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This drama series from Channel 4 follows the trans-Atlantic love affair between New York record store clerk Edie (Rashida Jones) and London banker Michael (Stephen Moyer), two very different personalities drawn together by fabulous chemistry. Watch as they juggle travel, jobs, and family responsibilities, whilst pursuing a deepening love against a stupendous soundtrack that helps tell the story.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de NY-LON (UK)

S01E01 Something about Chemicals 00/00/0000 New Yorker Edie has her bag snatched on holiday in London, leading to a chance meeting with local Michael. Though Edie is to return home the next day, the chemistry between the two strangers is undeniable. Unable to forget the American girl, Michael flies out to New York but doesn’t get quite the reception he’d hoped for.
S01E02 Something about Baggage 00/00/0000 Michael and Edie agree to give their transatlantic relationship a go, but when Michael next visits New York he is preoccupied by news of his ex-girlfriend who’s revealed that she’s pregnant. Edie, meanwhile, is torn between her long-distance lover and ex Luke. It’s not long before jealousy and confusion threaten the whole fledgling romance.
S01E03 Something about Commitment 00/00/0000 Edie uses a party thrown by an old friend in London as an excuse to see Michael again and patch up their relationship. Michael, however, has abandoned hope of ever seeing her again and Edie only reaches him after a loveless one-night stand. An ill-timed remark by Michael’s sister Lauren sends Edie away again, but it’s Michael who pursues her now.
S01E04 Something about Honesty 00/00/0000 In New York, Edie is struggling to find the right moment to break the news of her relationship with Michael to her close-knit group of friends. Michael, meanwhile, lies to his boss in order to fly to New York for a job interview. Although he’s successful, the deceit leads to heartache for everyone.
S01E05 Something about Families 00/00/0000 Edie visits Michael in London and for the first time realizes the extent of his family commitments. Michael’s young nephew Angelo runs away from home and it’s Edie who manages to coax him back.
S01E06 Something about Friends 00/00/0000 Michael flies out to New York expecting to be introduced to Edie’s friends. Though he’s the antithesis of their values, Michael is confident he can impress them - but Edie isn’t so sure. She’s determined to keep them apart but it’s another chance meeting that causes a culture clash.
S01E07 Something about Love 00/00/0000 In the final episode, Michael decides it’s time for he and Edie to settle in one city - London. But Edie wants them to live together on a trial basis in New York. It’s clear the lovers can’t bear to be apart but, overwhelmed by the intractable problem of which city they should live in, will either be prepared to back down and make the move…?