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Oobi is an original series based on NOGGIN's own Parents' Choice Gold Award-winning short-form series. Oobi, a bare-hand puppet (with eyes and accessories) focuses on the stage in a young child's life when everything in his or her world is new and incredible. Oobi is a show about wonder. It speaks to the stage in a young child's life when everything is new and incredible: building a block tower, making cookies. Oobi is a show about children's first awkward attempts at mastery and meaning. It's a show about the everyday revelations.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Oobi

S01E01 Dance! 00/00/0000 Grampu turns on a radio and the children dance to the music.
S01E02 Tag! 00/00/0000 Oobi, Uma and Kako play a game of tag.
S01E03 Flush! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Uma hear the sound of a toilet flush.
S01E04 On & Off! 00/00/0000 Oobi learns how to turn a light switch on and off.
S01E05 Share Pretzels! 00/00/0000 Oobi shares his pretzels with Uma and Kako.
S01E06 Watermelon! 00/00/0000 The children eat watermelon.
S01E07 Soup! 00/00/0000 Grampu gives Uma soup.
S01E08 Hot Dog and Ketchup! 00/00/0000 The children eat hot dogs with condiments.
S01E09 Prince Oobi! 00/00/0000 Uma and Kako pretend that Oobi is a prince.
S01E10 Bubbles! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Uma blow bubbles.
S01E11 Empty and Full! 00/00/0000 The children learn the difference between empty and full.
S01E12 Popcorn! 00/00/0000 The kids eat popcorn.
S01E13 Worm! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Uma search for a worm.
S01E14 Apple Picking! 00/00/0000 Oobi, Uma and Kako go apple picking and use teamwork to reach an apple.
S01E15 Pretend Wind! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Kako pretend to be the wind.
S01E16 Tea! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Uma sing "I'm a Little Teapot."
S01E17 Ice Cream! 00/00/0000 The kids eat ice cream.
S01E18 Water Games! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Kako play with a sprinkler.
S01E19 Guess! 00/00/0000 The kids play a guessing game.
S01E20 Bird! 00/00/0000 The puppets make bird calls.
S01E21 Cat! 00/00/0000 The kids feed a cat.
S01E22 Puppy! 00/00/0000 Oobi pretends to be a puppy.
S01E23 Animal Cookies! 00/00/0000 Kako eats Oobi's animal cookies.
S01E24 Slide! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Uma visit the playground.
S01E25 Follow the Leader! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Kako play "Follow the Leader."
S01E26 Peekaboo! 00/00/0000 Oobi, Uma and Kako play "peekaboo" by covering and uncovering one another.
S01E27 Dig! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Uma make sand castles and dig in the sand.
S01E28 Hide and Seek! 00/00/0000 Oobi plays hide-and-seek.
S01E29 Nature! 00/00/0000 Oobi explores the outdoors.
S01E30 Pretend Catch! 00/00/0000 The kids play catch with an imaginary ball.
S01E31 Music! 00/00/0000 The kids play instruments.
S01E32 Guitar! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Kako play a guitar.
S01E33 Bongo Drums! 00/00/0000 Grampu teaches Uma how to play bongo drums.
S01E34 Quiet Read! 00/00/0000 Uma's loud music interrupts Oobi's reading.
S01E35 Clap Hands! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Kako clap hands to pass the time.
S01E36 Painting! 00/00/0000 The children set out to paint.
S01E37 Macaroni Jewelry! 00/00/0000 Oobi, Uma and Kako put on a fashion show with macaroni jewelry.
S01E38 Paint Shapes! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Kako use sponges to make paintings.
S01E39 Pinch Pot! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Uma make a pinch pot out of clay.
S01E40 Drawing Game! 00/00/0000 Grampu draws a rabbit and asks Oobi to guess what it is.
S01E41 Neighborhood Art! 00/00/0000 The characters discover art around the neighborhood.
S01E42 Toothpaste! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Kako try to open a tube of toothpaste and end up making a mess with it.
S01E43 Feelings! 00/00/0000 The kids learn about feelings.
S01E44 Cake! 00/00/0000 The children eat cake.
S01E45 Wet and Dry! 00/00/0000 The gang learns the difference between wet and dry.
S01E46 Bubble Bath! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Kako cover themselves with bubbles and pretend to be different creatures.
S01E47 Itsy Bitsy Spider! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Kako sing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" song.
S01E48 Shadow Puppets! 00/00/0000
S01E49 Stop & Go! 00/00/0000
S01E67 Grown-up! 00/00/0000
S02E01 Camp Out! 00/00/0000 Grampu and the kids camp outside.
S02E02 Uma Swing! 00/00/0000 Oobi teaches Uma how to be careful at the playground.
S02E03 Uma Bathroom! 00/00/0000 Uma refuses to take a bath after playing in the mud.
S02E04 Dance Class! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Uma attend a dance class.
S02E05 Kako's Puppy! 00/00/0000 Kako asks Oobi to take care of his puppy.
S02E06 Uma's Birthday! 00/00/0000 Uma feels overwhelmed on her birthday.
S02E07 Asparagus! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Grampu try to get Uma to try asparagus.
S02E08 Haircut! 00/00/0000 Oobi wakes up with a head full of hair.
S02E09 Grampu Day! 00/00/0000 Oobi, Uma and Kako create a holiday for Grampu.
S02E10 Make Pizza! 00/00/0000 Grampu teaches the kids how to make pizza.
S02E11 Showtime! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Kako put on a puppet show.
S02E12 Oobi's Car! 00/00/0000 Uma accidentally breaks Oobi's favorite toy car.
S02E13 Garden Day! 00/00/0000 Grampu teaches the kids how flowers grow and gives them a seed to plant.
S02E14 Piano Lesson! 00/00/0000 Inka gives Oobi his first piano lesson, and teaches him how to play "Do-Re-Mi."
S02E15 Uma Chicken! 00/00/0000 Uma pretends to be a chicken.
S02E16 Sleepover! 00/00/0000 Uma misses Oobi when he visits Kako's house for a sleepover.
S02E17 Play Ball! 00/00/0000 Kako becomes frustrated with tee-ball and refuses to play.
S02E18 Build Fort! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Kako build forts out of blocks and argue over whose is better.
S02E19 Petting Zoo! 00/00/0000 Grampu takes Oobi and Kako to the petting zoo.
S02E20 New Friend! 00/00/0000 Oobi meets Frieda at the park.
S02E21 Uma Sick 00/00/0000 Uma comes down with a fever.
S02E22 Playdate! 00/00/0000 Oobi forgets about Kako and the playdate they had planned when Grampu gives him a pet turtle.
S02E23 Make Art! 00/00/0000 The kids decide to make art together after seeing Grampu's painting.
S02E24 Rainy Day! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Kako reluctantly join Uma to find a rainbow after the rain spoils their plans.
S02E25 Pretend Circus! 00/00/0000 Oobi, Uma and Kako use their imaginations to create their own pretend circus.
S02E26 Make Music! 00/00/0000 The kids form their own band and try to find makeshift instruments.
S02E27 Video! 00/00/0000 Grampu shows Oobi and Uma how to film and edit a home video.
S02E28 Grown-Up! 00/00/0000 Oobi, Uma and Kako pretend to be grown-up firefighters, musicians and businesspeople.
S02E29 Shopping! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Kako learn to respect other people's property when Grampu takes them to the supermarket.
S02E30 Uma Dreams! 00/00/0000 Grampu helps Uma turn her nightmare into a silly dream.
S02E31 Chopsticks! 00/00/0000 Grampu takes the children to a Chinese restaurant, where Uma learns how to use chopsticks.
S02E32 Clean Up! 00/00/0000 The kids work together to clean up Oobi's room.
S02E33 Kako Dinner! 00/00/0000 Oobi learns that trying new things is good when he visits Kako's house for dinner.
S02E34 Sign Language! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Kako meet a deaf girl named Amy at the park.
S02E35 Halloween! 00/00/0000 Uma goes trick-or-treating for the first time.
S02E36 Checkup! 00/00/0000 Oobi visits his pediatrician's office for a checkup.
S02E37 Uma Trip! 00/00/0000 Oobi, Kako and Grampu take Uma on a pretend trip throughout the house.
S02E38 Frieda Friend! 00/00/0000 Frieda invites Oobi to play with her and another foot named Frankie at the park.
S02E39 Neighborhood! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Kako build a replica of their neighborhood out of boxes and paint.
S02E40 Uma Preschool! 00/00/0000 Uma does not want Grampu to leave on her first day of preschool.
S02E41 Theater! 00/00/0000 Maestru directs a musical performance of "Little Red Riding Hood," staged in the park.
S02E42 Baby! 00/00/0000 Oobi meets a baby named Sophie and her mother, Sheila, at the park.
S02E43 Chez Oobi! 00/00/0000 Grampu prepares a special dinner of spaghetti and meatballs for his date with Inka.
S02E44 Valentine! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Uma follow a trail of paper hearts to find their mystery valentine.
S02E45 Parade! 00/00/0000 The kids put on their own parade after seeing a parade poster.
S02E46 Babysitter! 00/00/0000 Grampu and Inka go out polka dancing, and leave a playful babysitter named Randy in charge of the kids.
S02E47 Recital! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Angus perform at a piano recital.
S02E48 Dinosaur! 00/00/0000 Oobi writes a storybook called "The Lost Umasaurus," in which dinosaurs named Oobi-Rex and Dino-Kako help Umasaurus find her way home.
S02E49 Nature Walk! 00/00/0000 Grampu takes the kids on a nature walk at the state park.
S02E50 Sing! 00/00/0000 Oobi and Kako decide to join Maestru's singing group after hearing a song called "Yo To Ho!"
S02E51 Fishing! 00/00/0000 Grampu takes Oobi fishing.
S02E52 Superheroes! 00/00/0000 The kids pretend to be superheroes and save Mrs. Johnson's cat.