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Alan Davies stars as Simon Treat - a disillusioned timeshare development officer who packs it all in to travel round Europe with a camcorder. Reluctant to go home until he's discovered as much as he can about the world (and the women in it), he communicates to family and friends via videotapes he sends back to them. Starting off in Jerusalem where he ditches his job after falling in love, our adventure-hungry hero travels to Prague, where he is forced to marry a local girl on his Visa card. Then it's off to Venice where he meets a singing policeman and is challenged to a duel. Then to the Alps where he meets a beautiful journalist and is confronted by drug barons. Cannes is next, where he gets into gambling and plays at being a high-flying movie mogul. And finally to Norway, where he has to survive a particularly rigid health farm.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de One for the Road

S01E01 My Boss 04/09/1995 Simon Treat makes his way to Israel where he falls in love with Yudit and encounters a bizarre group of kibbutzniks.
S01E02 My Ex-Girlfriend 11/09/1995 After he sets out to win back his girlfriend by making a romantic tape in Prague, Simon's plans go awry when, filming a wedding, he has to stand in as groom after it becomes clear that the real groom isn't going to turn up.
S01E03 My Little Brother 18/09/1995 Simon goes to Venice to find his brother's ex-girlfriend and help patch things up between them. However, encounters with a singing detective and his over-sexed wife, and Gina's honour-obsessed family force Simon to fight for his life.
S01E04 My Mates 25/09/1995 Simon sends a tape to his ex-flatmates that shows him living on the hog in the Alps. Unfortunately, a miscalculation or exchange rates means his overdraft is the size of the Matterhorn. Perhaps all will be well when investigative journalist Jasmine hires him as a cameraman - but he soon discovers that the assignment involves filming drugs cartels.
S01E05 My Uncle Monty 02/10/1995 A big win at the roulette wheel in Monte Carlo leads Simon on to wheeling and dealing at the Cannes Film Festival and a decision to stake all in order to finance his friend Paul's movie project.
S01E06 My Big Sister 09/10/1995 Knackered from his travels, Simon decides to take in a Norwegian health resort to relax. Unfortunately, it's run by a money-mad American and a Norwegian instructor who models himself on General Patton.