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One Plus One is ABC TV's weekly long-form interview program. Each week Jane Hutcheon sits down with personalities and storytellers from Australia and beyond to discuss their lives, their craft, and what drives them #OnePlusOneEpisode


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S255E01 Damon Gameau 04/01/2016 The former Tropfest winner Damon Gameau who starred in the film Balibo has had a runaway success with his production That Sugar Film. It recently won an AACTA award for best feature length documentary.
S255E02 Amanda McKenzie 05/01/2016
S255E03 Adam Liaw 06/01/2016
S255E04 Prof Emma Johnston 07/01/2016
S255E05 Jackie French 08/01/2016
S255E06 Adam Spencer 22/01/2016 Adam Spencer is a consummate communicator whose mission is to make maths appeal to the masses. He's convinced the youngsters of today will build the 21st century by embracing the wonder of numbers.
S255E07 Tom Schumacher 29/01/2016 Theatre producer Tom Schumacher took The Lion King from screen to stage. But even with the most successful musical in history under his belt the president of Disney Theatrical says it's impossible to pick winners.
S255E08 Judith Durham 05/02/2016 Judith Durham enjoyed success with The Seekers in the '60s, but says she was an accidental pop star with little interest in fame. She describes how through grief, tragedy & ill health, she has always turned to music for help.
S255E09 Sigrid Thornton 12/02/2016 Sigrid Thornton holds a special place in Australian hearts, with a four-decade acting career and roles in many iconic dramas. She says that in spite of the pressures, her feet are firmly on the ground - thanks to her family.
S255E10 Maajid Nawaz 19/02/2016 Maajid Nawaz was a radicalised youth who rejected Islamist extremism after a spell in an Egyptian jail. He now devotes his life to spreading an anti-extremist message, despite knowing his life is in danger.
S255E11 Tim Soutphommasane 26/02/2016 Tim Soutphommasane was born in France after his parents fled Laos following the communist takeover. Now Australia's Race Discrimination Commissioner, he still ponders what it means to be Australian.
S255E12 Lisa Genova 04/03/2016 When her book "Still Alice" was rejected by a slew of literary agents, Lisa Genova published it herself & sold copies from the boot of her car. Her persistence paid off, as it went on to become an Academy Award-winning film.
S255E13 Stephen Whittle 11/03/2016 Stephen Whittle is a trailblazer and a professor of law. Only the 13th female to male transsexual in Britain, he has battled discrimination & hate campaigns to win the legal right to be recognised as a husband & a father.
S255E14 Luke McGregor 18/03/2016 Comedian Luke McGregor has been plagued with anxiety all his life, but he's never looked back since discovering his talent for performing. In the new ABC series Luke Warm Sex, his angst around the subject of sex is laid bare.
S255E15 Simon Sebag Montefiore 25/03/2016 Simon Sebag Montefiore's fascination with Russia began as a young war correspondent. After a few near-death experiences he turned to history instead. His latest book, The Romanovs, is an epic tale with modern parallels.
S255E16 Penny Arcade 01/04/2016 Penny Arcade was an Andy Warhol superstar in her teens, before carving out a career as a pioneering performance artist. Widely known as the Queen of the Underground she's now embracing what she calls the youth of her old age.
S255E17 Ken Done 08/04/2016 Ken Done's art is as polarising as it is colourful and its been a long, tough battle to be accepted by the critics. Hes staved off financial setbacks, survived prostate cancer and now, at 75, is busier than ever with his paintbrush.
S255E18 Jackie French 15/04/2016 Best-selling children's author Jackie French grew up dyslexic in a household filled with stories. She's come through challenging times to find inspiration in the environment and her friendship with some extraordinary wombats.
S255E19 Prof Emma Johnston 07/01/2016 Professor Emma Johnston is an award-winning marine ecologist who is passionate about persuading young women to become scientists even though teachers, and society, aren't always encouraging.
S255E20 Dee Madigan 29/04/2016 Dee Madigan knows a thing or two about persuasion, with 20 years' experience in the advertising industry. After working on many major brands, she's now switched her focus to selling social and political messages instead.
S255E21 Dick Smith 06/05/2016 As a child who performed badly at school, Dick Smith felt destined to fail. Once his car radio business took off & he became a multi-millionaire. Now a passionate philanthropist he's certain he doesn't want to make more money.
S255E22 Joshua Yeldham 13/05/2016 Artist Joshua Yeldham was targeted by school bullies, but found his feet through travel and a successful foray into film-making. Nowadays his focus is on family, fine art and the mysticism of the Australian landscape.
S255E23 Richard Roxburgh 20/05/2016 Actor Richard Roxburgh is back on TV in a fourth series of the riotous legal comedy, Rake. He speaks of his fear of celebrity and the roles he wishes he hadn't played.
S255E24 Daniela Di Toro 27/05/2016 Daniela Di Toro became a paraplegic at 13 when a wall collapsed at a school swimming carnival. After success as a wheelchair tennis player she's switched to para-table tennis & will co-captain the Australian Paralympic team.
S255E25 Graham Nash 03/06/2016 He's enjoyed half a century of success as a pop & folk-rock star, but at age 74 Graham Nash isn't slowing down. As his first solo album in 14 years is released, he speaks with Jane Hutcheon about creativity, love & regret.
S255E26 Kon Karapanagiotidis 10/06/2016 Jane Hutcheon sits down with Kon Karapanagiotidis, founder and CEO of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre for an in-depth one on one conversation.
S255E27 Juliette O'Brien 17/06/2016 Juliette O'Brien lost her father - renowned cancer specialist Dr Chris O'Brien - to a brain tumour in 2009. Two years later her brother died suddenly after a seizure. Juliette discusses love, loss & the search for answers.
S255E28 Khaled Abol Naga 24/06/2016 Khaled Abol Naga has been described as Egypt's answer to Brad Pitt. While he shrugs off the comparison, he uses his big-screen stardom to fight oppression in his home country.
S255E29 Rick Springfield 21/08/2015 Rick Springfield has carved out a stellar career as a singer, actor and writer since leaving Australia for the US 40 years ago. But, he tells Jane Hutcheon, no amount of fame or wealth can heal a troubled mind.
S255E30 Roger Woodward 28/08/2015 Roger Woodward is regarded as one of Australia’s finest concert pianists, but he admits his quest for musical success has come at a personal cost.
S255E31 Wil Anderson 04/09/2015 Wil Anderson is one of Australia’s most sought-after stand-up comics and TV hosts. And though he battles with painful osteoarthritis, he refuses to let a pair of “dicky hips” slow him down.
S255E32 Chris ‘Brolga’ Barns 11/09/2015 In the first of three stories from Alice Springs, Jane Hutcheon meets Chris ‘Brolga’ Barns at his kangaroo sanctuary, and learns how a two-metre tall tour guide became “mum” to hundreds of orphaned joeys.
S255E33 Cherisse Buzzacott 18/09/2015 In the second of three stories from Alice Springs, Cherisse Buzzacott tells Jane Hutcheon how she defied the stereotypes of indigenous youth to pursue her dream and become a midwife.
S255E34 Shon Klose 25/09/2015 In the final part of The Road to Alice, Shon Klose is a musician and advocate for intersex people. She uses her own experience of trauma to help indigenous children in remote communities in Australia’s Red Centre.
S255E35 Dr. Cary Fowler 02/10/2015 Dr Cary Fowler is an international expert on food security and an architect of the so-called “Doomsday Vault” deep under the permafrost in Norway. From a farm boy in Tennessee he’s survived two bouts of cancer to become the world’s leading seed banker.
S255E36 Professor Paul Dolan 09/10/2015 Professor Paul Dolan is one of the world’s leading thinkers on the subject of happiness. The British economist has advised governments on measuring the wellbeing of nations and says designing a happier life is within everyone’s reach.
S255E37 Gillian Mears 16/10/2015 Gillian Mears is an award-winning author who is confined to a wheelchair by advanced multiple sclerosis. And while she refuses to surrender to the disease, Mears admits it has led to a drastic change of heart on the subject of voluntary euthanasia.
S255E38 Hugo Weaving 23/10/2015 The acclaimed actor Hugo Weaving has played pivotal roles in some of the world’s most successful blockbusters. But in his latest part, as a cross-dressing policeman in The Dressmaker, he returns to the place he holds most dear - the Australian film industry.
S255E39 John Edward 30/10/2015 John Edward is an American psychic, author and TV personality who says scepticism around his ability to “cross over” won’t quash his calling to keep the living and their dead loved ones connected.
S255E40 Magda Szubanski 06/11/2015 Magda Szubanski is one of Australia’s best-loved comedy performers, yet her life has held complex challenges. She tells Jane Hutcheon how the discovery of her father’s dark wartime secret caused her to question her identity.
S255E41 Tim Cahill 13/11/2015
S255E42 Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis 20/11/2015
S255E43 Reverend Themi Adamopoulo 27/11/2015
S255E44 Cheryl Strayed 04/12/2015
S255E45 Antony Beevor 11/12/2015
S255E46 Chris Hadfield 15/01/2015 Chris Hadfield is a former astronaut whose reflections from space – and weightless rendition of David Bowie’s Space Oddity - made him an internet sensation. He recently retired after a 20 year career as an astronaut, culminating in a spell as Commander of the International Space Station. Among countless career highlights, there is one episode that continues to haunt him - the deaths of seven colleagues in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster of 2003.

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