Affiche Only When I Laugh
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James Bolam plays Roy Figgis, a long-term NHS hospital bed occupant. Archie Glover (Peter Bowles) and Norman Binns (Christopher Strauli) are his ward mates, all suffering from extreme cases of hypchondria. Despite being apparently 'ill', the three don't just get themselves into trouble, but seem to have difficulty behaving. Richard Wilson plays Dr Gordon Thorpe, and Derrick Branche is Gupte, the ward orderly, who are both the bane of the three's lives, and they the bane of theirs.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Only When I Laugh

S01E01 A Bed With a View 00/00/0000 Norman arrives at the ward and is given the bed next to the window. A game of musical beds ensues as Figgis and Archie want it too...
S01E02 Operation Norman 00/00/0000 Norman's due for his appendix operation and is rather upset about it. He turns to Figgis for comfort in his hour of need...
S01E03 The Rumour 00/00/0000 Thorpe is waiting for an important call from his wife as Victor, their dog, is seriously ill. Gupte misunderstands, thinking Victor is the Thorpes' son (actually named Tarquin); Figgis, smoking in a lavatory cubicle, overhears the resultant conversation and assumes that they are talking about him and that he is going to die. As the situation develops, both Norman and then Glover think they are under the shadow of death. When Gupte tells Glover he may be sent home at the end of the week, Glover decides to phone his hated boss and tell him exactly what he thinks of him.
S01E04 The Man With the Face 00/00/0000 Archie's lothario-like tendencies are coming back to haunt him when he's convinced he's being stalked by a Greek madman for besmirching his fiancée...
S01E05 Let Them Eat Cake 00/00/0000 There's a lot of disatisfaction with the food being served in the hospital. The trio can stand the daily menu no longer and go on hunger strike. What they hadn't bargained for, however, was how hungry they would get...
S01E06 Tangled Web 00/00/0000 Norman is reading a book about a pretty nurse when one actually comes onto the ward.
S01E07 Is There a Doctor in the House? 00/00/0000 Fed up with lying in bed all day, Figgis gets hold of his outdoor clothes and sets off for a wander around the hospital. Naturally, he is mistaken for a doctor.