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Hiroshi Kuzumi est un jeune garçon de 16 ans qui vient de s’installer dans une nouvelle ville située dans les montagnes. Une rivière sépare la partie neuve de la ville et les vieux quartiers et de nombreuses mystérieuses traditions locales y demeurent. Une personne garde ses distances par rapport à Hiroshi : Kushinada Nemura, membre du comité de classe. Lors des rares rencontres avec cette dernière, celle-ci lui conseille de ne pas s’approcher des vieux quartiers.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Ookami Kakushi

S01E01 Jouga Machi 08/01/2010 Hiroshi Kuzumi and his wheelchair-bound younger sister Mana Kuzumi arrive in the town of J?ga. As they and their father are moving into their new apartment, Hiroshi meets Isuzu Tsumuhana, a tomboyish girl who lives next door and immediately latches onto him, proclaiming her love. At school, Hiroshi is warmly welcomed by everyone except class president Nemuru Kushinada, who tells him that his very existence is annoying. Later, Hiroshi learns from Isuzu and her friend Kaname that J?ga is known for its hassaku oranges, and that the harvest festival to the wolf god of the town is near. Hiroshi also notices the old district of J?ga, though Isuzu warns him to stay away from it. At night, Ogasawara, one of the people who welcomed Hiroshi, is hunted through the streets by figures in robes and wolf masks and killed by a girl in ceremonial clothes wielding a giant scythe. At school the next day, Ogasawara's desk is gone, and people don't seem to want to talk about it. Nemuru informs Hiroshi that Ogasawara "transferred".
S01E02 Grand frère petite soeur 15/01/2010 Hiroshi explains to Isuzu his concern over Ogasawara's sudden "transfer". Nemuru has a heated conversation with Isuzu after school, but Isuzu plays it off and later tells Kaname that she just wanted her to tell her and Hiroshi about the upcoming Hassaku Festival. They run into Issei, Isuzu's older brother, who seems very interested in Hiroshi's family. Yet another person is killed by the girl with the scythe.
S01E03 Impulsion 22/01/2010 Issei takes Hiroshi, Kaname, Isuzu, and Mana to the river for a picnic. Kaname and Isuzu go for a swim, and Isuzu accidentally drenches Hiroshi, using the opportunity to flirt with him. Issei lends Hiroshi his sweater, but when it is returned Issei begins acting strangely towards him. When Hiroshi develops a cold, Kaname directs him to J?ga hospital, where he encounters Shigetsu Kushinada, Nemuru's uncle and J?ga's head doctor, who prescribes him pills and takes a blood sample to run tests on. On the way out of the hospital, Hiroshi runs into Issei, who had followed him. Shigetsu meets with a man named Sakaki, who claims to be the head of a pharmaceutical company, and makes a deal with him. Issei drives Hiroshi home, but begins flirting with him, his eyes glowing red, and attempts to kiss him, stopping only when the hassaku juice air freshener in his car is shattered. Issei drops Hiroshi off and apologizes, playing off his attack as a practical joke. Shigetsu informs Nemuru of his encounter with Hiroshi.
S01E04 Pressentiment 29/01/2010 Kanoko, a girl with glowing red eyes, kisses her boyfriend in an alley. The next morning, Kaname gives Hiroshi a tour of the library and shows him some of J?ga's legends, such as glowing red lights seen flickering in Old J?ga at night, supposed to bring bad luck to those who encounter them. Issei confronts Hiroshi and makes advances on him, but is stopped by Isuzu. While walking with Mana, Hiroshi notices that many people treat him with hostility, but is drawn to Kaori Mana, a woman playing the violin for a crowd of people. Kaori invites them in for tea and offers to teach Mana to play the violin. Issei is called out to the hospital to pick up medication, and picks up a female underclassman on his way home. She confesses her feelings to him, and he kicks her out of his vehicle. Sakaki meets with Kaori, who reminds him of his deceased girlfriend Mieko. Hiroshi goes to retrieve Mana's hat, but while returning sees Kanoko being chased and killed by the girl with the scythe. He runs for help and finds Sakaki, who reveals that a pack of murderers are roaming J?ga.
S01E05 Hors de contrôle 05/02/2010 Hiroshi revisits the murder scene he witnessed the previous day, remembering Sakaki's revelation about a group of murderers roaming the city. At school, he confronts Nemuru over her cold attitude towards him. J?ga's Vigilance Committee visits Isuzu's home and advises them to relocate until Issei recovers. Isuzu, concerned, talks to her brother, who reassures her that he is alright and apologizes for making her worry. Hiroshi talks to Kaname and tells her about the girl with the scythe, but she believes he is making it up. She then tells him of a legendary demon that sucks its victims' life force from their mouths at night. That evening, Isuzu discovers her brother has run away. Issei attacks Hiroshi, who remembers Kaname's legend and panics when he sees Issei's eyes are glowing red. He runs away, but Issei chases and catches him. Issei's female classmate shows up and he releases Hiroshi, who runs away, and kisses her. The Vigilance Committee arrives, detaining the girl, and Issei flees. He is chased by the cloaked figures and killed by the girl with the scythe. The next morning, Hiroshi is told that Issei transferred, but later in the day Isuzu confides that he was murdered.
S01E06 Amour 11/02/2010 Hiroshi becomes concerned about Isuzu when she skips school, and goes to take her the notes she missed only to be turned away by Isuzu's mother. Later in the evening, Isuzu calls Hiroshi and arranges to meet with him. Meanwhile, the villagers argue about the village's hassaku shortage and how it is affecting the villagers, and one villager, Kasai, suggests killing an unnamed person to eliminate the "problem" altogether. Isuzu takes Hiroshi to the park and confesses her feelings for him, but Hiroshi sees that she is behaving strangely like her brother and attempts to run away. Isuzu corners him, but they are confronted by the girl with the scythe, revealed to be Nemuru. Isuzu attacks Nemuru, but is defeated after a short fight and, taking Hiroshi, runs away. She tells Hiroshi that she is in love with him and is willing to die if she can be with him, but when he hesitates to reply, she admits that she doesn't wish to be killed by Nemuru, who was watching the scene, and jumps off the roof. She is caught and carried away by the masked figures, and Hiroshi tries to follow, but is stopped by Nemuru. Hiroshi angrily confronts Nemuru for an answer as to what is going on, and she tells him to stay away from Isuzu for the time being and then knocks him out.
S01E07 Perte 18/02/2010 Hiroshi awakens in his bed, but realizes what had happened was real when both Isuzu and Nemuru are absent from school. Kaname, concerned over Isuzu's continued absence, contacts Hiroshi and tells him her theory that the J?ga wolves were sentient and could assume human shape. She leaves to conduct further research, but is captured by the Vigilance Committee. Imprisoned, she encounters the girl who Issei kissed. The girl, believing Kaname was like her, tells her that Issei had been executed for breaking the law and that she had become something other than human after he had kissed her.
S01E08 Complication 25/02/2010 Nemuru releases Kaname from prison and confirms her theory that they are the J?ga wolves, but warns her not to delve further into her research. Sakaki contacts Shigetsu, Nemuru's uncle and J?ga's head doctor, and obtains data on the J?ga wolves from him. The cloaked and masked figures, revealed to be the village council, try to arrest Hiroshi, but Nemuru interferes, and is placed under house arrest and stripped of her duties for her disobedience. After hearing that Sakaki has been hired by the village council to capture Hiroshi and has him at a construction site, she leaves to find him but is knocked unconscious by Sakaki after a long fight. Sakaki contacts Hiroshi, who was actually at home, and then traps him in an abandoned shrine with a bound Nemuru.
S01E09 Secret Room 04/03/2010 Sakaki tosses Hiroshi a knife before locking up the shrine. Hiroshi pressures Nemuru for answers, and she explains J?ga's secrets to him. Meanwhile, Kasai pursuades Nemuru's father to disown her and have her executed should she become a Fallen. Later, Kaname, worried now that Hiroshi is missing, overhears a conversation between Kasai and one of the Vigilance Committee members and tells Hiroshi's father that he was abducted and explains to him J?ga's secrets. Kasai poisons Shigetsu, revealing he knew about the deal with Sakaki, and leaves. Before dying, Shigetsu calls Nemuru's father and tells him of Kasai's trechery, prompting him to launch a search for Hiroshi and Nemuru. Hiroshi, despite nightmares of Nemuru attacking him, frees her, and she struggles to control herself, attempting suicide only to be stopped by Hiroshi. She attacks him, but, on the verge of becoming a Fallen, Nemuru barely stops herself from kissing him and regains control of herself. Meeting up with Hiroshi's father and Kaname, Nemuru's father leads the search party to the shrine by following Hiroshi's scent and breaks down the door. In the hospital, Isuzu awakens.
S01E10 Hassaku Festival 11/03/2010 Hiroshi's father shows him the Counting Rhyme and speculates on the history of the J?ga wolves, while Isuzu, fully recovered, contemplates going to the Hassaku Festival and Nemuru learns of her uncle's murder. Kasai contacts Sakaki and they discuss Sakaki's "new plan", one that involves the Hassaku Festival. At the Hassaku festival, Kaname and Hiroshi discuss the revelations of Joga's secrets and Kaname explains the process of the festival to him. As the priestesses to the white wolf Kannon, Joga's deity, escort a shrine carrying a priestess representing Kannon herself, Hiroshi recognizes Kaori, his sister's former violin teacher, as one of the priestess. As the festival commences, the girl Issei had kissed, released from prison by Sakaki, attacks under the influence of her curse and kisses a boy. She attacks Hiroshi, but Nemuru and her acolytes intervene and kill her. Sakaki arrives and exposes the secret of the J?ga wolves to the crowd. The resulting panic by the humans causes seveal J?ga wolves to turn on the crowd with the intention of turning everyone. Kasai confronts Sakaki, and Sakaki professes his desire to entirely destroy J?ga by flooding the city and fatally stabs Kasai before proceeding to Joga's dam's control room. The J?ga wolves target Hiroshi and Kanade, but Nemuru and Isuzu intervene. Kasai manages to warn a Vigilance Committee member, telling him to only tell the J?ga wolves so as to eliminate the humans. The man decides to expose the danger to the entire crowd. After hearing this, Nemuru, her acolytes, Isuzu, Hiroshi, and Kaname rush to stop Sakaki before he destroys the city.
S01E11 Demise 18/03/2010 The Vigilance Committee member warns the whole crowd, and as soon as Nemuru hears this she, Isuzu, and her acolytes run upstairs to get to the dam before Sakaki does, taking a shorcut through the forest while Hiroshi and Kanade continue their way upstairs. Nemuru's father arrives at the scene and the Vigilance Committee member shows him the files Sakaki left behind, the same files Shigetsu gave to Sakaki in his guise as the "pharmaceutical company employee". Nemuru's father realizes they had been tricked by Sakaki all along. Sakaki retrieves a revolver from a tree and shoots and injures a security guard once arriving at the dam before opening the gates, almost killing Nemuru and Isuzu, who had just arrived at the foot of the dam. The water floods J?ga, causing massive amounts of destruction and panic among the citizens. Hiroshi and Kanade arrive at the dam, while Isuzu discovers a trail of blood and follows it into the woods. Sakaki shoots her in the leg and threatens to kill her in front of Nemuru so that she experiences the same pain he did. Hiroshi arrives and tries to protect them, but is beaten up by Sakaki. Nemuru offers herself to Sakaki on the condition that he stop his quest for revenge once she is dead, but before he can shoot her Kaori and the other priestesses arrive. Kaori tells Sakaki to shoot her if he wants to end his grudge against J?ga, but Sakaki attempts to shoot Nemuru instead. Kaori takes the shot before grabbing him and jumping into the river below with him. Some time later, Hiroshi concludes that while most of J?ga's human citizens have left, the city is more peaceful, but worries that the peace may not last long. Upon cajouling from Isuzu, Hiroshi begins to call Nemuru by her first name, accepting her into his circle of friends.
S01E12 The Mysterious Tale of J?ga Town 25/03/2010 Six months after the Hassaku Festival, Hiroshi, Isuzu, Nemuru, and Kaname meet at J?ga's ice-cream parlour to discuss Kaname's idea for an Occult Research Club, much to Hiroshi's dismay. When Kaname comments on a strange rabbit-like doll, called Uraesu, on Nemuru's hand-bag, Hiroshi has a flash-back to an incident a few months prior when Nemuru arrived at his house with an Uraesu costume. She and Mana, both fans of the doll, discussed an imaginary home for Uraesu, with both having very different interpretations. Later, Nemuru prepares a spell to transport Mana to her nightmarish version of Uraesu's home, but Hiroshi is accidentally caught up in it and is attacked by a demonic version of Uraesu. In the present, Isuzu brings up another incident in which she and Kaname volunteered at a maid cafe to see the legendary "Phantom Waiter", set to appear on J?ga's TV station for an interview. Hiroshi was invited, only to first be attacked by a Fallen and then be dressed up as a maid by Isuzu. Nemuru arrives at the cafe shortly afterwards to see the interview, as do a pair of thugs. One of the thugs attempts to kiss Hiroshi, thinking him to be a woman and attracted by his scent as a Temptation, promting Nemuru to strip and attempt to change into her Hunter uniform in the middle of the cafe before being stopped by Isuzu and Kaname. Before things escalate any further, the "Phantom Waiter", revealed to be none other than Nemuru's father, arrives, takes her scythe from one of the acolytes, and scares the thugs away before collapsing from a strained hip, cancelling the interview. In the present, Hiroshi remembers his encounters with Nemuru and Isuzu and how they had changed towards him and each other.