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Only An Excuse? is a Scottish football comedy sketch show. Starring actor and comedian Jonathan Watson, the show features impersonations of some of Scottish football's great characters such as Denis Law, Tommy Burns, Barry Ferguson, Sir Alex Ferguson and Frank McAvennie, as well as caricatures of the "typical" Celtic and Rangers fan.


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S00E01 1993 Hogmanay Special 31/12/1993 Jonathan Watson impersonates Scottish football's main characters of 1993, and the major talking points that occurred.
S00E02 1994 World Cup Special 13/06/1994 Jonathan Watson pokes fun at the Home Nations football teams - Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales - for failing to qualify for that year's World Cup tournament in the USA.
S00E03 The Director's Cut 31/12/1994 A special episode where the best of the Only An Excuse? sketches are aired once more.
S00E04 1995 Hogmanay Special 31/12/1995 Jonathan Watson and co look back on the major talking points of Scottish football of 1995 in their own special way.
S00E05 1996 Hogmanay Special 31/12/1996 Jonathan Watson impersonates some of Scottish football's important figures from the year, and takes a look back at Scotland's performance during Euro 1996.
S00E06 1997 Hogmanay Special 31/12/1997 Jonathan Watson and co take their own look back at events of Scottish football's 1997.
S00E07 1998 World Cup Special 08/06/1998 Jonathan Watson and Alistair McGowan take a look forward to the events that took Scotland to the 1998 World Cup tournament in France.
S00E08 1998 Hogmanay Special 31/12/1998 Jonathan Watson takes his own look back at the major talking points of Scottish footballing in 1998, especially the World Cup tournament held in France.
S00E09 1999 Hogmanay Special 31/12/1999 Jonathan Watson looks back at the year's Scottish footballing events, and looks forward to see what Scottish football will look like in the new millennium.
S00E10 2000 Hogmanay Special 31/12/2000 Jonathan Watson takes a look back at the Scottish footballing major events of the new millenium.
S00E11 2001 Hogmanay Special 31/12/2001 Jonathan Watson and co. take their own look at what happened in Scottish football in 2001.
S00E12 2002 Hogmanay Special 31/12/2002 Jonathan Watson takes his own personal look at the major talking points and figures from Scottish football from the year.
S00E13 2003 Hogmanay Special 31/12/2003 Jonathan Watson takes a look back at what happened in Scottish football from 2003, especially Celtic's UEFA cup run.
S00E14 2004 Hogmanay Special 31/12/2004 Jonathan Watson takes a look back at Scottish football's main talking points, mainly Henrik Larsson leaving Celtic.
S00E15 2005 Hogmanay Special 31/12/2005 Jonathan Watson and co. take a look back at what happened in Scottish football for this year, including the last day SPL title drama.
S00E16 2006 Hogmanay Special 31/12/2006 Jonathan Watson takes a look back at what happened in Scottish football in 2006, including Scotland major revival and Celtic once again dominating Scottish football.
S00E17 2007 Hogmanay Special 31/12/2007 Scotland's premier football comedy team take the mikey out of the talking points from 2007's SPL Year.
S00E18 2008 Hogmanay Special 31/12/2008 Scotland's premier football comedy team take their annual shot at the national obsession.
S00E19 2009 Hogmanay Special 31/12/2009 Scotland's premier football comedy team prepare to slide tackle the national obsession.
S00E20 1998 -75 Years Of BBC Scotland 07/05/1998 Scotland comedy team take at look back at BBC Scotland's football coverage of the last 75 years.
S00E21 2006 World Cup Special 07/06/2006 World Cup 2006 Special.
S00E22 2010 Hogmanay Special 31/12/2010 Football, football, wherefore art thou football? Scotland's premier comedy team provides the answer as they return to take another flying header at the beautiful game.
S00E23 Only An Excuse Live 1993 00/00/0000
S00E24 Only An Excuse Live 1994 00/00/0000
S00E25 Only An Excuse Live 1995 00/00/0000
S00E26 Only An Excuse Live 1996 00/00/0000
S00E27 Only An Excuse Live 1997 00/00/0000
S00E28 1994 Hogmanay Special 00/00/0000
S00E29 2011 Hogmany Special 31/12/2011 Another year, another opportunity for Jonathan Watson and his handpicked squad to look back at the events that shaped football in 2011 and have a right good kick at them in the process. It's been a difficult twelve months for Scottish football, so just which targets have the Watson team honed in on? Will Rangers' troubles come under the microscope? Can Celtic's ups and downs escape attention? Might Scotland finally be in with a chance of qualifying for a major tournament the World Cup? And just who was that surprise witness at the Leveson Inquiry?
S00E30 2012 Hogmanay Special 31/12/2012 Only an Excuse? starring Jonathan Watson. A half-hour selection of sketches gleefully putting the boot into the events of 2012. The team look back on a year of golden moments, dire predictions and the fickle fortunes of Scottish football. Featuring new faces, favourite characters and spot-on take-offs.
S00E31 2013 Hogmanay Special 31/12/2013 Scotland's premier comedy team take their annual flying header at events that have made the headlines both on and off the pitch.
S00E32 Only An Excuse Live 1999 00/00/0000
S00E33 Only An Excuse Live 2004 00/00/0000
S00E34 Only an Excuse Live 2007 00/00/0000
S00E35 Only an Excuse Live 2014 00/00/0000
S00E36 2014 Hogmanay Special 31/12/2014 Scotland's premier comedy team take a humorous look at the highs and lows of 2014.
S00E37 2015 Hogmanay Special 31/12/2015 An irreverent Hogmanay homage to the highs and lows of 2015, starring Jonathan Watson. The team take a humorous look at the biggest stories and characters in Scottish football and beyond. Packed with sketches, take-offs, wind-ups, gags, spoofs, quickies and a familiar face or two.
S00E38 2016 Hogmanay Special 31/12/2016 Jonathan Watson and the team take in the highs and lows of 2016. Featuring the biggest stories in Scottish football, popular culture, news, showbiz and the wider world.

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