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Rivalités politiques, changements sociaux et innovations bouleversent la culture et le mode de vie des résidents d'un village viking du VIIIe siècle.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Norsemen

S01E01 The Homecoming 21/10/2016 Premiere! Viking is an epic and humorous drama series set in the Viking Age. The year is 790 and we follow the everyday life of the Vikings in the village Norheim. Between power struggle, raids and battles in a tough time offers life of good friendship, celebration and love, while being challenged by new modern trends with the introduction of soft values ??and art, bickering and jealousy, relationship problems and troublesome sibling relationship we know from modern times.
S01E02 The Escape 28/10/2016 Rufus from Rome is struggling to present himself in his new role as slave and do not thrive with his life situation in Norheim. The positive Kark is institutionalized and try to add life to facilitate Rufus. The new life as a farm owner and husband are not quite as Arvid imagined. The search for an escaped slave reveals great magic, awaken interest in innovation in the village and forms new friendships. An event on the toilet pole takes the village to a new dramatic turn.
S01E03 The Funeral 04/11/2016 Chief Olav is badly hurt and seeks advice of the shaman. The power struggle is heating up in Norheim and the feckless brother Orm sees an opportunity to lead the village in an entirely new direction.
S01E04 The Raid 11/11/2016 The Vikings are going out on a raid to find metal to the new art project in Norheim. The slave Rufus will be responsible for the village while they're gone and gets a new title "Creative leader."
S01E05 The Siege 18/11/2016 The Vikings return from the mission in the west, while Rufus wake covered in feathers and tar. It is ready for the unveiling of the art project in Norheim and the village's first theater.
S01E06 The Duel 25/11/2016 Earl Varg is on revenge and storms Norheim. A fate match will decide who keeps the village, if there can be peace in Norheim, and who are left on the chief throne.

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Par MonsieurPedro Le 08/11/2017

1 saison - six épisodes et je cherche toujours l'intérêt de cette série. L"humour absurde requiert un certain niveau d'écriture qui n'est visiblement pas présent et 50% des blagues tournent autour de l'homosexualité...cela en devient lourd et chiant...

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