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Offspring is an exuberant drama set in Melbourne's Fitzroy, centering on Nina Proudman and her struggle to deal with her fabulously messy family, her hunt for a decent love life and her tendency to over-think and fly off into fantasy.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Offspring

S01E01 Taking Charge 22/08/2010 Nina vows to take charge of her love life, but as things with Brendan come to an end, Chris struggles to explain his past and Nina is left uncertain about their relationship. The Proudman family adjust to life with their newest member, Baby Ray.
S01E02 The Uncomfortability 29/08/2010 Nina's insecurities are revealed when a patient poses an awkward request. Meanwhile Geraldine decides to try online dating, and Jimmy is an unexpected saviour to Cherie and Darcy.
S01E03 Playing Aloof 05/09/2010 Believing she interrupted Chris and Zara having sex in the storeroom, Nina spends a sleepless night struggling with her feelings. When Chris finally corners her to talk, Nina protects herself from further humiliation and pretends to be completely unfazed by the whole incident. Cherie and Darcy host a naming ceremony for Baby Ray that sends the Proudman women into a spin. Billie goes to great lengths to make Mick jealous and Jimmy realises that lying has its limits.
S01E04 Poison Ivy 12/09/2010 Love struck Nina struggles to keep focused on everyday life as she's plagued by fantasies of Dr Havel. Billie's plan to make Mick jealous backfires when his old flame, Ivy, shows up. Meanwhile, Cherie and Darcy negotiate the rules of dating as Darcy has a life changing one night stand.
S01E05 Carpe Diem 19/09/2010 Nina and Chris attempt to seize the moment, but their future is threatened by a complicated past. Cherie's secretive behaviour prompts Billie to start playing detective, and Jimmy and Odile come to a crossroads in their relationship.
S01E06 D-Day 26/09/2010 Nina thinks the worst of her day is over, when, on the morning of her date with Chris Havel, she finds herself navigating the elaborate world of contraception and facing serious performance anxiety issues. Meanwhile, Billie continues to investigate Cherie's mysterious behaviour with an older man, Mick and Ivy break up as he admits he still loves Billie, and much to Jimmy's disgust, Geraldine seems to have the most luck in the bedroom with Mr Soriel, Jimmy's old history teacher.
S01E07 Two Sisters 03/10/2010 Suppressing her feelings, Nina gives Chris some space as he travels to Queensland in search of his missing wife. But with Chris away, and plagued by her own insecurities, Nina makes one very big mistake that will change everything. Meanwhile, Billie can't bring herself to make up with Mick, and Darcy finally learns about Cherie's secret past.
S01E08 Re-Unravel 17/10/2010 Plagued by the guilt of sleeping with Mick, Nina faces Chris and blurts out the truth. To her surprise he doesn't pass judgement, but could a surprise visitor cause everything to unravel again?
S01E09 Making Peace 24/10/2010 Still in shock after Alice's unexpected arrival, Nina feels the urge to make peace with her own past and goes to see Brendan. Meanwhile, Billie rights a wrong and as a result, proves her love for Mick.
S01E10 The Other Woman 31/10/2010 Nina struggles with being the other woman in Chris' life. Meanwhile, Billie reluctantly becomes Stacey's birthing partner and Jimmy gets more than he bargained for as a human test subject.
S01E11 My Confessions 14/11/2010 Almost as shocking as the act itself, Nina will shatter her sister’s new found loved-up happiness with Mick, when she finally brings herself to tell Billie what she did. But not before Mick tells Nina he is going to tell Billie himself and Nina can’t stop him. Nina has an awkward meeting with Chris’ wife Alice, where, unable to stop imagining the fallout from Mick’s confession, she cuts her meeting short then inadvertently runs over Alice’s foot in her haste to drive off and confront Billie.
S01E12 Not As Planned 21/11/2010 Nina's life has gone from bad to worse since her family discovered her secret. Nobody is willing to forgive her, least of all Billie, and her relationship with Chris is in tatters. Nina is offered a job in Baltimore and decides to take the offer. Nina and Billie have a confrontation at the Hospital. Cherie and Sam take their relationship to the next level.
S01E13 A New Miracle 21/11/2010 Nina prepares to say goodbye and pack up her things. Jimmy organises a farewell BBQ, but is unfortunately shutdown by rain. Kim goes into labour at the pub and gives birth to a baby girl. Billie and Nina make amends. Chris and Nina are left at a crossroads.
S02E01 The Return 16/05/2011 After spending five months in Baltimore, Nina returns home after receiving news of her father Darcy's heart attack. Billie and Mick are now living at Nina's apartment and trying for a baby. Jimmy also returns after being abroad with new girlfriend Tammy. Nina finds out that Chris has moved to Brisbane with Alice and Lucy. Darcy asks Geraldine to renew their vows and Nina meets a new obstetrician, Fraser King, at the hospital.
S02E02 Baby Bumps 16/05/2011 Nina and Fraser continue to get to know each other. Cherie returns to her job as a nurse at the hospital. Billie and Mick discover they will have to go through IVF in order to have a baby. Nina goes on a date with her fathers doctor Ben. Billie reveals to Mick she had two abortions during her teens.
S02E03 Dates, Decisions & Divorces 23/05/2011 Billie and Mick continue to experience fertility problems and in desperation Billie asks Nina to consider being a surrogate for the couple without telling Mick of her plan. Darcy has another health scare while practicing for the honeymoon and Chris arrives back in time to see Nina kissing Fraser in the emergency department.
S02E04 Together We Are One 30/05/2011 Nina and her work colleagues are up in arms about the new anaesthetist, Patrick. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Mick console each other after their respective partners insult their manhood.
S02E05 The Way You Are 06/06/2011 Nina struggles to decide on a course of action after Fraser freezes again during a routine consultation. Meanwhile, Mick and Andrew fight over old issues, and Jimmy is upset by his parents' hypocrisy.
S02E06 Behind Closed Doors 13/06/2011 When Cherie discovers that Jimmy and Tammy are planning a secret wedding, Nina rallies the Proudmans in an attempt to reunite her family. Amidst the chaos, Billie, Mick and Andrew try to make a baby.
S02E07 Cheating On Your Test 20/06/2011 After a tragedy at work, Nina and Patrick console each other. Could this new intimacy lead to something more? Meanwhile, Billie and Mick get the results of their pregnancy test.
S02E08 Two Different Places 22/06/2011 Exhilarated after their night of passion, Nina is determined to master the art of a casual fling. Patrick, however, seems to want something more.
S02E09 Just Keep Talking 27/06/2011 Determined to be professional and forget her personal problems with Patrick, Nina is alarmed when Clegg requests they write a report together.
S02E10 Acceptance 29/06/2011 Nina hosts a dinner party at Patrick's, where he charms the Proudmans.
S02E11 Complications 06/07/2011 Nina and Patrick decide to fight for their relationship, but could an email from Chris Havel throw a spanner in the works? Meanwhile, Darcy and Geraldine plan a family intervention for Jimmy.
S02E12 What Goes Around Comes Around 13/07/2011 Nina's life is thrown into a spin by the return of Chris Havel. How will our leading lady juggle two gentlemen callers? Meanwhile, Billie meets Mick's mother, and Cherie faces a health scare with Ray.
S02E13 Proudman Wedding Curse 20/07/2011 Nina makes an important decision about her love life; meanwhile, Billie and Mick try to defy the Proudman Wedding Curse, and Cherie uncovers a shocking family secret.
S03E01 Happiness is a Delusion 18/04/2012 Nina Proudman is floating on cloud nine. She's in love with Dr Patrick Reid and happy in her job - but is everything about to change?
S03E02 Secrets and Lies 25/04/2012 Still reeling after learning of her true parents, Nina meets with Darcy to find out how he's coping. Both hurt and confused by the news, Nina and Darcy downplay their feelings trying to save their pain.
S03E03 Fertility Woes 02/05/2012 Burying concerns over the identity of her biological father, Nina focuses on the hunt for a rental property with Patrick. Nina's only forced to confront the issue when Billie reveals she located one of the possibilities. Billie's disappointed to discover her only fertile time of the month coincides with Tim and Andrew's first big date. Jimmy and Zara attend the first ultrasound for their baby.
S03E04 Time 09/05/2012 A week after moving in with Patrick, Nina worries that living & working together is putting a strain on their relationship; later, Nina gets a surprise call from Dr Noonan hoping to catch Geraldine.
S03E05 Allegations 16/05/2012 Nina arrives at work shocked to discover Patrick is being investigated over an allegation of patient abuse
S03E06 Partners in Crisis 23/05/2012 Worried about their first big fight and Patrick's night alone at a motel, Nina finds Patrick at work to apologise. Mick and Rosanna continue to forge their musical partnership...
S03E07 Drink, Drank, Drunk 30/05/2012 Proud of the way she's coped post breakup, Nina arrives at work ready to face her first day of surgery with Patrick; determined not to wallow, Cherie takes Nina out for a night of fun and partying...
S03E08 One Night Stand Off 06/06/2012 Nina wakes up hung over in a stranger's bed, faced with overwhelming evidence she's had a one night stand. Meanwhile, with Nina missing from work and home, Patrick's concern leads him to investigate...
S03E09 Chaos 13/06/2012 Nina finds herself at the heart of Proudman family chaos, while trying to assure Patrick her relationship with Adam is platonic.
S03E10 The Aftermath 20/06/2012 Patrick confronts Nina about the serve Billie gave him over their breakup and her new relationship with Adam. Will Nina face the boundaries of her relationship?
S03E11 Goodbye is Always Hard 27/06/2012 The reality of Patrick's departure hits Nina as she walks to work. Later at Patrick's farewell, Nina struggles to say a proper goodbye in front of all her workmates.
S03E12 Insecurity 04/07/2012 Nina gets a test taken at the hospital; Billie's insecurity about Rosanna intensifies when Mick insists he's still doing the tour with her; meanwhile Billie is forced to spend the day with Ollie.
S03E13 Pregnant Pause 11/07/2012 Nina celebrates her 35th birthday at the hospital where Darcy has recreated Nina's 8 year old dream birthday party! It is sure to be a night full of surprises!
S04E01 Outside of the Comfort Zone 22/05/2013 Nina and Patrick prepare for parenthood as Billie struggles to cope with Nina’s pregnancy. Meanwhile, a new arrival sparks interest at the hospital.
S04E02 Second Chances 29/05/2013 Nina discovers Patrick's mysterious past whilst Billie fights to take over the family.
S04E03 Truth Time 05/06/2013 Nina and Patrick try to solve their problems without resorting to sex, at the same time as Nina is forced to tell Patrick the truth about Eloise. Plus, Darcy and Cherie have a big announcement.
S04E04 Keeping It in the Family 12/06/2013 Tension runs high between Nina and Darcy as he prepares for his road trip with Cherie. Also, Jimmy tries to keep it in the family by applying for a job as Billie's real estate underling.
S04E05 The Things We Do for Love 19/06/2013 Nina is confronted by the nature of Eloise's crush. Billie insists she and Mick meet the press as a power couple and Jimmy's inspired by a new business venture.
S04E06 Difficulty 26/06/2013 Nina and Patrick deal with a rather difficult house guest, as Billie attempts to cover her business woes.
S04E07 Smoking Situations 03/07/2013 Nina's best intentions with the Reid family cause several rifts in both the Reid & Proudman families. Meanwhile, Billie struggles to work under a new boss as well as coping with a damaging magazine article.
S04E08 Freaking the Freak Out 10/07/2013 Nina wonders if her pregnancy with Patrick is enough to keep them together, Patrick struggles with Kate's decision to see her abusive ex-partner Dean and Billie is confronted by Mick's popularity.
S04E09 Numbing the Pain 17/07/2013 A dream about counsellor Lawrence has Nina questioning her relationship with Patrick. Billie embarks on a new career and heads for self-destruction. The nurses help Eloise with her love life.
S04E10 Matters of the Heart 24/07/2013 Nina and Patrick struggle to negotiate the role of the ever present Proudmans in their life together. Meanwhile, Billie is in damage control after her night out on the town.
S04E11 Dialing Up the Crazy 31/07/2013 The Proudman family implodes when Nina and Patrick's counselling session goes public.
S04E12 Goodbye Patrick 07/08/2013 Billie and Mick's relationship strains under the weight of her infidelity.
S04E13 The Bond Between Sisters 14/08/2013 In the season finale, Nina prepares for the biggest day of her life. Meanwhile, Mick goes on a search to bring Billie home.
S00E01 Pilot - Telemovie 15/08/2010 Nina Proudman involves herself in helping her family from their own chaotic lives. Free of family obligations, Nina then arrives back at her flat to find an reminder of her ex-husband Brendan, undying love. Back at work, Nina overhears gossip about her crush, new employee Chris' past. Billie attempts 'make-up sex' with boyfriend Mick, however a fight erupts when he fails to take her career seriously and Billie reiterates why they can't be together. Heavily pregnant Cherie returns to the hospital for a check-up with old friend and workmate Nina. Before she can leave, Cherie goes into premature labour. During the delivery the women realise the baby's father is Nina's dad, Darcy.
S00E02 The Liaison 00/00/0000 Nurses Kim and Zara work on. Is a workplace romance ok?
S00E03 The Sperm Donor 00/00/0000 The Nurses, Kim and Zara, who work with Nina Proudman every day, continue their shifts. Take a peek inside their world as the maternity ward bustle continues.
S00E04 The Name Dilemma 00/00/0000 Does your name decide your destiny? What is Potentia? The Nurses Kim & Zara get to the bottom of it.
S00E05 Biscuits and Grapefruit Juice 00/00/0000 What do biscuits and grapefruit juice have to do with trying to get pregnant? Kim & Zara are going to find out.
S00E06 The Pregnancy Dilemma 00/00/0000 What do you do if your partner doesn't know that you're pregnant?
S00E07 The Ducks & The Cravings 00/00/0000 When does walking in on someone become 'pervy'? Kim & Zara find out.
S00E08 The Mind Reader 00/00/0000 Can Nurse Zara use her powers for good?
S00E09 The Consciousness Concept 00/00/0000 Can Zara really imagine having no brain function?
S00E10 The Eyes of Babes 00/00/0000 A 'funny' looking baby sees the world a little differently...
S00E11 The Letter 00/00/0000 Do you believe in Love? Zara believes in bulldozers. Liam believes in Phoebe.
S00E12 The Worst Thing & The Wheely Chair 00/00/0000 What's the worst thing you've ever done to an ex?
S00E13 The Words Count 00/00/0000 What are the first words that you would say to your newborn?
S00E14 The Dancing Inception 00/00/0000 Dance. Dreaming. The Nurses.
S00E15 Why Be Nice, Zara? 00/00/0000 The maternity ward is about to get a new workmate, but this is Zara's world - does this mean war?
S00E16 Let's All Get Along, Tyra 00/00/0000 Zara's got some competition at work. So who will come out top Nurse?
S00E17 Ah, Nuts 00/00/0000 Could some magic happen when Tyra & Zara get given responsibility for a new, different type of patient in the obstetrics ward?
S00E18 Dream-Weaver 00/00/0000 The office is anything but magical for Zara.
S00E19 Conflicting Over Lovers 00/00/0000 When Zara and Tyra clash over a boy in the office - who's going to win?
S00E20 Sorry, You're Breaking Up 00/00/0000 Is this goodbye for Zara, but will it bring her and Tyra closer?
S00E21 Hello, Jimmy 00/00/0000 Zara and Jimmy...sittin' in a tree...what happens next?
S00E22 Zara's Got the Look 00/00/0000 But has she got the teaching touch?
S00E23 Clegg Whisperer 00/00/0000 Can Jimmy tame the beastly Clegg?
S00E24 Cheers Everybody 00/00/0000 Why does he know everybody's name?
S00E25 Scandinafricans 00/00/0000 Racialist, or just looking for the hotties?
S00E26 Programmable Babies 00/00/0000 What if you could help a kid be the best they can be?
S00E27 Poetry in Motion 00/00/0000 Kinder words have never been said.
S00E28 Season 2 Behind the Scenes: Episode 1 00/00/0000 A special look behind the scenes of Offspring Season 2 Episode 1
S00E29 Season 2 Behind the Scenes: Episode 3 00/00/0000 A special look behind the scenes of Offspring Season 2 Episode 3
S00E30 Season 2 Behind the Scenes: Episode 4 00/00/0000 A special look behind the scenes of Offspring Season 2 Episode 4
S00E31 Season 2 Behind the Scenes: Episode 5 00/00/0000 A special look behind the scenes of Offspring Season 2 Episode 5
S00E32 Season 2 Behind the Scenes: Episode 6 00/00/0000 A special look behind the scenes of Offspring Season 2 Episode 6
S00E33 Season 2 Behind the Scenes: Episode 7 00/00/0000 A special look behind the scenes of Offspring Season 2 Episode 7
S00E34 Season 2 Behind the Scenes: Episode 8 00/00/0000 A special look behind the scenes of Offspring Season 2 Episode 8
S00E35 Season 2 Behind the Scenes: Episode 9 00/00/0000 A special look behind the scenes of Offspring Season 2 Episode 9
S00E36 Season 2 Behind the Scenes: Episode 10 00/00/0000 A special look behind the scenes of Offspring Season 2 Episode 10
S00E37 Season 2 Behind the Scenes: Episode 11 00/00/0000 A special look behind the scenes of Offspring Season 2 Episode 11
S00E38 Season 2 Behind the Scenes: Episode 12 00/00/0000 A special look behind the scenes of Offspring Season 2 Episode 12
S00E39 Season 2 Behind the Scenes: Episode 13 00/00/0000 A special look behind the scenes of Offspring Season 2 Episode 13
S00E40 Nature vs Nurture 18/04/2012 The Nurses Webisode - Season 3 Episode 1 Nurse Zara's about to have a baby, with Jimmy Proudman - so how will it turn out?
S00E41 Womb with a View 03/05/2012 The Nurses Webisode - Season 3 Episode 2 Nurse Zara and Jimmy discuss their future plans, from within the womb.
S00E42 Morale Booster 1 16/05/2012 The Nurses Webisode - Season 3 Episode 3 Nurse Zara has to help increase morale around the hospital. but how? She's not going in alone.
S00E43 Morale Booster 2 23/05/2012 The Nurses Webisode - Season 3 Episode 4 The efforts to increase hospital morale are helped with a little choccie boost.
S00E44 The Next Day 30/05/2012 The Nurses Webisode - Season 3 Episode 5 How will Jimmy deal with Zara's having had their baby, but things aren't going all as planned.
S00E45 What's in a Name? 20/06/2012 The Nurses Webisode - Season 3 Episode 6 What's in a name? Jimmy has decided on a name for his and Zara's baby, but will it be forever?
S00E46 The Dawn Game 27/06/2012 The Nurses Webisode - Season 3 Episode 7 In a moment of high worry and stress, Zara and Jimmy take a moment to themselves. Will it help?
S00E47 Finale Party 11/07/2012 The Nurses Webisode - Season 3 Episode 8 All good things must end. The Nurses too.

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