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Kang Baek Ho se rend compte qu'il est amoureux de son amie d'enfance Ham Yi Seul, quand elle est sur ​​le point de se marier avec Jin Won un entraîneur de baseball. Après le mariage, Baek Ho se dirige vers une aire de jeux à proximité. C'est ici où il rencontre Kim Tae Hun, un homme qui peut contrôler le temps et l'espace. Grâce à ce coup du destin, Baek Ho décide de remonter le temps et cette fois, il est déterminé à protéger son premier amour. Est-ce que Baek Ho sera en mesure de changer le cours de son avenir ?


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Operation Proposal

S01E01 Episode One 08/02/2012 Kang Baek Ho is forced to accept that his own cowardice prevented him from confessing to his first love, Yi Seul, when he watches her marry another man. The Conductor gives him a chance for a do-over.
S01E02 Episode Two 09/02/2012 Back in high school, Baek Ho tries to make it up to Yi Seul by getting her movie tickets for a date.
S01E03 Episode Three 15/02/2012 Baek Ho changes his pitch during a crucial game, in the hopes of avoiding an injury that ruined his baseball career. A new coach for the high school team arrives.
S01E04 Episode Four 16/02/2012 Having an insight on the future, Baek Ho tries to help his friends realize their true passions while in high school, before it's too late.
S01E05 Episode Five 22/02/2012 Baek Ho is envious of Joo Tae Nam's ability to proclaim his love for Yoo Chae Ri. His actions begin to drastically affect his future.
S01E06 Episode Six 23/02/2012 Yi Seul's grandfather helps Baek Ho regain his courage and strength to stand on the pitcher's mound.
S01E07 Episode Seven 29/02/2012 Baek Ho decides to let go of Yi Seul so that she can fulfill her own dreams of becoming a sports agent.
S01E08 Episode Eight 01/03/2012 Baek Ho goes back to his military days in the hopes of seeing Yi Seul when she visits him at the base, but things don't work out as planned.
S01E09 Episode Nine 07/03/2012 With Chan Wook's help, Baek Ho wonders whether he truly deserves Yi Seul over Jin Won.
S01E10 Episode Ten 08/03/2012 Baek Ho discovers that despite successfully getting Yi Seul as his girlfriend in the past, he made an unforgivable mistake that led to their breakup.
S01E11 Episode Eleven 14/03/2012 With all the attempts at winning Yi Seul's heart over, what Baek Ho doesn't expect is for them to grow apart...and for her to possibly have a change of heart.
S01E12 Episode Twelve 15/03/2012 Baek Ho's mother unwittingly causes friction between him and Yi Seul. Jin Won's dreams of forming a Third League begin to come true.
S01E13 Episode Thirteen 21/03/2012 The Conductor tries to give Baek Ho a chance to completely forget about Yi Seul, but his love for her is too strong. The friends all head to the beach for their New Year's Eve ritual.
S01E14 Episode Fourteen 22/03/2012 Baek Ho's constant time traveling drastically changes the future when he reaches one where Yi Seul no longer exists.
S01E15 Episode Fifteen 28/03/2012 The Conductor's past is revealed, and Baek Ho acts to reverse Yi Seul's death.
S01E16 Episode Sixteen 29/03/2012 Though Baek Ho wakes up from his coma, he completely forgets Yi Seul, his best friend and love.

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