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Take a look inside the fast-paced, high-pressure world of car repossession with a team of highly-trained professionals from California's San Fernando Valley. No matter how angry you get, they're taking back your car.


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S01E01 We Are Operation Repo 30/12/2007
S01E02 Don't You Dare Lift-off 30/12/2007
S01E03 Collectibles 01/04/2008
S01E04 Adult Film Star 01/04/2008
S01E05 Pizza, Hook-ups, and a Suspicious Suitcase 21/07/2008
S01E06 Exterminate or Retaliate 21/07/2008
S01E07 00/00/0000
S01E08 00/00/0000
S01E09 Episode 109 23/03/2009
S01E10 Episode 110 30/03/2009
S01E11 Episode 111 06/04/2009
S01E12 Episode 112 13/04/2009
S01E13 Episode 113 20/04/2009
S01E14 Episode 114 27/04/2009
S01E15 Episode 115 04/05/2009 What should have been a routine repossession fails miserably when Sonia and Froy allow their personal lives to get in the way of work duties.
S01E16 Episode 116 11/05/2009
S01E17 Episode 117 18/05/2009
S02E01 Episode 201 00/00/0000
S02E02 Episode 202 00/00/0000
S02E03 Episode 203 00/00/0000
S02E04 Episode 204 00/00/0000
S02E05 Episode 205 00/00/0000
S02E06 Episode 206 00/00/0000
S02E07 Episode 207 00/00/0000
S02E08 Episode 208 00/00/0000
S02E09 Episode 209 00/00/0000
S02E10 Episode 210 00/00/0000
S02E11 Episode 211 00/00/0000
S02E12 Episode 212 00/00/0000
S02E13 Episode 213 00/00/0000
S02E14 Episode 214 00/00/0000
S02E15 Episode 215 00/00/0000
S03E01 Episode 301 16/03/2009 Froy, Mike, Matt, Sonia and Luis repossess cars from a paint-ball range and from a snobby British couple.
S03E02 Episode 302 30/03/2009 Gun-toting gang members relinquish their sedan; a man refuses to let go of his car; and a hustler encounters repossessors.
S03E03 Episode 303 16/03/2009 From luxury boats and planes to expensive sports cars and tricked-out trucks, if you can't make your payments, the Operation Repo team will find you! When it comes to recovering property from deadbeat
S03E04 Episode 304 06/04/2009 The guys are confronted by an owner during a job; a Prius is reclaimed; a doctor's Porsche is the target car.
S03E05 Episode 305 13/04/2009 Sonia and Froy's relationship takes a strange turn on a repo that puts them face-to face with two strangers caught with their pants down
S03E06 Episode 306 23/03/2009 An honor student loses her car to repossessors; a race car is taken back from tough guys; and a yuppie has to give up his Escalade.
S03E07 Episode 307 20/04/2009 A stun gun and police reinforcements are required to help with a repossession; a mother aids in reclaiming a car; and a VW is retrieved from a remote location.
S03E08 Episode 308 23/03/2009 From luxury boats and planes to expensive sports cars and tricked-out trucks, if you can't make your payments, the Operation Repo team will find you! When it comes to recovering property from deadbeat
S03E09 Episode 309 27/04/2009 First, Lou devises a plan to have Froy and Sonia pose as house buyers, and a happy married couple, meanwhile Matt and Lou will hook and book. Then, Matt and Froy wrangle with an out-of-work actor who's lost track of the line between his identity and his latest role. Finally, Froy and Lyndah need to figure out how to get a car from an angry owner, and the competing repo company that got to the job first.
S03E10 Episode 310 04/05/2009 A routine repo goes wrong when Sonia and Froy let jealousy, resentment, and tekst messages get in the way.
S03E11 Episode 311 11/05/2009 Matt and Lou find themselfs in an upscale neighborhood, facing off with a distraught accountant and his belligerent, kick-happy son.
S03E12 Episode 312 18/05/2009 A wealthy couple willingly relinquish their car; a young lady must surrender a vehicle after her father forgets to make a payment; and angry bikers turn on repossessers.
S03E13 Episode 313 01/06/2009 First, Froy and Lyndah get a tip from a spotter that leads them to a late model sedan with cans tied to the bumper and an angry bride in the passenger side.
S03E14 Episode 314 08/06/2009
S03E15 Episode 315 15/06/2009
S03E16 Episode 316 22/06/2009
S03E17 Episode 317 06/07/2009
S03E18 Episode 318 13/07/2009
S03E19 Episode 319 20/07/2009
S03E20 Episode 320 27/07/2009
S03E21 Episode 321 10/08/2009
S03E22 Episode 322 19/08/2009
S03E23 Episode 323 24/08/2009
S03E24 Episode 324 31/08/2009
S03E25 Episode 325 14/09/2009
S03E26 Episode 326 21/09/2009
S04E01 Episode 401 08/06/2009 First, Lou, Sonia and Froy track down a RV that has been missing for 30 years, only to find thats its owner is using it to cart around a group of impetuous young Canadian rock stars.
S04E02 Episode 402 15/06/2009 Uncooperative truckers fight to keep their tractor-trailer; yuppies discuss their financial woes during a repossession; a club patron loses her ride to the repo team.
S04E03 Episode 403 22/06/2009 A high-speed chase ensues when Lou and Sonia try to repossess a car from a group of debtors. Elsewhere, Jet Skis are recovered at the beach
S04E04 Episode 404 13/07/2009 From luxury boats and planes to expensive sports cars and tricked-out trucks, if you can't make your payments, the Operation Repo team will find you! When it comes to recovering property from deadbeat
S04E05 Episode 405 20/07/2009 First, it's up, up, and away, for Lou, Froy and Matt.
S04E06 Episode 406 27/07/2009 A limousine is seized during a sting operation; family issues interrupt a voluntary repossession; and guys with tire irons intimidate a new repossessor.
S04E07 Episode 407 10/08/2009 A car is taken from moving company amid a relocation; a car is seized during a huge party in a rough part of town; a target vehicle appears to be full of explosives.
S04E08 Episode 408 06/07/2009 First, Sonia and Froy arrive on the scene to a repo a car that's been refitted to run on biodiesel and are shocked to see that its owner shares some of Sonia's features.
S04E09 Episode 409 17/08/2009 Agents must reclaim a Tahoe from a lake; a repo team runs into an owner with a stun gun; and unprofessional behavior leads to a difficult repossession.
S04E10 Episode 410 24/08/2009 First, Sonia and Lyndah are faced with a choice
S04E11 Episode 411 31/08/2009 A burned car may not be worth reclaiming. Also: an owner leaves behind a present for the finance company; and a pair of hillbillies lose their ride.
S04E12 Episode 412 14/09/2009 First, Lyndah is put in a tough situation she has to control a sobbing, cop-calling debtor and turn away Frankie's unwanted and inappropriate advances all at the same time.
S04E13 Episode 413 21/09/2009 A biker's Vespa is reclaimed; the sedan of a children's entertainer in an unusual outfit is repossessed; and six cars are retrieved from a failing dealership.
S05E01 Operation Repo Episode 501 09/11/2009 A biker's Vespa is reclaimed; the sedan of a children's entertainer in an unusual outfit is repossessed; and six cars are retrieved from a failing dealership.
S05E02 Operation Repo Episode 502 09/11/2009 A surfer's classic car is repossessed; a rented Segway is reclaimed; and Lyndah, Lou and Froy crash a house party to retrieve a car from a gangster.
S05E03 Operation Repo Episode 503 16/11/2009 A canoe is recovered in Venice Beach; soccer players resist the reclamation of their Camaro; and the team deals with a distraught widow.
S05E04 Episode 504 23/11/2009 First, Lyndah and Matt interrupt a debtor's bicycle ride to repossess his Jeep, but when Matt's buttons get pushed, some bikes might get broken.
S05E05 Operation Repo Episode 505 02/12/2009 A BMW is reclaimed from a gentleman's club patron; a motorcycle is taken back from a unique biker; and a debtor is tracked down on a Native American reservation.
S05E06 Operation Repo Episode 506 07/12/2009 A car repossession leads Lyndah and Froy to a psychic; Froy and Matt confront a muscular ex-con debtor and later reclaim an old Mercedes from graffiti artists.
S05E07 Operation Repo Episode 507 14/12/2009 A Beverly Hills trophy wife's car is repossessed during her salon appointment; a car is recovered from an owner throwing a party for vampire wannabes; and a drunken family reunion is interrupted by Matt and Froy.
S05E08 Operation Repo Episode 508 21/12/2009 An ATV is repossessed from drunk partyers; Matt and Lou run into sledgehammer-wielding college students; and a pregnant woman confronts the team.
S05E09 Operation Repo Episode 509 28/12/2009 A gated community's security guards come after Matt and Froy; Lou and Sonia must face a debtor and her entire softball team; and a sugar daddy's car is repossessed.
S05E10 Operation Repo Episode 510 28/12/2009 Matt and Froy visit a polygamist-cult compound to repossess a car; Lou, Matt and Froy are confronted by angry and armed gangsters.
S05E11 Operation Repo Episode 511 04/01/2010 First, Sonia and Froy repossess an experimental concept motorcycle from a hose-wielding yuppie.
S05E12 Operation Repo Episode 512 11/01/2010 First, Sonia and Froy head into a supermarket to repossess a Mitsubishi from a traunt bagboy, but they'll also have to contend with a ferious shopper.
S05E13 Operation Repo Episode 513 25/01/2010 Matt and Froy retrieve a car from a cheating husband, Sonia and accident Lyndah a high school reunion to address an over-the-Hill Jock, the team works together to recover a truck loaded with go-karts.
S06E01 Episode 601 08/02/2010 First, Matt and Froy must repossess a car from an entitled yuppie, but they'll have to contend with his rampaging long-distance girlfriend. Then, Lou, Lyndah, and Matt venture into a trailer park where they find a debtor who's as angry as he is drunk. Plus, Sonia and Lyndah travel under the cover of night to repossess a vehicle from a young woman and her irate yoga instructor.
S06E02 Episode 602 08/02/2010 First, Froy and Sonia trace an out-of-state skip account to a seedy motel, where they come face-to-face with a hopping-mad cowboy and his female companion. Then, Matt and Sonia must repossess a car from a delusional nerd who may as well actually be from space. Plus, a chainsaw-wielding gardener presents a challenge for Lou and Lyndah.
S06E03 Episode 603 15/02/2010 First, Sonia and Froy storm a studio to repossess a car from a surly European photographer and his hapless, bikini-clad subjects. Then, Lou and Matt stumble into a lover's quarrel - will they be able to reclaim the vehicle from two suited suitors? And, Lyndah and Sonia wind up getting burned on a repo, literally, when a coffee-wielding waitress goes buck-wild.
S06E04 Episode 604 15/02/2010 First, Sonia and Froy respond to a tip from an informant and wind up in the middle of an epic story of intrigue, betrayal, and drunk girls fighting each other. Then, a high-class croquet party gets interrupted when Matt and Lou come through to repossess their car. And, it's a trip to a parking garage to repossess a stolen limo - with a gaggle of partiers in the back. Will Matt and Sonia be able to hook and book, or will they wind up at each other's throats?
S06E05 Episode 605 22/02/2010 First, Matt and Froy interrupt a comedian's preparations for a show to repossess his automobile. Then, Lyndah and Sonia sabotage a paparazzo's big shot by hooking his car. And, Lou and Matt must repo a van from an amateur marching band with a terrible secret.
S06E06 Episode 606 22/02/2010 First, Matt and Froy reclaim a vehicle during the debtor's tattooing session. Then, Sonia and Lyndah find themselves in an uncomfortable situation when they barge in on a couple engaging in risqué role-playing. And, Lou and Matt confront a group of irate hockey players during a repo.
S06E07 Episode 607 01/03/2010 First, school's out when Sonia and Lyndah try to prematurely end a driving instruction session to repo the student car. Then , Lou, Matt, and Froy bite off way more than they can chew when they intrude upon a shady import/export deal at the docks. And, Lou and Matt are in for the shock of a lifetime when a debtor in a nice neighborhood unleashes some heavy weaponry from the trunk of his car.
S06E08 Episode 608 08/03/2010 First, Matt, Lou, and Lyndah try to repo a car from a man who is not afraid to throw some punches. Then, Matt and Lou face a dilemma when they realize their target vehicle is filled with angry bees. And, Sonia and Froy hit the airwaves to reclaim a truck that's being used in a radio broadcast stunt.
S06E09 Episode 609 15/03/2010 A pool cleaner's truck is taken while he's interacting with wealthy wives; Lou and Froy reclaim a catering van filled with food; and gang members object to their lowrider's seizure.
S06E10 Episode 610 22/03/2010 Lou and Froy run into trouble seizing a car in a tough neighborhood; wealthy tennis players lose their smart car; and Matt and Froy are caught on tape while reclaiming a Mercedes from a movie director.
S06E11 Episode 611 12/04/2010 The guys go after a car owner with an aggressive boyfriend; a tourist bus with passengers is reclaimed; and a truck used to market an energy drink is seized.
S06E12 Episode 612 19/04/2010 Matt and Froy repossess a Porsche in a questionable manner; Matt and Sonia must reclaim a van that is involved in a toxic-material investigation; Matt poses as a valet to repossess a diner's car.
S06E13 Episode 613 26/04/2010 Lou and Matt take on a car owner with bodyguards; a car is reclaimed at a yard sale; and a group effort is needed to seize a truckload of ATVs from armed people at the beach.
S07E01 Episode 701 07/06/2010 First, Matt and Froy discover that their target car is owned by bat-equipped gang bangers. Then, Sonia, Matt, and Lyndah go undercover as college students to extract an expensive bicycle from an irate athlete. Plus, after the tow truck breaks down on the side of the road, Lou, Matt, and Froy find themselves stuck in the middle of a violent dispute between gun-wielding neighbors.
S07E02 Episode 702 14/06/2010 First, Sonia and Lou repossess a car from an irate doctor. Then, a seemingly friendly teacher and an assistant principal nearly come to blows over one of their vehicles. Plus, Lou and Froy retrieve a van from a minister with a terrible secret.
S07E03 Episode 703 21/06/2010 First, Lou and Froy pose as a pair of reality TV stars to repossess a dirt bike from a wannabe pro daredevil. Then, Sonia and Matt head to the business district for a different sort of quarry - a high-end luxury tanning bed owned by a less-than-sympathetic German. And, Lou and Matt set up a high-stakes sting operation to bust a shady tow-truck driver, but will their best-laid plans go up in smoke?
S07E04 Episode 704 12/07/2010 First, Lou and Froy tail an upper class debtor to a fancy restaurant. Then, Lyndah and Froy repossess a van full of stolen electronics. Plus, Matt and Froy sneak a top-of-the-line dune buggy from a crew of off-roaders.
S07E05 Episode 705 19/07/2010 First, Lou and Sonia find themselves in the middle of a baffling marital spat involving a man, his wife, and her untrustworthy yoga instructor. Then, Sonia and Lyndah hit the fashion district to repossess a van from a designer who is behind on her payments. And, Matt and Froy head to a carwash to reclaim a vehicle from a group of vicious, scantily-clad sorority girls.
S07E06 Episode 706 26/07/2010 First, Matt and Sonia attempt to repossess a car from a group of cleaver-wielding short-order cooks with a taste for violence. Then, it's trouble in paradise as Matt and Froy take on the task of reclaiming a beach-scene-on-wheels filled with irate supermodels. And, Sonia and Matt find themselves outmatched by a well-armed street gang and its charismatic leader.
S07E07 Episode 707 16/08/2010 First, Froy and Sonia repossess a truck from an entitled equestrian who would rather die than let the repo team get their hands on what's in the backseat. Then, Lou and Sonia stumble into the middle of a prolonged business dispute between a flower lady and her displeased client. And, Sonia and Froy hit the links to reclaim a high-end golf cart from a snob who thinks he's too good to pay his bills.
S07E08 Episode 708 16/08/2010 First, Lou and Matt inadvertently become pawns in an elaborate and misguided lesson perpetrated by a cheating husband upon his mistress, but the intrigue goes deeper than any other them suspects. Then, Matt and Lou attempt to take a vehicle away from a debtor who is so drunk he doesn't remember agreeing to give his car away voluntarily. And, Froy and Sonia try to take a limousine away from its shotgun-wielding driver and his two suspiciously-dressed passengers.
S07E09 Operation Repo Episode 709 30/08/2010 First, Lou and Froy set out some bait in a gated community to attract a security guard who's slow to make his payments, but quick to pull out his pepper spray. Then, Matt and Lou crash a wedding to repo a car from a truant DJ, but will they be able to get away unscathed when the party turns on them? And, Lou and Froy confront a gang of bikers in a back alley. Will the repo team's pleas for patience and calm be enough to overcome the angry bikers' bats and chains?
S07E10 Episode 710 13/09/2010 First, Lou and Lyndah reclaim a riding mower from a housewife and her grab-happy husband. Then, Sonia and Matt head out on a scorcher of an afternoon for a repossession. Will they be able to beat both the heat and a pair of geriatric debtors? And, Sonia and Lyndah are left without words when they see the dark and embarrassing secret held in the backseat of a debtor's unpaid vehicle.
S07E11 Episode 711 27/09/2010 First, Lou and Lyndah try to negotiate a set of keys away from a raucous group of drunken outdoorsmen. Then, Froy and Lyndah repo a vehicle from a unruly and untalented guitarist. Plus, Froy and Sonia bite off more than they can chew when they try to reclaim an SUV from a confused and embittered former football player.
S07E12 Episode 712 04/10/2010 First, Sonia and Lyndah try to repossess a hot tub away from a group of upset partiers. Then, Lou and Matt try to negotiate with a pair of unintelligible and enraged parade participants. And, Lou and Lyndah must repo a car from a group of old men.
S07E13 Episode 713 18/10/2010 First, Lyndah and Matt confront a confused debtor who is as quick with his questions as he is with his knife. Then, Lou and Lyndah interrupt a seaside party to repo a motorboat away from a gaggle of misguided youths. And, Lou, Froy, and Sonia head to the dirt track to repossess a car from an event promoter. They seem to be able to reason with him, but his monster truck-driving brother with no respect for human life may prove to be a problem.
S07E14 Episode 714 00/00/0000
S07E15 Episode 715 00/00/0000
S08E01 Episode 801 26/01/2011 First, Lou and Sonia get back on the job and jump into the deep end with an enraged Scot who won't give up his Mini Cooper.
S08E02 Operation Repo Episode 802 02/02/2011 First, Froy and Sonia try to repossess a luxury car from a high-strung librarian. Then, it's some serious sibling rivalry when Matt and Froy retrieve a van from two brothers. Plus, Lou and Matt get knocked for a loop by a sub-professional baseball team who doesn't want to lose their bus.
S08E03 Operation Repo Episode 803 09/02/2011 First, it's payback time when Lou, Matt, and Froy stake out the baseball bus that got away - and this time, they've got a foolproof plan. Then, Lou, Matt, and Froy head to a late-night construction site to repossess an enormous crane. And, Sonia and Froy face their worst nightmare when a gang of bikers follows them back to the office.
S08E04 Operation Repo Episode 804 16/02/2011 Sonia and Matt have a confrontation with skateboarders; Froy and Sonia try to take a vehicle from a volatile couple; Lou and Froy repossess from wannabe backyard wrestlers.
S08E05 Operation Repo Episode 805 23/02/2011 First, Matt and Froy get the worst service ever from a street-side coffee vendor who won't give up his truck.
S08E06 Episode 806 02/03/2011 In this very special episode of Operation Repo, it's the 36 hours that change everything.
S08E07 Operation Repo Episode 807 09/03/2011 Sonia and Lou deal with a germaphobe; Froy and Matt must repossess a car from two socialites; and Lyndah and Lou reclaim a fleet of cars from a used-car salesman.
S08E08 Episode 808 23/03/2011 Sonia and Lou repossess a car from an heiress; Froy and Matt attempt to seize a car from a quarreling couple; and a routine job goes wrong for Lyndah, Lou and Rob.
S08E09 Episode 809 30/03/2011 Matt and Froy run into a group of illegal immigrants and are attacked by a big man with a big beard. Luis and the team meanwhile are accused of being environmentally unfriendly while repo'ing a biodiesel car.
S08E10 Tijuana Surprise 06/04/2011 Matt and Froy get their truck smashed up while Luis and Sonia repo the car of a federal agent. Froy suggests to Matt that they can double their income in Tijuana.
S08E11 Lyndah's Revenge 13/04/2011 Luis gets even with Lyndah's attacker from episode 8. Matt and Froy repo the car of a strip club owner in Tijuana
S08E12 El Prisionero 20/04/2011 A debtor makes accusations against the Pizarros; a repossession involving a socialite comes with the potential for jail time in Mexico.
S08E13 The Final Showdown 27/04/2011 Matt's out for revenge after Froy bails him out of jail in Tijuana; Lou and Sonia must repossess a vehicle from someone close to them.
S08E14 All Tied Up 08/06/2011 The team target a warehouse full of cars that need to be seized. Also: a repossession involving a pair of rodeo gals; a confrontation with car thieves.
S08E15 Operation Repo Episode 815 15/06/2011 The team get their stolen truck back; Froy and Lou set out to retrieve a car from fighting brothers-in-law; Matt and Lyndah deal with a tourist at a hostel; and Sonia and Froy go after a car owned by a mysterious man with two wives.
S08E16 The Crush 22/06/2011 Lou deals with a hard loss; exotic-sports enthusiasts face losing their truck; drunken revelers don't want to give back their tricked-out bus; and Matt and Lou head to a junkyard to find a debtor.
S08E17 Episode 817 13/07/2011 The loss of the repo truck could mean the end of the company, but Matt has a possible solution. Elsewhere, Lou and Sonia try to repossess a van from two teens; Froy and Sonia confront an irate baker; Matt and Froy run into trouble during a repo at a truck-racing track.
S08E18 The Junior Partner 20/07/2011 Sonia, Lyndah and Froy repossess a wealthy teen's car at a party; Matt and Lyndah deal with a man who thinks he's Uncle Sam; and rowdy rugby players confront Matt and Lou.
S08E19 Hard Turns Ahead 20/07/2011 Matt begins to make business decisions; Matt's daughter Ashley helps him deal with two inebriated débutantes; Froy and Sonia reclaim a vintage truck; one of the team members is seriously injured during a Jeep repossession.
S08E20 15 Minutes of Fame 27/07/2011 The confusion over Lou's new business relationship with Matt continues to mount. ---------------- Comcast description Matt and Troy reclaim a security car from some inept guards; Sonia, Lyndah and Matt reposess a racing boat from a rude owner; and Matt, Lou and Troy take back five cars from a group of risk-taking teens.
S08E21 New Truck Day 03/08/2011 The repo team's new truck finally arrives, and with it, a new chapter in the building feud between Team Lou and Team Matt.
S08E22 A Blow to the Head 10/08/2011 Froy suffers a serious injury during a routine repo; animosity between Lou and Matt escalates. Later, Sonia and Froy deal with drunken debtors at a roadhouse; Matt and Sonia go to collect a beach bum's trailer; and Froy and Lyndah run into some bad business from a bunch of businessmen who don't want to part with an SUV.
S08E23 Burning Up 24/08/2011 Lou's new business relationship with Matt starts to unravel when a botched job puts a serious strain on the company.
S08E24 Getting in the Axe 24/08/2011 Tensions between Lou and Matt continue to boil when Matt enlists his daughter's aid on another job.
S08E25 The Rift 31/08/2011 A new rift between Matt and the rest of the crew puts the fate of the team in question.
S08E26 The Final Shot 07/09/2011 On this no-hold-barred season finale, Matt and Lou have their final confrontation and the team loses a member
S09E01 The Road to Recovery 14/09/2011 Sonia's rehabilitation from her gunshot wound takes a shocking turn. Then, the whole team runs into trouble when they attempt to repossess a carnival ride from a group of wannabes. Plus, Froy and Matt wrangle with a gym owner and his fleet of thugs, and Lou and Sonia repo a truck from a protester in a revealing outfit
S09E02 Monk in the Trunk 21/09/2011 Sonia's recovery takes another unexpected turn when she goes too far with a debtor. Sonia and Matt sneak onto a big studio lot to repossess a trailer, but there's a big surprise in store when it turns out Matt and the movie's star have a checkered history, Lou and Sonia interrupt a knitting circle to take a car from a booze-soaked craft enthusiast, and Matt and Froy head out to wine country for a disastrous run-in with a group of debtors who have sworn an oath of silence.
S09E03 Super-Sonia 28/09/2011 Things get a lot more complicated for the team when Sonia snaps and puts herself on the business end of a knife and the gangbanger wielding it.
S09E04 Interview with the Repo Man 05/10/2011 On this special episode, the repo team confronts their toughest challenge yet: one-on-one interviews with an anger management specialist. Froy and Matt hit the lake to repossess a van from a kayak instructor and his perturbed collection of students, and Lyndah and Froy head to the Hollywood Hills to find a luxury car, but wind up crashing the worst party ever.
S09E05 Disaster at the Derby 12/10/2011 Sonia and Lyndah find themselves surrounded by a gang of roller derby girls. Lou and Sonia get lost in translation; Matt; Lou and Froy are in a battle of the scams.
S09E06 The Trouble with Tractors 19/10/2011 The team's work with the anger management specialist starts to pay off with disastrous consequences. Sonia and Froy drive to the country to repo a tractor and are forced to confront a group of irate corporate hayriders, Lou and Sonia wrangle with a confused lady who is missing both her car and her sense of decency.
S09E07 Welcome Back, Rotter 26/10/2011 Matt and Froy interrupt the meeting of a fraternal lodge to ask for a car, but what they get is an angry old man with an angry old rifle, Lou and Sonia set off in search of a vehicle and find themselves interrupting a family celebration for a young veteran with a horrible secret.
S09E08 Crunch Time 02/11/2011 Matt and Froy repossess a ball-collector from a golf course; Froy and Matt cross the line.
S09E09 Playing With Fire 09/11/2011 Lou and Sonia try to repossess a car from a yuppie with a flair for the arts and for mayhem, Sonia, Matt, and Froy reclaim some unusual equipment from an overgrown hippie with some long hair and a short temper.
S09E10 All The Wrong Moves 16/11/2011 Sonia and Froy show off their best moves against a team of dance instructors who will stop at nothing to hold onto their car, Matt and Sonia repossess a vehicle from a woman with the world's most vindictive boyfriend.
S09E11 Heart Attack Panic! 23/11/2011 Matt and Froy's voluntary repo comes with a surprise; the owner of the target car is struck by an apparent heart attack; a repo becomes violent.
S09E12 Sting Operation Blues 30/11/2011 Sonia and Lou find themselfs in the middle of nowhere in a tooth-and-nail fight with a trio of nerdy stargazers, Froy and Sonia reach an uneasy truce with an elderly debtor with some long underwear
S09E13 Highway to be Anger-Prone 30/11/2011 Froy and Sonia are overwhelmed by a swam of cheerleaders; Matt and Froy interrupt a father and son bonding session gone wrong; the team heads to the raceway to prove they still have what it takes.
S09E14 Airplane Arrest 08/02/2012
S09E15 Secrets and Lives 08/02/2012 Matt and Troy repossess a car from a young lady whose roommate has been keeping her in the dark about a few things; a report from a shady husband turns up incriminating evidence that might surprise his wife (Comcast description).
S09E16 The Showstopper 15/02/2012 Matt and Froy head into the mountains, but their repo goes up in flames, and Froy get caught in the blase.
S09E17 Nursery Crime 22/02/2012
S09E18 Call for Help 29/02/2012 Froy and Matt confronts a misogynist frat boy with a dark secret, Sonia and Froy wrangle with a squadron of costumed rally racers, and Lou, Matt and Froy get the surprise of a lifetime when they're faced with a truck-full of vicious gangsters.
S09E19 The big Letdown 07/03/2012 Froy meets with a lawyer, but his legal troubles are worse than expected.
S09E20 The Waiting Game 21/03/2012 While Fory waits on the news from his lawyer about his warrent in Texas, He considers taking matters into his own hands.
S09E21 Knife Week 26/03/2012 Matt and Froy head to Texas to clear Froy's name, but things take a turn for the worse and Froy finds himself in more trouble than he can handle.
S09E22 Think, Adapt, and Attack 02/04/2012 Lyndah and Sonia object to Lou's rehiring of an old friend, while Froy and Matt get in too deep on a repo in Texas.
S09E23 Boozin' It and Losin' It 09/04/2012 In Texas, Matt and Froy stake out a cement mixer that winds up spewing concrete on an innocent bystander. In Los Angeles, Frankie deals with a boozy debtor while Lou and Sonia contend with a pushy diva.
S09E24 Livin' the Dream, Baby 16/04/2012 Frankie and Lyndah deal with a pair of uptight yuppies; Lyndah retaliates when a truck-driving debtor roughs up Sonia; Matt and Froy don't back down from a backwoods Texan.
S09E25 Mess with Texas 23/04/2012
S09E26 Frankie'd Up Beyond All Recognition 07/05/2012 In the Season 9 finale, Matt and Froy's repossession of a wealthy Texan's truck takes a bad turn when a local sheriff shows up with an arrest warrant for Froy. Later, Lou has a run-in with a wannabe gangster; and a job at a truck stop goes awry.
S10E01 Monumental Changes 06/06/2012 Ronnie and Carlos are left to fend for themselves; a driving school instructor convinces his student to give chase; Lou has changes to announce that will jeopardize life as they know it.
S10E02 Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome 06/06/2012 Lou plans a sting operation to infiltrate a cult; Lyndah takes over the office; Ronnie's inexperience becomes his downfall.
S10E03 Deep Dish Disaster 13/06/2012 Matt and Sonia try to outsmart a pizza delivery guy; Matt takes his aggression out on a debtor and her children.
S10E04 Traffic Jammin 27/06/2012 Froy and Sonia repo from a stranded motorist; an erratic debtor lets loose with pepper spray.
S10E05 Repo Arigato, Mr. Roboto 04/07/2012 Sonia and Carlos attempt to repossess a vehicle from a pair of silver-painted robot men; Matt and Froy run into a debtor with a questionable claim about a life-threatening illness; Lou crosses the line when he and Sonia set up a sting operation.
S10E06 Inane Clown Posse 11/07/2012 Froy and Matt head out to repo a bouncy castle; Lou and Sonia's sympathy for an eco-friendly debtor is quickly squashed.
S10E07 Doggin' and Draggin' 18/07/2012 Carlos plays a repossession prank that almost lands Matt and Froy in jail; Froy's attempts to keep the peace are put to the test; Ronnie and Carlos use the element of surprise to find a hidden vehicle.
S10E08 Raising the Roof 01/08/2012 Sonia and Froy deal with an unbalanced debtor who threatens to take down the entire company; Matt and Ronnie take on children's book vendors who are up to no good.
S10E09 Revenge 01/08/2012 Matt and Froy jump at an opportunity to exact revenge on Ronnie and Carlos; a pickup at a car wash spins out of control; back at the office, a tipsy reveler causes a commotion. Later, Lou's foul-up on a repo brings a fighting-mad debtor to the company's door.
S10E10 The Gypsy Hunter 08/08/2012 Lou introduces Rusty the Gypsy Hunter; Matt and Carlos attempt to join forces against some gravity defying debtors.
S10E11 Gypsy Barbeque! 15/08/2012 Matt and Froy repo a car from an anger management meeting; Sonia and Ronnie interrupt a one-of-a-kind cookout.
S10E12 Up in Flames 22/08/2012 A jazz musician sets off Sonia and punches are thrown; Matt and Sonia wrestle to bring deluded actors back to reality; Matt and Froy repo from a prop master who uses his pyrotechnic skills as a ploy to keep his car.
S10E13 Gypsy Games 29/08/2012 Rusty leads Sonia and Ronnie on a wild goose chase; Froy and Ronnie have their hands full with a bad girl headed to a red carpet event; Lyndah risks life and limb as Sonia delivers a final ultimatum.
S10E14 T-Bone Trouble 19/09/2012 The repo team struggles to keep the company afloat without Sonia and Lyndah; Matt, Froy and Ronnie battle an entire football team and come out on top.
S10E15 Flame-Thrown For a Loop 26/09/2012 Lou needs Sonia more than ever; Lou and Carlos deal with a big man in a tiny car; Lou, Froy, and Carlos go to battle for a World War II era tank.
S10E16 Probation Abomination 03/10/2012 Sonia returns and puts the team on probation. Sonia and Ronnie go after a club promoter's truck; Froy calls 911 after a drug dealer's syringe sticks Sonia.
S10E17 Russian Roulette 10/10/2012 Matt and Sonia take on an award winning fencing coach; a break-in at the yard rocks Lou's trust; the camera crew who risks life and limb.
S10E18 Little Froy's Big Mistake 17/10/2012 Matt and Froy take on a gungy fisherman; Lyndah and Sonia confront a naughty nurse; Froy Jr. tries to make things right with Lou after the break-in.
S10E19 M.I.A & D.E.A. 24/10/2012 Sonia is on a mission to find out what Matt and Froy have up their sleeves; Carlos takes the lead on a repo for a water truck.
S10E20 First Class Clown 07/11/2012 Matt and Froy are sent on a wild goose chase around L.A for a mini-van; Sonia and Carlos repo a car from an airline pilot who is a little too tipsy to drive; Lou and Sonia go after a sewage truck in a repo.
S10E21 Revenge Gone Wrong 14/11/2012 Matt sets into motion a plan of revenge against Lyndah; Ronnie and Carlos use their powers to tame a wild voodoo priest; Lou and Froy are held hostage in violent robbery.
S10E22 Smut Campaign 21/11/2012 Ronnie suffers a near-fatal wound during an attack; Ronnie and Carlos try to wrestle a truck away from a storage locker auctioneer; Sonia and Ronnie try to outwit a fast-talking politician.
S10E23 Warzone at the Worksite 28/11/2012 Ronnie's gotten a raise and a promotion, and Carlos's jealousy sends him looking for more appreciation.
S10E24 A Vengeful Streak 05/12/2012 Matt and Ronnie repo a Porsche from a maniac; Carlos and Ronnie come face to face on a final repo.
S10E25 Roll the Dice 12/12/2012 Lou and Carlos go after an airport shuttle; a final repo goes terribly wrong; a professional gambler gives chase and his bodyguards drag Lou and Ronnie into a violent shootout.
S11E01 Lou's Big Gamble 27/03/2013 Lou sets up shop in Las Vegas; a live tiger stands between the team and a truck.
S11E02 All In 03/04/2013 Froy brings unwanted trouble to the office; Ronnie and Froy run into an unexpected dilemma; Carlos and Sonia repossess a car from a lottery winner.
S11E03 Viva Las Vegas! 10/04/2013 An Elvis impersonator gets Matt and Ronnie all shook up; a ventriloquist's dummy has a nasty attitude that gets on Sonia's bad side; when Froy goes missing, Lou has to pick up the slack in a repo that goes terribly wrong.
S11E04 Go Big or Go Home 17/04/2013 Matt loses his temper on a dominatrix and her client; Ronnie and Carlos interrupt a couple in the middle of their less-than-holy matrimony.
S11E05 Bouquets and Blowtorches 24/04/2013 There's trouble brewing within the crew's ranks. Ronnie and Carlos repo from a self-defense instructor; Lou and Carlos are left defenseless against gang members with blowtorches.
S11E06 Doomsday Prep 15/05/2013 Lou shares his secrets with Sonia in private. Froy and Carlos cause trouble when a disgruntled employee goes berserk on his boss.
S11E07 Sugardaddy Shakedown 15/05/2013 The team wonders what's going on with Sonia as she tries to deal with Lou's big secret. Ronnie goes undercover and takes a gold digging RO out on a date, but Carlos lets the cat out of the bag all hell breaks loose.
S11E08 The New Boss 22/05/2013 Lou's retirement makes Sonia the new boss, but will she be able to keep the company going? Matt and Ronnie try to get a car away from a yuppie with an unusual taste for red meat.
S11E09 Hayseed Inferno 22/05/2013 Sonia pushes to repossess more than just cars but the response from the team threatens to end her time in charge. Ronnie and Matt try to repo from a reckless motocross daredevil.
S11E10 Bullseye! 29/05/2013 When tragedy strikes on a routine repossession, Sonia faces her biggest challenge yet; Matt and Froy hit the club to take a sports car away from a deadbeat DJ; Sonia and Froy take aim at an archer couple.
S11E11 Phi Alpha Fail 05/06/2013 Carlos goes undercover at a frat house; Matt and Ronnie go after some wanna-be internet sensations; Sonia meets with a mysterious man who offers the job of a lifetime.
S11E12 Boys With Toys 12/06/2013 Matt tries to work his way into Sonia's airplane repossession; Ronnie and Sonia head to a winery; Matt and Carlos go after a concrete breaker.
S11E13 Mile High Mayhem 19/06/2013 Froy and Sonia repo a water blob from a lake house; Sonia is forced to offer Matt a position on the airplane.
S11E14 It Ain't No Joke! 11/12/2013 The cast takes viewers back through the most outrageous, comical, and memorable repos of the series.
S11E15 Reclaiming the Plane 18/12/2013
S11E16 First Rule of Repo 25/12/2013 Froy and Sonia encounter a city employee who tries to give them the boot, and a mechanic's shady scheme comes crashing down on Matt and Ronnie.
S11E17 M-U-T-I-N-Y 01/01/2014 Ronnie and Froy have a run in with a farmer who won't give up his tractor; Hollywood agent offers Matt a shot in the big leagues to keep his car; Froy's plan to get the Lamborghini begins to unravel.
S11E18 It Takes Two to Lambo 08/01/2014 A hoarder with a secret tries to pull a fast one on Matt and Froy; Sonia takes sides in a dramatic lover's quarrel; Froy finally gets a shot at recovering the Lamborghini.
S11E19 The Magic Touch 15/01/2014 Ronnie and Froy repo from a stripper who leaves them tongue tied; a magician's stunning sleight of hand backfires on Carlos; Sonia is forced to put her faith in Carlos for the team's next big job.
S11E20 Bulldozed 22/01/2014 A repo turns disastrous for Sonia; a hovercraft owner with an attitude; Sonia tells the team about the sale of the company.
S11E21 All in the Same Boat 29/01/2014 A stunt driver slips through Froy and Sonia's grasp; Matt offends a pretty RO who seeks revenge; Froy and Carlos go undercover.
S11E22 The Final Operation 05/02/2014 The team prepares for its last repossession; Matt and Carlos contend with a signmaker; the team tries to avoid a lawsuit while seeking a large payday.
S11E23 05/02/2014