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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Northern Lights

S01E01 The Holiday 16/01/2006 When it's rumoured that Colin will be getting a promotion, he and Jackie decide to splash out on a luxury holiday to Florida. However, when he fails an alcohol test at work and ends up being fired and has to attempt to find a new job.
S01E02 The Driver 23/01/2006 Colin is still job hunting after being fired from Sherpa Freight and ends up taking a job as a local taxi driver. Meanwhile, Brooke goes missing and her parents fear the worst.
S01E03 The Reunion 30/01/2006 When Colin and Howie attend a school reunion in Newcastle, the boys fall out as Colin is ashamed to still know Howie. While at the reunion Howie hooks up with an old flame and Colin is torn between supporting his friend or telling Pauline.
S01E04 The Match 06/02/2006 In a bid to prove he can be more than just a van driver, Colin appoints himself as the captain of Sherpa's football team. Meanwhile, the opposing team captain attempts to seduce Pauline.
S01E05 The Fall of the Father 13/02/2006 Jackie and Pauline's father is acting suspicious as he keeps sneaking off to his allotment. However, when he has a heart attack this becomes the least of their worries. Meanwhile, Colin's estranged brother turns up to tell him about their father's death.
S01E06 The Welsh Adventure 20/02/2006 In the first season finale, the two families take a weekend away together to the country. While there the girls discover they have a long lost sister and, after getting drunk, Colin and Howie disturb a shotgun wielding farmer.
S01E07 Behind The Scenes 10/04/2007 This special behind the scenes look at the series, takes a peek behind the camera and sees that making of Northern Lights!
S02E01 The Shooting 04/04/2007 After witnessing the shooting of a gangster. Collin & Howie are forced into witness protection. Pauline in particular is taking this hard because it means she cannot see her secret lover.
S02E02 The New Life 11/04/2007 The Two famallies are moved to a safe house in london. Jackie discovers a secret from Collins past. Howie fears that his marriage could be on the erge of ending and Brook goes to extreme measures to contact her boyfriend. Meanwhile, DS Gary Tate's past of gambling debts make him the perfect man to locate Howie and Collin for Sweeny and Hatton.
S02E03 The End of the Line 18/04/2007 Both Collin & Howies marriages are falling apart whilst Collin manages to win Jackie back, Pauline makes a heartbreaking decision that will change the two famillies for good. Meanwhile, Sweenys heavies Hatton and Scully put preassure on Gary Tate, but will he endanger the lives of people in his care.
S02E04 The Career Path 25/04/2007 Collin & Howie becomes traffic wardens and Howie gains a new admirer. Jackie is unable to have sex with Collin because she cannot forget about his ex wife. Meanwhile, Pauline begins an affair with DS Gary Tate and tells Howie that there marriage is over. Leaving her divided from the rest of the family.
S02E05 The Capture 02/05/2007 Collin and a depressed Howie launch a gardening business. Collin lets slip to Howie that Pauline may have a new man. Howie heads off to confront her mystery man with disasterouse consequences. Meanwhile, Jackie is left holding the baby whilst Pauline spends the day in Gary Tate's hotel room.
S02E06 The Final Showdown 09/05/2007 Collin & Howie are being held hostage by Hatton and Scully, they also capture Gary Tate who they order to kill Howie and Collin. Scott Sweeny comes face to face with his enemies, sparking off a chain of events with a shocking conclusion. Meanwhile, Jackie and Pauline continue to clash over Pauline's affair with Gary Tate and Jackie discovers she is pregnate.