Affiche Ôoku: Tanjô - Arikoto · Iemitsu-hen
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During the reign of the shogun, Iemitsu, an epidemic causes the population of men to sharply drop, leading to an ooku where the role of men and women are reversed and so “the women become the shogun, served by 3000 handsome men”...and so with that, the unimaginable and grand scale story begins.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Ôoku: Tanjô - Arikoto · Iemitsu-hen

S01E01 The shogun is a young lady!? The reversal of roles for men and women began here 12/10/2012
S01E02 This is the men's club where jealousy is flying all over 19/10/2012
S01E03 I was only born to rescue you 26/10/2012
S01E04 The barren fruit tree, a poisonous snake creeping up 02/11/2012
S01E05 The night when his beloved woman is in the arms of another man 09/11/2012
S01E06 On becoming a mother, you became beautiful and you'll become strong 16/11/2012
S01E07 My child, my devotion 23/11/2012
S01E08 The death of Kasuga no Tsubone, the birth of the first female shogun 30/11/2012
S01E09 Your body and soul belongs to me 07/12/2012
S01E10 I live only for you 14/12/2012