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Spectacular experiments, amazing inventions and nature and wildlife at its best - discover how the world of science learns from nature and explore the beauty of mother earth.


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S01E01 Energy 2050 - Life After the Oil Crash 15/08/2009 Our energy system is on the threshold of a fundamental change. 50 years ago the foundations of our current energy supply were laid and now the time has come to set the course for the next 50 years.
S01E02 How the Computer Became Personal 18/05/2009 Video surveillance everywhere, the possibility to tap telephones and mobiles as well as to monitor internet traffic: what George Orwell foretold in his grim futuristic novel of 1949 has today, at least in part, become reality.
S01E03 Light of the Future 00/00/0000 There is no doubt that light is of outmost importance for our wellbeing, health and security.
S01E04 Our Knowledge Is But a Drop - Water,the Unknown Element 00/00/0000 Water: just a liquid or much more? New analyses of this life giving substance have caused a sensation around the world.
S01E05 Space Medicine 00/00/0000 Space: for thousands of years it has exerted a powerful attraction on humankind.
S01E06 In the Beginning Was the Particle 00/00/0000 It is the world's largest machine and consumes the same amount of electricity as a medium-sized town: the particle accelerator that the CERN European research centre for particle physics has built near Geneva is big in every respect.
S01E07 Pope Benedict XVI: My Vatican 00/00/0000 How does the Vatican actually work? What is everyday life like, in the smallest, but nevertheless most fascinating state of the world?
S01E08 When the Sun Stands Still 00/00/0000 It was 400 years ago that Galileo Galilei opened the window to the skies with a telescope.
S01E09 Women in the Vatican 00/00/0000 It has become something of a cliché nowadays to describe the Vatican as a state exclusively for priests and men.
S01E10 Global Wolf 00/00/0000 There is one creature that haunts our imagination more than any other: the villain of all good fairytales and a source of children's nightmares. Fear of the wolf has given it almost mythical status.
S01E11 Predator Bay 00/00/0000 This is the story of an incredible place where predators thrive, in particular, where the apex predators of the river meet the most powerful predators of the ocean. Kosi Bay is a beautiful estuarine system in Southern Africa.
S01E12 Swamp Tigers 00/00/0000 This multi- award winning film documents the life of the most elusive of cats, the royal Bengal, or 'swamp tigers' of the Sundarbans.
S01E13 Swimming Lions 00/00/0000 Millions of years ago, the area was a massive freshwater lake, but today the Okavango Delta is a unique system of islands and waterways. Such a remarkable kingdom needs a ruler. Enter the lion.
S01E14 White Shark! Outside the Cage 00/00/0000 An amazing account of biologist Mark Marks' adventure to document his remarkable research, which is changing the way we view these giants of the sea.
S01E15 The Catacombs of Palermo: Rosalia's Secret 00/00/0000 Deep down in the catacombs of Palermo more than one thousand mummies are embedded below a Capuchin cloister: The greatest accumulation of preserved bodies worldwide. They lie in alcoves, rest in open or closed coffins or hang on the walls.

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