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Led by Emmy Award-winning journalist Paula Zahn, ON THE CASE features in-depth interviews and original reporting that go beyond the headlines in search of fascinating mysteries from within our nation's justice system. Each episode is highlighted by Zahn's riveting exclusive interviews, which draw out different viewpoints from the people personally connected to tragedies that rocked their local community and the investigations that attempted to piece together the truth.


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S01E01 Deadly Lessons 18/10/2009 The journalist investigates the case of Illinois teenager Ashley Reeves, who was attacked by teacher Samson Shelton in April 2006 after she tried to end their relationship and left for dead in woods with a broken neck
S01E02 A Murder in Pleasant Valley 25/10/2009 The case of personnel manager Susan Fassett, who died after being shot six times in October 1999. Her attacker was housewife Dawn Silvernail who wished to prevent Fassett testifying in a legal case against water boss Fred Andros - lover of both women
S01E03 Honeymoon Hit 01/11/2009 Police investigate the shooting of an aspiring model at point-blank range and suspicion falls on her violent ex, with detectives believing his young bride could help solve the case
S01E04 Hit or Miss 08/11/2009 The journalist investigates the story of a man who ended up with five bullets in his neck intended for his best friend as she tries to uncover who masterminded the plot
S01E05 Date with Death 15/11/2009 A woman survives a brutal attack from a man she met at a nightclub but the incident triggers a manhunt for a serial killer.
S01E06 A Death in the Desert 22/11/2009 The case of millionaire Las Vegas casino owner Ted Binion, who was found dead from an apparent overdose in September 1998. The eccentric 55-year-old had a known heroin addiction and police struggled to determine if his death was an accident or murder
S01E07 Love You to Death 29/11/2009 Dr. Nyce can't cope when his wife has an affair with the gardener. In a bitter fight he kills her. Was he defending himself, as he claims, or mad with jealousy?
S01E08 The Millionaire Murder 06/12/2009 The case of a 35-year-old housekeeper who married her 75-year-old millionaire boss and enjoyed a life of luxury until her friend shot him dead
S01E09 Last Stop Murder 13/12/2009 A woman's remains are found in a parking lot. Police race against the clock to discover the killer's identity before he gets away with murder.
S01E10 Out of the Ashes 20/12/2009 The journalist investigates the case of a man jailed for murder, who is trying to prove he was framed
S01E11 A Murder At Echo Lake 03/01/2010 A lawyer calls the emergency services after he and his wife are forced off the road and shot, but police suspect the case is not as simple as it seems
S01E12 Newlywed Murders 10/01/2010 Two men are convicted of murdering a newlywed couple. One faces the death penalty. Did they really do it or were they victims of small town corruption?
S01E13 The Boy Next Door 17/01/2010 A teenage girl is murdered in her backyard, but the case goes cold. After more than 30 years police make an arrest, but do they have the right man?
S02E01 Beauty and the Beast 18/04/2010 A young woman is abducted in broad daylight.
S02E02 Murder in the Heartland 25/04/2010 The double murder of cake vendors Bobie and Marilyn Blewer at the 1996 Iowa State Fair, the first homicide in the 150-year history of the attraction. Jerimy Sneed was hired for the crime by the Blewers' daughter Jamie Borushaski and her husband Rodney who intended to collect their insurance policy. Paula Zahn examines this twisted story of deception
S02E03 Twin Killing 02/05/2010 The murder of prestigious and popular Huntsville Alabama doctor Jack Wilson. His wife Betty and her twin sister Peggy Lowe quickly became suspects and were dubbed 'the black widows'. They were arrested in May 1992, and though Peggy was acquitted, Betty was sentenced to spend the rest of her life in prison with no chance of parole
S02E04 A Lamb Amongst Wolves 09/05/2010 The case of a 19-year-old college student murdered on the street in Brooklyn, New York after a night of partying. The mother of the man convicted of killing him went undercover to try to prove that her son did not receive a fair trial
S02E05 The Long Road Home 16/05/2010 Mischelle Lawless was found dead in a car. Police arrest a man who some say argued with her days before. Do police have the right man or is her killer still at large?
S02E06 A Killing in Canova Beach 23/05/2010 The case of James Dvorak, who was found beaten to death on Florida's Canova beach in August 1981. Advancements in DNA technology later proved the man convicted of the crime, William Dillon, was innocent. However by then he had served 27 years in prison
S02E07 She Never Came Home 30/05/2010 A student goes missing from her college in Texas. Her parents search for her but will they find her alive, or will the man she was last seen with be charged with her disappearance?
S02E08 Deadly Delivery 06/06/2010 The kidnap and murder of Ohio postmaster Betty Mottinger in August 1982. When her body was recovered wrapped in a painter's dropcloth six weeks after her disappearance, it required the attentions of her loyal colleagues to help identify her killer
S02E09 Web of Lies 13/06/2010 The journalist recounts a case in which two men fought for the attentions of a teenage girl they had met online, with one eventually killing the other. The teenager, however, did not exist and was a fictional persona created by a 45-year-old woman
S02E10 Daddy's Girl 20/06/2010 The father of a young girl searches for the truth when his daughter's body is found burnt alive in a basement.
S02E11 Beyond Redemption 27/06/2010 A twisted tale of one man's madness and one woman's quest for the truth.
S02E12 Twisted Triangle 11/07/2010 A divorce pits a husband and wife team of FBI agents against each other and casts one into the arms of a crime novelist. What unfolds is a twisted tale stranger than any fiction.
S02E13 Aim to Kill 18/07/2010 The murder of welder Danny Paquette who, in November 1985, was shot through the heart while working outside in rural New Hampshire. It took two decades to bring his killers to justice, thanks mainly to the dogged determination of his brother Victor. The gunman, Eric Windhurst, claimed he was protecting himself and his then girlfriend, Paquette's stepdaughter Melanie, who claimed the victim had raped and abused her
S03E01 Beauty Queen Killer 07/11/2010 A man is shot in his living room while his family is upstairs and there are guns all over the lawn but no assailant in site.
S03E02 Gallaudet Murders 14/11/2010 Police try to stop a killer from striking again when a popular student is found murdered in his dorm room.
S03E03 Voices in the Dark 21/11/2010 The case of a vicious assault on a college student that threatened to tear an entire town apart
S03E04 Murder She Wrote 28/11/2010 The murder of Bill Stout, who was shot in his bedroom in June 2007. The police investigation traced a string of menacing e-mails to a jilted lover, but computer experts uncovered inconsistencies on the source of the threats. The person eventually foung guilty of the crime was his embittered wife Anne, who stood to be the beneficiary of a $500,000 life insurance policy. Paula Zahn travels to a Montana prison as the convicted killer opens up for the first time about the events leading to Stout's death
S03E05 A Cry in The Night 05/12/2010 A blossoming love is cut short when a young woman is found brutally murdered in her boyfriend's home.
S03E06 Cheating Death 12/12/2010 A woman asks for a divorce but her husband has a different plan to ending their marriage.
S03E07 Internal Affairs 19/12/2010 After the wife of a policeman was shot, investigators uncovered a murderous plot stemming from a torrid affair and feared the involvement of another officer. Zahn examines the case and meets the women responsible for the murder
S03E08 Run Bambi Run 02/01/2011 The case of former policewoman Laurie Bembenek, who murdered her her husband's ex-wife in 1982. Her escape from prison in 1990 turned her into a national celebrity across America
S03E09 Sins Of The Father 09/01/2011 The journalist explores a decade-old murder, and finds out how the police investigation uncovered a man's terrible secret
S03E10 Blood Betrayal 16/01/2011 A mother is savagely murdered in her home and police discover a dangerous web of intrigue connected to an all American family.
S03E11 Shadow Of Doubt 23/01/2011 The case of bar manager Kim Ancona, who was stabbed to death at her place of work in Phoenix, Arizona, in December 1991. Former Air Force sergeant Ray Krone was wrongfully convicted of the crime and later exonerated
S03E12 Evil Twin 30/01/2011 The journalist explores the case of several missing girls, and the ensuing hunt for a possible serial killer
S03E13 Dark Side Of A Dream 13/02/2011 The case of aspiring 21-year-old actress Kristi Johnson, whose disappearance in February 2003 followed her planned attendance at an appointment for photographs to be taken in connection with a planned film. However, officers regarded this a lure after her body was recovered in a ravine in the Hollywood Hills a few weeks later
S04E01 Silenced 17/04/2011 Debbie Culberson's battle to determine the fate of her daughter Carrie. In 1997 Vincent Doan, ex-boyfriend of the 22-year-old, was sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping and murder, but his victim's body was never recovered and Debbie is intent on finding its location
S04E02 Message In Blood 24/04/2011 The journalist explores the case of a woman stabbed to death in her kitchen. Investigators had to determine whether the letters ROC scribed in blood were left by her as a message, or by her attacker as a taunt
S04E03 Race To Judgement 01/05/2011 The journalist recounts the events leading to a traffic accident in Tatum, Texas, that claimed the lives of four teenage girls. The cheerleaders' were driving to a post-game party, but as their SUV pulled on the main road, a truck driven by an 18-year-old youth rammed into it. Determining responsibility soon pulled the town apart
S04E04 A Tangled Past 08/05/2011 Rhonda is suspicious when her mum, an MS sufferer, becomes ill and suddenly dies. Can she use her professional knowledge as a nurse to force a criminal investigation?
S04E05 Campus Killer 29/05/2011 A mother leads the investigation of her daughter who goes missing from her university campus.
S04E06 Murder By Numbers 05/06/2011 Popular local Bobby is found beaten to death in his service station. A trail of cash and calls lead cops to eccentric landowner Eric, but is he guilty?
S04E07 Under Suspicion 12/06/2011 The disappearance of young mother Jami Sherer, who vanished from Redmond, Washington, in September 1990 while on a journey to see her mother. Ten years later her husband Steven was convicted of first degree murder, despite the absence of a body, thanks to compelling circumstantial evidence
S04E08 A Mother's Nightmare 19/06/2011 A 10-year-old boy is snatched from his bed one night, but police become suspicious of his mother's story, forcing her to battle to clear her name
S04E09 A Murder At Loose Chippings 26/06/2011 The journalist examines the murder of wealthy socialites Derek and Nancy Haysom in March 1985. His daughter Elizabeth and her boyfriend Jens Soering were convicted of the crime
S04E10 Betrayal At Charisma Farms 03/07/2011 The murder of 55-year-old farm owner Robert Dorotik in February 2000, which was staged to look like a traffic accident. To prevent him from receiving 40 per cent of her income in the event of their divorce, his wife Jane had beaten him to death and left his body by the roadside
S04E11 Mystery In The Mountains 10/07/2011 After a woman disappears, it looks like the case will never be solved. Then, a FBI agent joins the cold case team and jump starts a 13 year old enquiry.
S04E12 A Slip Of Fate 17/07/2011 The case of Hazelynn Stomps, who tried to conceal her husband Jerry's murder. She had claimed they were victims of an attack, which left her with a broken hip and led to his disappearance. In reality, she had shot him twice before burning his body
S04E13 Murder Ordained? 24/07/2011 The crimes of Lutheran minister Tom Bird, who in 1983 killed his wife and placed her body inside a car before running it off the road where it settled in the Cottonwood River. Later that year his mistress, a part-time secretary at Bird's church, solicited the murder of her husband
S05E01 In Broad Daylight 30/10/2011 The journalist examines the April 2009 murder of Heather Strube. The 25-year-old was gunned down in broad daylight in Snellville, Georgia just metres from her baby son by her mother-in-law Joanna Hayes, who had disguised herself in a wig and moustache
S05E02 Severed Ties 13/11/2011 Chillicothe, MO remains divided over a young man's conviction for the murder of a mother of 5 and the wounding of her husband. Was the bullet fired from his father's gun? How old was the fingerprint on the ammo box? Experts disagreed.
S05E03 Death And The Doctor 26/11/2011 The murder of a popular Ohio doctor. Grainy CCTV footage documented her death, but failed to reveal the killer. However, unusual teeth marks on her neck proved essential in helping the investigation
S05E04 No One To Trust 20/11/2011 The abduction of 18-year-old Lisa Kimmell from a desolate stretch of highway in Wyoming. Over the next six days the kidnapper taunted her family with phone calls and disturbing letters. He then killed her and dumped her body in a river. It was another 14 years before DNA evidence identified Dale Wayne Eaton as the man responsible
S05E05 A Stranger's Knock 04/12/2011 A young woman is shot multiple times, and then her home is ransacked and burned to the ground. Who murdered Norma and where is her killer now?
S05E06 Twice Is No Accident 11/12/2011 The journalist examines the case of John Smith, who was convicted of killing his first wife, Janice Hartman, and suspected of killing his second wife and possibly another woman. FBI officers confronted Smith's bewildered third wife, Diane Beasley, with the details of her husband's past before he could strike again
S05E07 Lost in the Fire 18/12/2011 The journalist explores mysterious crimes and interviews the people involved
S05E08 Last Rites 08/01/2012 A Roman Catholic priest becomes a suspect after Sister Margaret Ann Pahl is found strangled and stabbed to death on the day before Easter Sunday.
S05E09 Secrets From the Grave 15/01/2012 When the partially nude body of a teenage girl is found in a cemetery, investigators analyze DNA evidence recovered from the crime scene to find her killer.
S05E10 Murder At Sunset Part 1 22/01/2012 A brutal triple homicide is investigated after the bodies of a mother and two daughters are found floating in Tampa Bay.
S05E11 Murder At Sunset Part 2 22/01/2012 A brutal triple homicide is investigated after the bodies of a mother and two daughters are found floating in Tampa Bay.
S05E12 Left in the Dark 29/01/2012 Graduate student is stabbed; police must investigate whether it was a crime of passion or the work of an intruder.
S05E13 The Art of Murder 12/02/2012 Young art student is murdered; police unravel a bizarre web of jealousy and deceit.
S05E14 Unmasking A Killer 19/02/2012 Young graduate student is found dead in a clothing store.
S06E01 Mystery In The Desert 03/06/2012 Award-winning journalist Paula Zahn goes beyond the headlines in search of fascinating mysteries from within America's justice system. She begins with a 50-year-old murder case in which a couple were found dead in the Arizona desert - but after decades of investigations and two trials, this controversial case still remains shrouded in mystery
S06E02 Innocent Witness 10/06/2012 The murder of young mother Rhonda Boggs, stabbed to death in her Ohio kitchen in April 2002. The incident was all the more harrowing as it was witnessed by the victim's two-year-old daughter. A man confessed to the crime, but his admission was found to be unstable, and attention switched to another suspect
S06E03 Dirty Secrets 17/06/2012 A 17-year-old girl disappears from her home in the middle of the night; another brutal murder's evidence helps solve the case.
S06E04 Over the Edge 24/06/2012 The journalist recalls the investigation into the death of Wendy Kratzert. In 1995, her husband conspired with his neighbours to make it appear she had died in a road accident. Her body was found inside her van at the foot of a mountain in North Carolina, though in reality she had been killed earlier at the couple's home
S06E05 Hanging By A Thread 01/07/2012 A young teenage girl is responsible for trying to bring a horrifying crime spree to an end.
S06E06 The River's Edge 08/07/2012 The journalist examines the case of 17-year-old Stacy Fairchild, whose murdered body was recovered from the Hocking River in February 1989. Almost 20 years passed before DNA evidence allowed Ohio police to charge a man with her murder
S06E07 A Deadly Betrayal 15/07/2012 The case of a man executed after a friendly poker game. As the police try to identify suspects among the victim's friends, they find the truth leads them much closer to home
S06E08 No Exit 22/07/2012 A young couple is savagely gunned down while out on the town in Washington, D.C.
S06E09 Fatal Footage 29/07/2012 The killing of Patricia McDermott, an X-ray technician who died of a brutal gunshot wound in 2005. Security footage from the scene of the crime helped police identify hospital co-worker Juan Covington as her murderer. It transpired that Philadelphia resident Covington had shot people on four previous occasions, killing two
S06E10 Vanished In The Night 19/08/2012 The mystery behind the disappearance of 20-year-old Lynsie Ekelund following a night out with friends in February 2001. A decade later, an undercover sting operation shed new light on the Los Angeles case when new evidence was revealed
S06E11 Taken 26/08/2012 Three young girls are kidnapped, when the killer kidnaps again a young girl's heroic actions solves the case.
S06E12 Murder At Bird Key 02/09/2012 When a businessman is found murdered in his spacious South Florida home, a backpack found at the crime scene holds the key to solving the case.