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Karin, Magali and Luna are three call girls, who decide to apply some marketing knowledge on the world's oldest profession.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de O Negócio

S01E01 Vision 18/08/2013 Karin launches a risky venture in the aftermath of a personal and professional crisis in the premiere of a series following three ladies who run a lucrative prostitution ring in Brazil using sophisticated marketing methods and a detailed business plan.
S01E02 Tying Sale 25/08/2013 Karin and Luna become business partners and begin looking for their first clients at bachelor parties, though Luna does not lose sight of her goal to pick up a millionaire.
S01E03 Focus Group 01/09/2013 Karin uses a focus group to learn what men really want. Meanwhile, Luna poses as a wealthy woman to get close to Oscar.
S01E04 Overbooking 08/09/2013 Karin has a plan. She will offer her services to the passengers who are victims of overbooking. But the presence of a company executive could ruin everything.
S01E05 All About Karin 15/09/2013 Karin is reunited with an old friend and fills him in on her new line of work. Meanwhile, Luna and Magali are in a betting mood when it comes to their clients.
S01E06 Impulse Buying 22/09/2013 Oceano Azul is doing well, but the business is threatened by an investigation by a state prosecutor, on a crusade against prostitution.
S01E07 Turnaround 29/09/2013 Oceano Azul is on the rocks and Karin decides to go and see her former pimp, Ariel. Meanwhile Luna may be about to have her dream come true.
S01E08 Repositioning 06/10/2013 Karin refuses any business while working to complete Oceano Azul's makeover; at the same time, Magali attempts to gatecrash a party in order to launch the company's new image.
S01E09 Luna 13/10/2013 Luna is doing her best to forget Oscar, while Karin has a new plan. From now on the clients themselves will decide how much they pay.
S01E10 Share of Heart 20/10/2013 Karin comes up with a plan to make Oceano Azul more exclusive, while Augusto tries to get back in her good graces.
S01E11 Brand Equity 27/10/2013 Karin wants to sponsor the major event in the paid sex calendar. But she needs to persuade her partners to part with the cash to pay for it.
S01E12 Loyalty Plan 03/11/2013 Karin tries to encourage loyalty among her clients; and Luna is followed by her brother who suspects she's hiding something.
S01E13 Share of Wallet 11/11/2013 Season One Finale. Oceano Azul is now a well-established business and has its eye set on the last bastion in the life of its male customers, the weekend.
S02E01 Piracy 24/08/2014 Season 2 begins with Karin trying to find out who is behind the Blue Ocean copycat. Meanwhile, Karin begins dating Augusto, who wants her to leave the escort life; and Oscar pranks Yuri.
S02E02 Why Not? 31/08/2014 Karin decides to sue the Blue Ocean pirates, but no one wants to take her case. Meanwhile, Oscar gets a new job; and Magali spends time with family.
S02E03 Settlement 07/09/2014 Karin's lawyer suggests she take a settlement; Luna is hired to take someone's virginity; Oscar takes a psychological exam for a chance to be hired by a millionaire; Magali deals with a loud neighbor
S02E04 Justice 14/09/2014 Karin learns that one of the judges on her case has a good reason not to like Blue Ocean; Luna seizes an opportunity to end her engagement to Yuri; Oscar starts to work for a millionaire; Magali takes up literature.
S02E05 Bingo 21/09/2014 Augusto is invited to play a game of bingo that is arranged by his workplace colleagues and the grand prize is a Blue Ocean prostitute named Karin. Meanwhile, Luna becomes jealous of Oscar's client; and Yuri flees to Paraguay.
S02E06 Freedom 28/09/2014 Karin spends a potentially life-altering evening with a fugitive. Meanwhile, Oscar, Luna and Rebeca get entangled in a game of seduction, and Zanini sets out to prove he doesn't love Magali.
S02E07 Business Plan 05/10/2014 Karin takes some time off to focus on a new idea, the Oceano Azul Club. Also, Luna makes a demand, and Magali agrees to join Zanini for a picnic.
S02E08 Quicksand 12/10/2014 Karin tries to reconnect with her father when he arrives in town. Elsewhere, Ariel and Cesar have a crucial meeting with a banker about the Oceano Azul Club; a downcast Luna retreats to her parents' house; and Magali tangles with a noisy neighbor.
S02E09 Valentine's Day 19/10/2014 Karin throws the grand opening of the Oceano Azul Club on Valentine's Day. The evening begins successfully, but then takes an unexpected turn.
S02E10 Strike 26/10/2014 Karin throws a party at the club, but a fight breaks out. Also, Oscar enlists Luna to help him in a scam, and Magali dumps Zanini for someone new.
S02E11 Behind the Mask 02/11/2014 Business at the Oceano Azul Club suffers when a Web-site begins exposing johns while on dates. Meanwhile, Luna tests Oscar's love; Yuri spills the truth; and Magali's actions may cost her a friend.
S02E12 Private Equity Fund 09/11/2014 Karin is on the brink of bankruptcy and turns to a private-equity fund to save Oceano Azul Club. Elsewhere, Luna at last informs Yuri that Oscar is alive, and Magali spirals into depression.
S02E13 Trademark 16/11/2014 In the Season 2 finale, Karin brainstorms in an effort to save the club, and a handsome photographer catches her eye. Meanwhile, Luna works hard to get her degree; and Magali has nowhere to go but up.

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