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Special programmes revisiting One Born Every Minute couples as they come to terms with the reality of parenthood


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S01E01 Sarah & Nando, Julia & Dean, Lucy 05/04/2012 More than 100 babies have been born on the award-winning One Born Every Minute. Now the series visits three One Born couples as their babies approach their first birthday to see how they're responding to an even bigger challenge: parenthood. As their babies grow, so does their unconditional love, but these mums and dads have come to realise that nothing could have prepared them for the sleepless nights, endless nappy changes and lack of sex. The film paints a moving and often hilarious picture of modern parenting: a 'how to' - and at times, 'how not to' - guide to the first year. Young mum Sarah says 'Giving birth is a walk in the park compared to bringing them up.' Sarah and her partner Nando had a scare when baby Gino was rushed to intensive care barely 24 hours after he was born. Nearly a year later, Nando takes the baby to A&E for everything from trapped wind to teething. When Sarah decides to go back to work, Nando finds himself looking after Gino on his own. Sarah knows it won't be easy for him. Meanwhile, Dean was last seen punching the air and shouting 'come on, girl!' as his baby's head appeared. But when he and his partner Julia returned home with their new son, they didn't realise that Dean would have a relapse of the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder he had when he was younger. And Julia is about to find out whether having a baby has damaged her weak heart. And Lucy, last seen serenading hospital staff with a rendition of show-tune classics, is trying to find a balance between her life as a mum and her career as an opera singer. Having had three kids in five years, she's gone from a glamorous life in the spotlight to being knee-deep in nappies, baby food and potty training. But she feels it's time to get her old life back and, after a hard day with the kids at the zoo, finally confronts her husband. And the last thing one of the couples is prepared for is finding out that t
S02E01 Caroline & Chris, Kate & Nick, Becky & Annie 21/11/2012 After years of failed attempts to get pregnant, Caroline and Chris finally hit the jackpot with triplets. But their three baby boys were left fighting for life after being born 11 weeks premature. Two years on it's the 'terrible twos' times three when the boys' first haircut together ends in tears - from Mum. Kate and Nick's experience of parenthood has been very different to what they had envisaged. They gave birth to a healthy baby boy called Jake but at just two weeks old he fell ill with GBS meningitis. Jake survived the infection but it left him with a complex physical disability and in need of constant care. Now that he's nearly two, the couple treasure each of Jake's milestones. When he turns the page of a book for the first time, Kate's joy is overwhelming. And when lesbian couple Becky and Annie decided they wanted children, they 'bulk bought' sperm using an anonymous donor. Annie carried their first baby and Becky gave birth to their second. When their oldest comes home from school with a Father's Day card, Mum and Mummy have some awkward questions to answer.
S02E02 Heather & Danny, Billie & Ryan, Tendayi and Maxwell 28/11/2012 This episode catches up with fashion-conscious 29-year-olds Heather and Danny. Heather arrived on the labour ward in stilettos, donned her 'birthing bikini' - which she designed herself - and delivered her baby making barely a sound. Now she and Danny are ensuring their firstborn is at the cutting edge of style. 'They are an extension of you, aren't they? You want to dress them up as a little, kind of, mini you. Her signature look is definitely the head band,' says Danny. Determined not to let parenthood spoil the party, they head to Ibiza with their new accessory in tow. For teenage sweethearts Billie and Ryan, parenthood has been a rollercoaster ride. At just 16, Billie's unexpected pregnancy was followed by a dangerously premature birth and a sick baby who spent months in hospital. Now Billie is approaching her 18th birthday and Ryan, who's 21, is putting into practice his plans to get off benefits and back into work. Meanwhile, 31-year-old Tendayi and 43-year-old Maxwell brace themselves for the arrival of a sibling for little Max, who is now almost two. But when Maxwell Senior takes a heavily pregnant Tendayi on a test drive to the hospital to calm her nerves, the baby is in danger of arriving early.
S02E03 Louisa & David, Lisa & Will, Trish & Steve 05/12/2012 With four teenage boys already, Louisa and David were hoping for a girl the fifth time around; instead they got another boy, baby David. Two years on Dad's bringing up baby while Mum goes out to work. But how will they make baby number six - 'You've got to have even numbers,' says Louisa - when Baby David spends every night sleeping between them in their bed? Three years ago, Lisa and Will gave birth to their first baby, Jack, who was born with his bowel outside his body. They've since had a second baby and their life has changed dramatically. Lisa believes, 'Parenthood is a secret competition... no one will admit that it's a competition, but it is.' The couple haven't had a night out together for over a year and Lisa feels she's lost her identity, although Will has found her another, nicknaming her 'Mummy Hitler' because of her no-nonsense approach to parenting. When disabled mum-to-be Trish arrived on the labour ward with her husband Steve, she was worried that she may not be allowed to keep her new baby. A year later, baby Elizabeth is thriving and, with the support of Steve and a carer, Trish is fulfilling her dreams of being a mum.
S02E04 Charlie & Dan, Vicki & Ben, Sara & Mark 12/12/2012 Charlie gave birth to identical twin girls, dangerously premature at just 23 weeks. Baby Mia didn't survive and her sister Isobel was left fighting for life. But Izzy defied the odds and the health problems that such a premature birth left her with, and she's now a lively toddler. Meanwhile, Vicki believed that if she could handle getting a tattoo she could stand the pain of childbirth. Little did she know! One year and several tattoos later, Vicki and Ben have differences of opinion when it comes to raising baby Violet. And when Sara and Mark met they already had four teenage children between them. One Born first met them when they were expecting their second baby together. Two years on, 41-year-old Sara and 47-year-old Mark are now also grandparents.
S02E05 Paul & Kerry, Lydia & Phil, Shelagh 19/12/2012 This episode catches up with 30-year-old Kerry and 39-year-old Paul. After a lot of screaming from Kerry and a few firms words from her midwife, baby Jamie, their second child, was born. Nine months on, his older sister Emily is exhibiting classic signs of sibling rivalry. With no family of her own close by, Kerry is finding parenting two young children an isolating experience. Can Paul change that? When Phil discovered his girlfriend Lydia was pregnant it took a lot of getting used to as it looked like his party lifestyle was over. The 24-year-olds moved in together just four weeks before the baby arrived and Phil had to find a full-time job. Two years on, clever old Phil has found the perfect way to blend partying and parenthood. Shelagh accidentally fell pregnant at the age of 40 and separated from the father of her child shortly after. Three years on, her baby boy is now a cheeky toddler, causing mischief at the polo yard where Shelagh lives and works.
S02E06 Janet & Vicki, Nicola & Craig, Rosie & Jonny 26/12/2012 Janet and Vicki take little Eva camping, but are toddlers and tents a good combination? After four rounds of fertility treatment, Vicki had fallen pregnant using an anonymous sperm donor. Now she's helping others conceive by donating her own eggs. Nicola and Craig arrived on the labour ward of the Leeds General Infirmary with strict birthing rules. Nicola had banned Craig from stroking her hair or shouting 'get in there' when the labour was underway. Fast forward 11 months and there's a wedding in sight as they battle bedtimes with baby Lucie, who keeps them awake every night. Two years after Rosie and Jonny gave birth to their baby girl, they're expecting again, and this time it's a boy. They brought forward their plans to have a second baby after Rosie had a cervical cancer scare. Further tests are on hold until after the birth. Jonny's got his work cut out trying to renovate the house in time for the latest arrival, and the lists that Rosie makes him aren't getting any shorter...
S03E01 Tendayi and Maxwell 06/11/2013
S03E02 Heather and Daniel 13/11/2013
S03E03 Nina and Andy 20/11/2013
S03E04 Vicki and Janet 27/11/2013
S03E05 Lucy and James 04/12/2013
S03E06 Dawn and Paul 11/12/2013