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Former British Special Forces operative Gary Humphrey and American car junkie Bill Wu have the drive to survive. In each episode of ``One Car Too Far,'' the pair are dropped into a remote location in Chile -- a country with at least seven major climatic subtypes -- and must work together not only to recover a vehicle that has been placed near their location, but also to return with it to civilization. It's the perfect combination: Mechanically minded Wu knows the ins and outs of cars, and Royal Marine Humphrey knows how to survive in the wild. But without proper roads and real supplies, they must rely on instinct and expertise to make it out, plus whatever they can find to turn a regular car into an all-purpose vehicle to get them over, under and through just about any obstacle in their way.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de One Car Too Far

S02E01 Bat Waterfall 01/10/2013 Bill and Gary head toward a sacred lagoon that has never been visited by a car before. They travel up the rivers of the Los Tuxtla jungle ? which some say is protected by spirits.
S02E02 Breaking the Altitude Record 01/09/2013 Bill and Gary want to smash the record and make Ruby the highest car ever on the 14,000ft high peak of Pico De Orizaba. But will they succeed?
S02E03 River Crossing 01/10/2013 In Baja, Mexico, Gary and Bill point Ruby towards a valley so remote it has no name. But their way in is barred by a 35-metre-high rock wall. Can 'Ruby' scale it?
S02E04 The Pirate Coast 01/10/2013 Bill and Gary follow the Pirate Coast of Mexico, heading for a pirate lighthouse used for wrecking ships, never reached before by car. But will they make it?
S02E05 Lava Crater Climb 01/10/2013 Gary and Bill go to the moon? A massive crater so alien it was used by NASA to train for the moon landings. It's one of Gary and Bill's biggest-ever challenges.
S02E06 Jungle Crater Lake 01/10/2013 Gary and Bill set off into the dense Mexican jungle. But the combination of vicious plants and venomous creatures prove to be an unending tropical nightmare.
S02E07 Not a Beach After All 01/01/2014 Bill and Gary attempt to take 'Ruby' the 4x4 from San Felipe to the beach, across 100 kilometres of arid desert in Mexico. But will the car survive the trip?
S02E08 Climb to Sky Platform 01/01/2014 Bill and Gary take on Mexico's Sierra Juarez mountains, 1,800 metres above sea-level, following a Native American foot route. Could this prove a challenge too far?
S02E09 Who Won? Car vs Wild 01/02/2014 Bill and Gary look back on 10 tough weeks in the mountains, rivers, jungles and deserts of Mexico to decide who emerged the winner from their epic expedition.
S02E10 Behind the Scenes: Car vs Wild 01/12/2013 Gain unique behind-the-scenes access to Bill and Gary's off-road adventures, revealing the extreme lengths they go to in pursuit of their goals.

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