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Olivia, a 6 ¾-year-old spunky girl pig, dreams big, has even bigger adventures, and inspires confidence, in her very own series. Olivia is joined by her four year old brother Ian, her best friend Julian, Francine the next door neighbor, and William who is her baby brother. The show is based on Ian Falconer's books.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Olivia

S01E01 Olivia Measures Up 26/01/2009 In the series opener of this cartoon about an adventurous young pig with a vivid imagination, Olivia tries to stop her little brother from growing.
S01E02 Olivia Plays Hotel 26/01/2009 Olivia transforms her home into a make-believe hotel and entertains her friends at the establishment.
S01E03 Olivia's Ice Spectacular 27/01/2009 The ice-skating show Olivia wants to see gets canceled, so she stages her own show in her backyard.
S01E04 Olivia's Snow Day 27/01/2009 When school is closed because of snowfall, Olivia pretends to be a reporter and investigates a story about the abominable snowman.
S01E05 Olivia's Magic Act 28/01/2009 Olivia performs magic tricks, including one where she makes herself disappear.
S01E06 Olivia and the School Concert 28/01/2009 Olivia helps Ian overcome his stage fright so he can perform his celery song at the school concert.
S01E07 Olivia Visits the Aquarium 29/01/2009 Olivia and her classmates compete on a class trip to the aquarium.
S01E08 Olivia Goes International 29/01/2009 Olivia decides to invent her own country.
S01E09 Olivia and the Crystal Ball 30/01/2009 William accidentally breaks Dad's bowling trophy, and Olivia worries that he will be arrested.
S01E10 Olivia Plays Soccer 30/01/2009 Olivia is upset when Francine is chosen over her to play goalie in soccer.
S01E11 The Two Olivias 09/02/2009 A new girl in Olivia's class shares her name, causing Olivia much confusion.
S01E12 Olivia Tends to the Sick 09/02/2009 Olivia comes up with some silly treatments to cure Julian's itchy foot.
S01E13 Olivia Makes a Video 10/02/2009 Olivia makes a video diary for her dad while he's out of town.
S01E14 Olivia Takes a Road Trip 10/02/2009 Olivia transforms her home into a make-believe hotel and entertains her friends at the establishment.
S01E15 Olivia Goes Camping 11/02/2009 Olivia takes inexperienced camper Francine with her on her family's camping trip.
S01E16 Olivia Plays Vet 11/02/2009 Olivia decides to become a veterinarian, so she practices on her pets.
S01E17 Olivia Packs Up 12/02/2009 Fed up with sharing, Olivia tries to find a place free from little brothers.
S01E18 Olivia Is Invited to Dinner 12/02/2009 Olivia is invited to Francine's for dinner, but then she worries about reciprocating.
S01E19 Olivia the Pet Monitor 13/02/2009 Olivia and Francine compete to be the classroom pet monitor.
S01E20 Olivia and the Anniversary Surprise 13/02/2009 Olivia's parents go to a restaurant for their anniversary.
S01E21 Olivia Paints a Mural 27/02/2009 Olivia decides to become a painter, but she worries about space issues after seeing a mural.
S01E22 Olivia's Day at the Office 27/02/2009 Olivia and Ian accompany their father to work, and Olivia tries to help her dad with a new project he's been assigned.
S01E23 Olivia Leads a Parade 23/03/2009 Olivia, Ian and Julian create their own backyard parade.
S01E24 Olivia the Nature Photographer 23/03/2009 Olivia and Julian camp out in the backyard to photograph wild animals... However, her annoying brother scares one away.
S01E25 Olivia's Good Luck 24/03/2009 Olivia wants to sell more cookies than anyone else in her Young Pioneers troupe. Also, she loses her so called lucky tights.
S01E26 Olivia Explores Outer Space 24/03/2009 Olivia creates a model of the entire solar system for a school project.
S01E27 Olivia Plays Piano 25/03/2009 Olivia's piano teacher wants her to practice.
S01E28 Olivia Trains Her Cat 25/03/2009 Olivia searches for her missing cat.
S01E29 Olivia and Her Ducklings 27/03/2009 Olivia and Ian try to keep a family of ducks a secret from Mother and Father.
S01E30 Olivia Takes Ballet 25/03/2009 Olivia recruits Uncle Garret as a ballet partner.
S01E31 Olivia Helps Mother Nature 22/04/2009 Olivia puts herself and Julian on a training regimen as they prepare for their school's track-and-field day.
S01E32 Olivia Gets Fit 22/04/2009 Olivia makes it her mission to recycle and conserve energy.
S01E33 Olivia Becomes a Chef 08/05/2009 Olivia, Ian and their father cook a special meal for her mother's birthday
S01E34 Olivia and the Babies 08/05/2009 Olivia pretends that her cat and her dog are her babies and develops some useful maternal skills.
S01E35 Olivia Acts Out 09/09/2009 Olivia must make the most of her small part in the school play.
S01E36 Olivia and Grandma's Visit 09/09/2009 Olivia has to give up her bedroom when her grandmother comes to visit.
S01E37 Olivia and Her Alien Brother 10/11/2009 After a trip to the planetarium, Olivia begins to believe that Ian is an alien.
S01E38 Olivia's Lemonade Stand 10/11/2009 Olivia is upset when her lemonade stand loses customers to Francine's pink lemonade stand.
S01E39 Olivia Runs a Carnival 11/11/2009 Olivia oversees the construction of games and amusements for her school carnival.
S01E40 Olivia Explores the Attic 11/11/2009 Olivia discovers her grandmother's time capsule hidden in the attic.
S01E41 Olivia Plants a Garden 12/11/2009 Olivia makes a discovery when Perry digs up her garden.
S01E42 Olivia's Pirate Treasure 12/11/2009 Olivia, Ian and Julian pretend that they are pirates while at the beach.
S01E43 Olivia and the Old West 13/11/2009 Olivia is left in charge while Mrs. Hogenmuller searches for the class bullfrog.
S01E44 Olivia's Fashion Show 13/11/2009 Olivia is determined to put on her own fashion show.
S01E45 Olivia and the Family Photo 13/12/2009 Olivia's mother attempts to take a family Christmas photo in the middle of summer.
S01E46 Olivia Claus 13/12/2009 Olivia imagines that she is a Santa Claus who returns lost toys.
S01E47 Olivia Goes to the Beach 29/04/2010 Grandma takes Olivia and Ian to a special beach.
S01E48 Olivia Keeps a Secret 29/04/2010 Olivia wants to help plan Francine's birthday party.
S01E49 Olivia Goes to the Library 24/04/2010 On a trip to the library, Olivia hopes to renew her fantastic book so she can finish it.
S01E50 Olivia Makes a Wedding Gift 24/04/2010 Olivia wants to find the perfect wedding present for Miss Davis.
S02E01 Olivia Talks Turkey 21/11/2010 Olivia takes up into a new hobby with a turkey calling, and Olivia sings Opera with her pet Turkey.
S02E02 Olivia Takes a Hike 21/11/2010 Olivia's Father accompanies her and Francine at they turn into Pioneer Scouts.
S02E03 Olivia's Christmas Surprise 12/12/2010
S02E04 Olivia Builds a Snowlady 12/12/2010 Olivia resorts to building a snowman out of cotton candy because the snow has melted.
S02E06 Olivia Builds a Stage 13/02/2011
S02E07 Olivia and the Treasure Hunt 20/03/2011 Olivia's family participates in a town-wide treasure hunt, which involves searching for clues and doing goofy tricks.
S02E08 Olivia's Old West Treasure Hunt 17/04/2011 Olivia and her classmates look for a lost key to the school bus and find a hidden treasure.
S02E09 Olivia Makes it Rain 17/04/2011 Olivia plans to attend a toy-boat race, but a problem arises: The pond has no water.
S02E10 Olivia's Kite Party 17/04/2011 Olivia and her pals want to fly their kites, but the wind has stopped blowing.
S02E11 Olivia Builds a House 17/04/2011 Olivia and Ian try to rebuild their father's broken scale-model house, but they build it on a much larger scale.
S02E12 Olivia's Tip Top Tapper 08/05/2011 Olivia injures her leg before her tap-dance recital, but she finds a clever way to perform.
S02E13 Olivia Plans a Tea Party 08/05/2011 Olivia fills in for her ill mom and hosts a pirate-themed tea party.
S02E14 Puppy Love 19/06/2011 Olivia plans a canine wedding for Perry, then she has to track down the runaway bride.
S02E15 Magnificent Magnet Girl 19/06/2011 Olivia misses the chance to buy her dad a collectible comic book for Father's Day, so instead she and her friends act out the story for him.
S02E16 Olivia's Dogwash 21/08/2011
S02E17 Meteor Mania 21/08/2011
S02E18 Princess for a Day 18/09/2011
S02E19 Olivia's Charmed Life 18/11/2012
S02E20 Olivia's Pet Project 18/11/2012
S02E21 Olivia's Staycation 10/08/2013
S02E22 Olivia's Butterfly Adventure 10/08/2013
S02E23 Olivia the Firefighter 26/10/2015
S02E24 Olivia Gives the Best Gift Ever 26/10/2015
S02E25 Teacher of the Year 27/10/2015
S02E26 Olivia and the Talent Show 27/10/2015
S02E27 Hoedown Hero 28/10/2015
S02E28 Olivia's Road Race 28/10/2015
S02E29 Olivia's Joy 29/10/2015
S02E30 Olivia's Mighty Five 29/10/2015
S00E01 Olivia Takes Ballet 00/00/0000