00/0000 Norm and Mr. Denby compete for the same woman. Laurie confronts a ghost from her past.
S02E11 Norm vs. the Boxer 00/00/0000 Norm gets a kid off the streets and trains him to become a boxer but later finds out that he's no kid, he's 27.
S02E12 Norm vs. Christmas 00/00/0000 Norm tries to instill some Christmas cheer into Laurie. Danny shows Taylor how much he likes her by giving her a 5000$ bracelet for Christmas. Laurie accidentally shoots Artie.
S02E13 Norm vs. the Evil Twin 00/00/0000 Laurie's twin sister visits and she sleeps with Norm because she thinks that Norm is Laurie's boyfriend. Taylor and Danny finally go out and Danny punches out a guy who calls Taylor a hooker.
S02E14 Norm vs. the Oldest Profession 00/00/0000 Norm's landlady decides to move in until Norm pays the three months rent he owes her. So to earn money he takes a job driving models, only they're not models but hookers. He quits when he finds out and becomes a male prostitute because it pays 2000$ an hour but Taylor intervenes and Norm quits.
S02E15 Norm vs. Jenny 00/00/0000 Laurie sets Norm up with a friend of hers who just broke up with a millionaire.
S02E16 Norm vs. Fitz 00/00/0000 Norm tries to win back Jenny but Kevin, Jenny's fiancé, tries to bribe Norm so he'll stop talking to Jenny. He offers to get Norm back into professional hockey and a date with the Dahm triplets but Norm won't accept his offer.
S02E17 Norm vs. The Wedding 00/00/0000 Norm crashes Jenny's wedding because he doesn't want her to marry Fitz. He tells her he wants to marry her but he wants to wait until her mother dies. Her mother drugged Norm and locked him in a closet so he couldn't ruin the wedding but Norm kicked a hole through the door to free himself. Jenny told Fitz she didn't love him and she went back to Norm.
S02E18 Norm vs. Fear 00/00/0000 When Norm throws his back out he's afraid to go to the doctor so Laurie, Danny and Artie tell him that they'll conquer their fears if Norm will conquer his and go to the doctor's.
S02E19 Retribution 00/00/0000 Fitz tries to get even with Norm for stealing Jenny from him by trying to ruin his and Jenny's lives.
S02E20 Laurie Loses It 00/00/0000 Norm tries to cheer up Laurie by giving her a party and inviting all her success stories but accidentally invites all of her failures, which incites her to work harder. Danny is afraid that an old friend of Taylor's is trying to steal her away from him.
S03E01 Norm vs. the Sacrifice 00/00/0000 When Mr. Denby's job is on the line he threatens to be a tougher boss unless Norm starts showing him some respect and stops making fun of him. Laurie is dating an overacting soap opera star.
S03E02 I've Got a Crush On You 00/00/0000 Someone in the office has a crush on Norm and Laurie finds out that it's Taylor. Danny wants to ask Taylor to marry him but when Norm finds out that Taylor's the one with the crush he tries to stop Danny from proposing but it's too late and Taylor already accepted.
S03E03 Taylor Leaves 00/00/0000 Norm tries to discourage Taylor from being attracted to him but it doesn't work because she leaves Danny. Norm faces eviction.
S03E04 The Norm Law 00/00/0000 When Norm causes a prison riot Mr. Denby has a law passed called the Norm law requiring social workers to be properly trained in the area of social work.
S03E05 Norm vs. Halloween 00/00/0000 Norm has an after school study group and he takes them trick-or-treating but the rich won't give them candy so he goes to a Halloween party dressed up as a fireman to impress Shelley but it doesn't work because the fire department shows up after Mr. Denby, dressed up as Gene Simmons, accidentally sets fire to one of the bathroom stalls. Laurie is looking for a man but winds up getting hit on by a woman. Danny starts to date a new woman and he dresses her up to look like Taylor.
S03E06 Norm and the Hopeless Cause 00/00/0000 Norm tries to get Laurie's lesbian friend to sleep with him but it doesn't work so he tries to get her to switch teams. Danny tries to cope with his break-up by cleaning.
S03E07 Norm vs. Youth (1) 00/00/0000 When Laurie starts dating a younger guy Norm tries his hand at dating a younger woman.
S03E08 Norm vs. Youth (2) 00/00/0000 Norm starts dating an older woman and finds out that she's Dale's mom. Laurie and Dale break up because she wasn't mothering him and Danny finds out that he's related to Hitler.
S03E09 Norm vs. Tennis 00/00/0000 Norm plays tennis with Shelly and he starts to let her win when he finds out that winning turns her on. Artie seeks Laurie's help when he wants to lose weight.
S03E10 Norm vs. the Kid 00/00/0000 Norm, Shelly, Laurie, Danny and Mr. Denby take in orphans while they can find a family who's willing to adopt all of them. They find a family that's willing to take them all but one because he has a criminal record.
S03E11 Norm vs. Schoolin' 00/00/0000 Norm and Mr. Denby have to go to social workers school and they get kicked out when Mr. Denby tries cheating off of Norm. Danny and Shelly pretend to be the married couple who where Billy's previous foster parents so he can be adopted.
S03E12 Norm vs. Freud 00/00/0000 Norm agrees to go to group therapy and discovers that the reason he has problems with Mr. Denby is because he has issues with his father. Danny and Artie invest in a weight loss gadget but then discover the horrible side effects.
S03E13 Norm vs. Dad 00/00/0000 Norm confronts his father and his father has a heart attack. Laurie discovers that Norm's father is verbally abusive towards Norm because his father is the same way towards him. Mr. Denby thinks he and Shelley are dating because they attended the symphony and it makes Danny jealous.
S03E14 Denby Quits 00/00/0000 When Mr. Denby can't get Norm fired for invading his privacy he quits and Laurie is put in charge but she can't handle the work load so Norm gets Mr. Denby fired from his other job so he can come back to work. Danny tells Shelley he has feelings for her and wants to know if she has feelings for him and she responds by holding his hands.
S03E15 Norm Lets Go 00/00/0000 Laurie teaches Mr. Denby how to dance. Danny tells Norm that he and Shelley are dating and Norm tries to find new friends to replace Danny and Shelley but then Taylor returns and Norm makes out with her.
S03E16 Norm vs. Danny and Shelly 00/00/0000 After sleeping with Norm Taylor tells him that she's still in love with Danny but she doesn't want Norm to tell him. Norm tells him anyway and Danny suggests that Taylor and Shelley both date him at the same time. Mr. Denby complains to Laurie about the conditions in the men's room.
S03E17 Norm and Wiener Dog vs. Fatherhood 00/00/0000 Mr. Denby takes Norm to court for possession of the puppies that his dog Fifi had with Wiener Dog. Norm is thrown out when he can't pay the rent.
S03E18 Norm vs. Homelessness 00/00/0000 Mr. Denby and Danny go on a business trip and try to pick up women but have no luck. Norm uses Mr. Denby's apartment for a date and gets him evicted when the landlady finds out he has a dog so he has to move in with Laurie as well.
S03E19 Norm is Fat 00/00/0000 When Shelley returns she sees that Norm is fat so he recounts the story that led to his vast weight gain.
S03E20 Norm vs. Deception 00/00/0000 Norm and Laurie fake a relationship and it helps Laurie get a man while Norm discovers that Shelley is still in love with him. Mr. Denby is afraid to catch Danny's cold.
S03E21 Norm vs. Cuba 00/00/0000 Norm and Laurie take care of an orphan from Cuba until he comes clean and tells them that he's not an orphan he just ran away from home.
S03E22 Norm's Free 00/00/0000 Norm is freed from his community service early and a monkey attacks Danny.
S03E23 Norm Comes Back 00/00/0000 Norm is hired as Mr. Sweeney's assistant and he then blackmails him to get the benefits back. A psychic tells Shelley that she and Norm will be married.
S03E24 Norm vs. Shelly's Old Flame 00/00/0000 After being shocked Norm gains the ability to hear other men's thoughts and he uses it to his advantage when he finds out that an old boyfriend of Shelley's is trying to steal her away from him.
S03E25 What Men Want 00/00/0000 Norm continues to use his ability to read men's minds until a static shock at the worst possible time.