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Videos about numbers - it's that simple. Videos by Brady Haran


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S255E01 The Uncracked Problem with 33 06/11/2015
S255E02 Tic-Tac-Toe (With Only X\'s) 00/00/0000
S255E03 Secrets of 3-Board Tic-Tac-Toe 00/00/0000
S255E04 Why do people hate mathematics? 00/00/0000
S255E05 Topology of a Twisted Torus 27/01/2014
S255E06 Liar Numbers 00/00/0000
S255E07 Fool-Proof Test for Primes 06/02/2014
S255E08 Fifth Root Trick 15/02/2014
S255E09 Log Tables (extra bit) 02/03/2014
S255E10 Does John Conway hate his Game of Life? 03/03/2014
S255E11 Inventing Game of Life 05/03/2014
S255E12 Brussels Sprouts 09/03/2014
S255E13 Riemann Hypothesis 11/03/2014
S255E14 Pi Prog Rock 14/03/2014
S255E15 Pi me a River 14/03/2014
S255E16 Why -1/12 is a gold nugget 18/03/2014
S255E17 63 and -7/4 are special 24/03/2014
S255E18 Measuring Coastline 27/03/2014
S255E19 The Greatest Ever Infographic 03/04/2014
S255E20 Domino Addition 04/04/2014
S255E21 Möbius Bridges and Buildings 09/04/2014
S255E22 Epic Circles 13/04/2014
S255E23 Poincaré Conjecture 23/04/2014
S255E24 Ricci Flow 23/04/2014
S255E25 5 and Penrose Tiling 21/03/2012
S255E26 13,983,816 and the Lottery 28/03/2012
S255E27 6,000,000 and Abel Prize 30/03/2012
S255E28 3 is everywhere 01/04/2012
S255E29 Graham's Number 04/04/2012
S255E30 Sunflowers and Fibonacci 10/04/2012
S255E31 666 12/04/2012
S255E32 8848 03/05/2012
S255E33 Sexy Primes 08/05/2012
S255E34 Numbers Man 12/05/2012
S255E35 What is a lucky number? 15/05/2012
S255E36 60 18/05/2012
S255E37 How big is a billion? 24/05/2012
S255E38 10! 28/05/2012
S255E39 Do numbers EXIST? 03/06/2012
S255E40 32 and Truncated Icosahedron 05/06/2012
S255E41 5, 13 and 137 are Pythagorean Primes 07/06/2012
S255E42 14 and Shakespeare the Numbers Man 12/06/2012
S255E43 The Internet is FULL 21/06/2012
S255E44 Why do YouTube views freeze at 301? 22/06/2012
S255E45 I washed my passport 05/07/2012
S255E46 Infinity is bigger than you think 06/07/2012
S255E47 27 the Favourite Number 10/07/2012
S255E48 Golden Ratio - Making a Math Metal Anthem 11/07/2012
S255E49 Golden Ratio Song 13/07/2012
S255E50 The LONGEST time 18/07/2012
S255E51 37 20/07/2012
S255E52 Dyscalculia 24/07/2012
S255E53 Leyland Numbers 28/10/2014
S255E54 All Triangles are Equilateral 05/11/2014
S255E55 Math and Movies (Animation at Pixar) 11/11/2014
S255E56 Imaginary Erd?s Number 26/11/2014
S255E57 Infinite Fractions 02/12/2014 Matt Parker on Stern-Brocot numbers, fractions and rational numbers.
S255E58 Euclid's Big Problem 12/12/2014 Trisecting angles and calculating cube roots was a big problem for Euclid and his cohorts. Discussed by Zsuzsanna Dancso at MSRI.
S255E59 Wrong Turn on the Dragon 30/12/2014 The legendary Don Knuth on the Dragon Curve and learning from his mistakes.
S255E60 One-Roll Yahtzee Fever 08/08/2012
S255E61 Perfect Games 10/08/2012
S255E62 One to One Million 16/08/2012
S255E63 Numbery Card Trick 21/08/2012
S255E64 Chinese Lucky Numbers 24/08/2012
S255E65 AMAZING Dice Rolls 27/08/2012
S255E66 Brown Numbers 31/08/2012
S255E67 Rubik's Cube Solvers 01/09/2012
S255E68 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 Rubik's Cube Combinations 07/09/2012
S255E69 God's Number and Rubik's Cube 07/09/2012
S255E70 Superflip and Rubik's Cube 07/09/2012
S255E71 Rubik's Tube (or YouCube) 07/09/2012
S255E72 Underwater Yahtzee 01/10/2012
S255E73 Brown's Criterion 02/10/2012
S255E74 Amazing Old Calculator (Curta) 07/10/2012
S255E75 How to order 43 Chicken McNuggets 09/10/2012
S255E76 abc Conjecture 12/10/2012
S255E77 ViHart on Tetrahedral Dice 15/10/2012
S255E78 Message from Numberphile 16/10/2012
S255E79 Avogadro's Number (Mole) 23/10/2012
S255E80 Problems with Zero 25/10/2012
S255E81 Vampire Numbers 30/10/2012
S255E82 Favourite Numbers 01/11/2012
S255E83 5 Platonic Solids 06/11/2012
S255E84 Tau replaces Pi 09/11/2012
S255E85 Keith Numbers 13/11/2012
S255E86 400 and Gamebooks 15/11/2012
S255E87 Tau of Phi 19/11/2012
S255E88 Spaghetti Numbers 22/11/2012
S255E89 Beautiful Card Trick 26/11/2012
S255E90 Advent Calendar 30/11/2012
S255E91 Is Zero Even? 02/12/2012
S255E92 Encryption and HUGE numbers 09/12/2012
S255E93 Base 12 11/12/2012
S255E94 Tau vs Pi Smackdown 14/12/2012
S255E95 Kids get their money 17/12/2012
S255E96 4937775 22/12/2012
S00E01 French Numbers (a little extra bit) 18/03/2013 A little bit extra on French numbers. Featuring Dr Paul Smith from the University of Nottingham
S00E02 Random Numbers (the next bit) 09/04/2013 Okay, here is a little bit where James Clewett went off on a tangent!
S00E03 Random Numbers (extra bit about Ancient Greeks) 09/04/2013 Here is what happened next when we filmed our radioactive random numbers.
S00E04 Gaps between Primes (extra footage) 27/05/2013 Extra footage.
S00E05 Transcendental Numbers (extra footage) 13/06/2013 This is some extra stuff from Simon Pampena we didn't use in the first video!
S00E06 Grandi's Series (little extra bit) 25/06/2013 What happened at the very end of the Numberphile video about Grandi's Series
S00E07 Infinity Paradoxes (extra footage) 15/07/2013
S00E08 Tony's Favourite Number Sequence 22/07/2013 An extra bit.
S00E09 Numberline (little extra bit) 01/08/2013 Part 2
S00E10 Other Videos (message from Brady) 08/08/2013
S00E11 Prime Number Theorem (little extra bit) 09/08/2013
S00E12 Brady just talks about whatever 22/08/2013
S00E13 Order from Chaos (the math bit) 27/04/2014
S00E15 What do Mathematicians Eat for Breakfast? 08/12/2014 A compilation of Numberphile sound checks - Brady typically asks "what did you have for breakfast" so he can monitor audio levels.