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Old Jack’s Boat features Bernard Cribbins as ‘Old Jack’, a retired fisherman who lives in a little village on the North Yorkshire Coast. Helped along by a cast of colourful characters, ‘Old Jack’ tells tall stories from inside his old fishing boat. The series is a mix of live action and animation which allows Old Jack to wander along the seabed, visit tropical islands and fly high in the air on balloons always accompanied by his faithful dog, Salty.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Old Jack's Boat

S01E01 The Pearl Earring 21/01/2013 Miss Bowline-Hitch is taking photos of everyone in the village for her scrapbook, but Ernie doesn't like the tie he has been asked to wear. Jack tells a tale of the time he had to wear a tie.
S01E02 Windy Funnel's Harp 22/01/2013 Ernie loses his breakfast honey pot and has to chase it round the village. Meanwhile Jack tells a story of the day he found a honey pot floating in the sea.
S01E03 The Tigerfish's Party 23/01/2013 Shelly has decorated the Mermaid Cafe with balloons. Jack tells a tale of the time he had to deliver balloons to the tigerfish's party.
S01E04 Princess Blobfish 24/01/2013 When Salty's ball hits it, Shelly's new pink recipe becomes a blobby mess. This reminds Jack of the time Salty's ball led them to an equally pink and blobby fish.
S01E05 The Moon Maiden 25/01/2013 Jack is fixing the boiler and the loud sounds from the Rainbow keep interrupting Sam and Ernie's conversation. Jack only stops work to tell the tale of the Moon Maiden and how he helped her to find her way home.
S01E06 The Clumsy Giant 27/01/2013 Sam and Ernie are building a beach hut. Jack offers to fetch a feather duster to clean it with and this reminds him of an adventure he once had with a feather duster and a very clumsy giant.
S01E07 The Magic Sea Carpet 29/01/2013 It's Ernie's birthday and Shelly has made a special cake. But disaster is never far away from Ernie. Jack tells a tale of when he delivered a very special birthday present.
S01E08 There's a Hole in My Boat 30/01/2013 Emily and Shelly start selling doughnuts and the holes in the middle remind Jack of a time when the Rainbow had some holes too.
S01E09 The Sea Urchin and the Queen 31/01/2013 Miss Bowline-Hitch has been rushing around and needs to sit down for a rest. But all the seats are uncomfortable - a bit like a certain seaweed queen's throne.
S01E10 The Pot of Gold 01/02/2013 Emily wants a rainbow to shine over Staithes. Jack recalls the time that he and Salty set off to find the end of the rainbow.
S01E11 The Tap and the Plug 04/02/2013 Sam is trying to put a sign up on the beach at low tide. Jack remembers the story of the day the tide went out - and didn't come back.
S01E12 The Lost Penguin 05/02/2013 Emily's ice-cream maker has broken and she can't sell any ice creams. Jack tells a story about the day Salty wanted an ice cube for her drink and they ended up having an adventure with a lost penguin.
S01E13 King Neptune's Shell 06/02/2013 Ernie is really hungry but can't seem to find anything to eat. Jack remembers the story of the magic shell that made food - and why the sea is salty!
S01E14 Old Seadog's Treasure 07/02/2013 Miss Bowline-Hitch's sundial needs the sun to shine on it. Jack recalls a hunt for treasure that needed sunshine to solve it.
S01E15 Moving House 08/02/2013 Shelly is looking for an unusual flowerpot and Jack has a brilliant idea which involves a hermit crab's hunt for a new home!
S01E16 Grandpa Pops 04/03/2013 Jack is trying to have a kip on the Rainbow but he keeps getting interrupted by Ernie and Sam who think Jack is turning into Grandpa Pops. Jack tells the story of Grandpa Pops, the oldest sailor in the world.
S01E17 The Bumps 05/03/2013 Sam is trying to clear the seaweed off the beach and Jack remembers a very bumpy day when the sea was covered in seaweed.
S01E18 A Song for the Sea King 06/03/2013 Miss Bowline-Hitch is returning all the things she's borrowed but now she's lost her purse. Jack is reminded of the time that Pearl the mermaid lost something precious.
S01E19 The Tug of War 07/03/2013 Salty doesn't want her blanket to be cleaned. But while Emily is washing it Jack tells Salty the story of the underwater tug of war.
S01E20 A Stormy Voyage 08/03/2013 Ernie gives Jack a new lightbulb for his ship's lamp. That reminds Jack of a stormy voyage he and Salty once had and the light they needed to get home safely.
S01E21 The Runaway Treat 11/03/2013 Miss Bowline-Hitch thinks Ernie deserves a special prize for all the hard work he is doing. Jack recalls the time that Salty won a special prize.
S01E22 The Moon Lantern 12/03/2013 Ernie has to deliver some eggs to Sam, but will he get them to her without breaking them? Jack recalls the time he helped a sea turtle to hatch her eggs.
S01E23 The Viking's Helmet 13/03/2013 A mysterious trail of bananas leads Jack to Miss Bowline-Hitch and, possibly, a hairy monster. Jack tells a tale of a hairy monster he met once on a desert island.
S01E24 The Delivery 14/03/2013 Emily doesn't know what to do with her delivery of tiny umbrellas and Jack tells the story of a very special delivery he once received.
S01E25 The Lucky Dip 15/03/2013 Sam is fishing in the water for some lost keys. Jack is reminded of the time he and Salty had to fish for something a lot bigger.
S02E01 Bouncy Bluey 20/01/2014 Bluey the whale visits the underwater funfair, but he keeps having accidents. Jack and Salty try to save him from being thrown out.
S02E02 The Colours of the Rainbow 21/01/2014 Jack tells the story of how the rainbow got her stripes.
S02E03 The Enormous Sea Beanstalk 22/01/2014 Jack knocks some beans into the sea and an enormous sea beanstalk grows up. But what is at the bottom?
S02E04 The Flying Badge 23/01/2014 Jack and Salty are lost in the Antarctic. Only one friend can save them - a little penguin.
S02E05 The Humbug Hotel 24/01/2014 Jack and Salty visit the Humbug Hotel and help a lonely tigerfish find true love.
S02E06 The Grand Splashional 27/01/2014 Jack and Salty help a little seahorse called Sam race Speedy, the fastest fish in the sea.
S02E07 Monkey Me 28/01/2014 Jack and Salty help a little monkey find his home - but what if he doesn't want to live there anymore?
S02E08 Sea King's Games 29/01/2014 George the sawfish is desperate to compete in the sea king's games but disaster strikes and it could ruin the whole event!
S02E09 The Shy Noodle Oodle Bird 30/01/2014 Thelma the dragon has eaten too much rainbow and needs some help.
S02E10 The Shooting Stars 31/01/2014 The whole village of Staithes is lit up at night by some naughty shooting stars.
S02E11 Blue Ears 17/02/2014 Jack tells the tale of a haircut that doesn't go according to plan!
S02E12 Flora's Flute 18/02/2014 Jack and Salty have to help out when Flora loses her magical flute.
S02E13 Topsy Turvy Bay 19/02/2014 Jack and Salty visit Topsy Turvy Bay, where everything is upside down.
S02E14 The Windsock 20/02/2014 A naughty windsock escapes from its pole and goes on a mad dash through the ocean.
S02E15 Small Fry 21/02/2014 Natty the cardinal fish doesn't want to speak - but what special secret is he hiding?
S02E16 The Cheese and Tomato Sandwich 24/02/2014 Jack and Salty go in search of some pepper for a cheese and tomato sandwich.
S02E17 The Rock Sea Palace 25/02/2014 Jack and Salty discover Angela the anglerfish's biggest secret.
S02E18 The Knitted Tea Cosy 26/02/2014 Jack and Salty search the snowy wastes of Antarctica for a lost parrot called Treasure.
S02E19 Shipshape 27/02/2014 Jack and Salty help an old gardener fish discover why his garden has become so noisy.
S02E20 Whatchamaloop 28/02/2014 Coral Reef takes Jack and Salty on an amazing tour underwater.
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