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There is a classified America we were never meant to see. From Academy Award®-winning writer/director Oliver Stone, this ten-part documentary series looks back at human events that at the time went under reported, but that crucially shaped America's unique and complex history over the 20th century. From the atomic bombing of Japan to the Cold War and the fall of Communism, this in-depth, surprising, and totally riveting series demands to be watched again and again.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States

S01E01 La seconde guerre mondiale 12/11/2012 The first chapter explores the birth of the American Empire by focusing on Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin. Through examination of key decisions during World War II, discover unsung heroes such as American Henry Wallace and explore the demonization of the Soviets.
S01E02 Roosevelt, Truman & Wallace, Occasion manquée 19/11/2012 Highlights from the historical upset of Harry Truman replacing Henry Wallace as Roosevelt's Vice President. Exploration of the relationship between the US and the Soviet Union and the beginnings of the Cold War.
S01E03 La bombe 26/11/2012 The strategies behind the U.S. atomic bombings of Japan are explored as well as the new mythology that emerged from the war. The bombing haunted the Soviets and mistrust towards the Allies grew quickly.
S01E04 La guerre froide, Truman, Wallace, Stalin, Churchill & la bombe 03/12/2012 The equation changes: specific month-by-month causes of the Cold War emerge and it is not entirely clear who started it. Highlights include Churchill's Iron Curtain speech, the civil war in Greece and the Red Scare that prompts the rise of Joseph McCarthy, the House Un-American Activities Committee and the FBI.
S01E05 Les années 1950, Eisenhower, La bombe & le tiers-monde 10/12/2012 Eisenhower and John Foster Dulles replace Truman. Stalin dies but relations with the Soviet Union turn colder. The H-bomb and the doctrine of nuclear annihilation are explored, as are the Korean War and U.S. rearmament. McCarthyism grows and so does the ruthlessness of U.S. policy towards a Third World. Eisenhower emerges as a game changer.
S01E06 JFK, Au bord du gouffre 17/12/2012 JFK and the Bay of Pigs; on the brink of total war during Cuban Missile Crisis; early Vietnam; JFK's attempts at peace with Khrushchev; JFK assassinated. Directed and narrated by Oliver Stone.
S01E07 Johnson, Nixon & le Viêtnam, Revers de fortune 24/12/2012 The war in Vietnam reaches a turning point; President Nixon's involvement in Watergate comes to light.
S01E08 Reagan, Gorbatchev & le tiers-monde, La montée de la droite 31/12/2012 Ronald Reagan succeeds Jimmy Carter; Reagan and the Soviet Union's Mikhail Gorbachev powwow; and Reagan's legacy is examined.
S01E09 Bush & Clinton, Le triomphalisme américain, Le nouvel ordre mondial 07/01/2013 George W. Bush's doctrine of endless war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the continued cannibalization of the U.S. economy. Squandered chances given by the end of the Cold War. A new USA, the National Security Fortress.
S01E10 Bush & Obama, L'ère du terrorisme 14/01/2013 In the Season 1 finale, the war on terrorism and the presidential administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama are examined.
S00E01 Prologue: Chapter A - World War I, the Russian Revolution & Woodrow Wilson 00/00/0000 The first of two bonus prologue episodes delves into the evolution America underwent as it began to transform into a superpower. Topics include the turn of the century in America, early 20th century elections and political shifts, the Spanish-American War, various European and Asian influences on United States policy, the role of imported oil around the world, neutrality agreements and complications, World War I, the growing relationship between U.S. industry and government, and the Russian Revolution.
S00E02 Prologue: Chapter B - 1920-1940 - Roosevelt, Hitler, Stalin: The Battle of Ideas 00/00/0000 Despite the years listed in its title, the second prologue episode begins in 1920 and plunges well into WWII. Topics include the divisions that developed in the United States after World War I, racial and social unrest across the nation, economic busts and declines, the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt's presidency, Stalin's oppression and the state-run economy of the USSR, Hitler's rise to power in Germany, growing tensions between capitalism and communism, and pre and post-World War II North America, Europe and Asia.
S00E03 A Conversation with History 00/00/0000 Executive producer Oliver Stone and author/political philosopher Tariq Ali share a wide-sweeping discussion on American history, the myth of national benevolence, corruption by way of power, the roots and entanglements of the military-industrial complex, post-World War II international events that came to bear on fears and anxieties in the United States, the wars, conflicts and social upheavals of the 20th century, the naiveté of young citizens, the ever-developing narratives of history, and much, much more.